Half Marathon Training

Hi all

I'm looking for a bit of training advice.  I'm going to be doing my first half marathon next year and would like to start training now. 

My running has died down a bit in recent years for various reasons but back when I was training, I was able to produce some half decent times.  I was running purely for enjoyment and my own well-being as opposed to preparing for a particular race so I've never had a training programme in place that is targeted at a specific distance. 

I was able to run a 10k race in 39 minutes whilst I was training a couple of years ago so I'd say I'm not a complete novice so any advice you can give me on distances and pace that I should be aiming for will be much appreciated!  My goal is to run a sub 1hr 30 mins half marathon and I think that with the proper training, this should be achievable!

Many thanks in advance! image


  • If sub 90 mins is your goal I'd suggest doing 5 or 6 runs a week,1 long,1 tempo,1 speed and 2 easy.You need to do 6'52mm average for the race,so you need to build up to about 8 miles of tempo at about this pace and get your long run to say 15m@ 8mm.

    I'm training for W'ton half in september.Long runs of 14-15 miles @8'15mm and tempo runs building to 8 miles @7'15mm are the key workouts for me,although i'm going for a time about 1hr 35 mins.I also do 6 half mile and 4-5 mile repetions with recovery on alternating weeks for speed and a couple of easy runs.

    But I must emphasize that you build gradually to this as tempo running at this pace is hard going and might take many months to get there.Finish those 2 workouts 2 weeks before race day and you'll know you can do it.All the best Kid,let me know how you get on.

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