Saturday 4th August 2012


Todays lyrics are:'Today is gonna be the day.'

Yesterdays lyrics:'Hymn'by Ultravox.

What: A run or cycle later

Why: Don't want to disturb a sleeping house by getting my running gear out at moment. Forgot last night.

Great cycling in velodrom elast night.

Enjoying athletics so far. Go on Jess Enis

Catch up time



  • Morning!
    Great minds think alike, Birks: I was about to post those exact lyrics. I hope that Jessica, at least, brings us gold.

    What: marshalling at parkrun. May or may not have a wee jog...calf is not happy at the moment, but may settle in an hour or so...if not I will just stretch.

    Clouds look threatening at the moment.

    Particularly enjoyed the women's basketball last night, despite them snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    LMH: which bit did you mean was impressive when you commented on my post yesterday?

  • Morning.

    Alehouse - the wording for my suggested gym letter. Hope your calf eases soon.

    Paddy - they will sometimes follow a derny when training on the track. The Kieran was historically a very rough race with lots of elbows, jostling and crashing but it's been sanitised in recent years to the version you saw last night.

    Mens triathlon this morning.

    What:         MLSR
    Why:          marathon miles
    Last hard:   20/7
    Last rest:    30/7

    Lyrics - sure I should but can't say that I do.

  • Morning LMH : Thanks MissB was asking re derny.

     ale: Yeah posted them today with Jessica Ennis in mind.

  • Morning all,

    Chicka - Enjoy your bike tour!
    Birks - Liking those lyrics!
    Alehouse - Sounds like some good stuff at your club...what other events are they represented in?

    Enjoyed yesterdays Olympicising! Felt sorry for Becky Adlington but it just didn't click for her. Great swim by the American and Spanish girls! Fantastic cycling and some good stuff from Jess! Impressed with Katerina (sp?) Johnson-Thompson too...looks a good prospect!

    Looking forward to the triathlon today...Helen Jenkins should do the business I think...should certainly medal! Mo should also medal in the 10k.

    Did 5miles easyish yesterday...felt good! My 'easy' pace is faster than it was when I was fitter/quicker and training properly last year...seems odd. Better start rooting through the HR readings from then and compare.

    Righto must dash as Chrissie Wellingotn is on my tellybox!!!image

  • Morning Alex: Cheers. I do like todays band anyway

    Dry and warm here.image

  • A dodgy 52 miles on bike this morning. Bad fall with some nasty cuts and grazes - they'll heal!!

  • Paddy: Hope the cuts and grazes heal soon

  • Greeting all,

    back from some wet camping, but was fun for us all.

    Thunder run went well, we were 5th mixed team team out of 70, we did 30 laps in 24 hours ech doing 6 laps each, each lap on the garmin ranged from 6:03m to 6:14m and my laps went fron 45:03 ful day light to 54:46 at 0122 am.

    Parkrun this morning on still dead leags in 20:26 in 5th place

    Take care

  • Afternoon

    What 8 with 3@ tempo
    Why missed yesterday
    Lyrics Yes

    Caught snipits of the tri on the news. Had forgotten about the injury so an amazing performance by Jenkins none the less.

    The garden beckons grrrrrrr 

  • Paddy - hope it's nothing serious - and that the bike is ok! image

    Alex - that's the tri effect. Don't forget the endurance advantage you're gaining from your bike training too.

    birkmyre - if you'd like to extend your athletic related reading Heroes, Villains and Velodromes by Richard Moore is a good read and explains lots about track cycling.

    Shame about Helen but to be honest I thought a gold was always going to be a big ask though a medal was a possibility. The numerous crashes and poor old Paula Findlay's performance just went to prove what I say - you never know what you're going to get until the day.

  • LMH: Actually I've read a few cycling books.That being one of them.Good read actually. I've read Sir Chris, Cav and 'Sir Brad' also a few about Tour de France.

  • I haven't read Cav's or Sir Chris's authorised one - would you recommend them?

  • YA BEAUTYimage  3 GOLDSimage Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farahimage

  • LMH: Yeah both are good reads.

  • birkmyre wrote (see)

    YA BEAUTYimage  3 GOLDSimage Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farahimage

    Jolly good

  • Brilliant! Follow that! Wonder if Birks will choose the same lyrics as me tomorrow!!

  • Ale: very possibly.image

  • Good call on today's lyrics!imageimageimage

  • ale:Cheers image

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