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Hiya everyone,

I absolutely have the biking bug at the moment (I blame Wiggo, even if it is to the detriment of my running!) and I'm looking at constructing a makeshift cycle trainer in my home out of an old road bike and some craftwork with some steel.  Im hoping that it will assist with times that I can't get out on to the road due to my home life, though I need to do it on the cheap because I am poor - because of my home life.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I might be able to find a second hand, 10 speed road bike that someone wouldnt need anymore for a cheap price that I could use to convert into a cycle trainer?

Thanks everyone.

Ainsleys Dad


  • IMO save your money - is it really worth buying and old bike and going to the effort of fabricating a frame for it when you can just go on ebay and get a second hand turbo for next to nowt 

  • AD, If you're in London or can collect from London, I have a turbo for sale for £60 that would save you a lot of effortimage

  • Thanks Doner - you're spot on; once I get some cash together that seems the best way to go.  Once I do get the cash together, I'll start hassling Engineer image

    It sucks being relatively poor, no doubt about it. #firstworldproblems #cantaffordaturbo

  • I think you may be confusing this forum with twatter!

  • Sometimes find them on ebay.

    Otherwise, what about your local tip? I've now had 3 bikes from ours for £2 each. 2 kids bikes, bit of rust, but work fine - had to put a new gear cable on one. And an old drop handle-bar racer which needed a new crank - I just used it for parts to get my own old racer back on the road when I first got into tri.

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