I'm 12 and don't know which event(s) to focus on!

I am joining an athletics club in september and am unsure which events to focus on. Technically, I am very poor but I am a quick learner and hope to drastically improve when I start training twice a week. 

My P.Bs are 100m: 12.95s, 200m: 26.1s 400m: 62s 800m: 2min 28s 1500m:5mins 30secs Triple jump: 10m 35


  • 12?  Just relax and enjoy it!  Try as many events as possible then you'll find the ones that really suit you - and the coaches will be able to advise you as well.  It's great you're interested in this sort of thing at 12 - if I had the level of interest in running I have now when I was 12, maybe I'd be with Jessica and Co as we speak.image

    The main thing at this stage is have fun! image

  • Okay thanks a lot! It is just because many of my friends have a particular event or two and are very good at them!! 

  • First off: which events do you enjoy the most?  Try those out first - but don't rule out any particular event at this stage. image

  • I guess the 200m and triple jump, I find them quite fun and probably the most natural for me. I won't but I don't think the 800m and 1500m are my thing and I reckon the training would be very tough!
  • I reckon the training for any athletics would be tough - if you decide to take it seriously as you get older.  image

  • True haha
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