Mission impossible -marathon challenge

Morning everyone,

I would love to do the local marathon on 7th October and had been following a plan which seemed to be manageable. But, as with all good things it's come abit unstuck due to holidays etc etc getting in the way of the training schedule. So , now my concern is have I left it too  late??? I do about 35 miles per week which includes a long run of 13/14 miles now trying to increase that. Does a marathon in 8 weeks still seem possible if I keep increasing mileage etc etc?

Any thoughts much appreciated - can't do a different marathon though - travel issues - so it has to be that date! image


  • You should be fine JB. Everyone is different and they have there own training schedule but the fact your doing a weekly long run of 12+ miles 10 weeks before the event you should be fine. Listen to your body but each week I'd increase your mileage my 1/1.5 miles per week till you get tithe 20/22mile mark. I've always found this to be enough for any marathon training. On race day you should have enough to get you that extra distance. You prob want to do your last long run a few weeks before the event and allow your body a good time to heal. There are some good training plans on this website so have a look and see if they would suit you. Good luck
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