I have recently sussed that I pronate fairly excessivly(?) and need to correct this. I was told by the running shop that brooks beast were the best for this any thoughts!!!


  • I got a pair of Saucony Stabils a couple of years ago as i pronate as well and have stuck with them. just whatever u do, get advice from a proper shop. Not, as did originally, from a spotty kid in lillywhies who fobbed me off with some lightweight asics - NOT GOOD
  • I just spotted the saucony stabils in an old rw mag. Are they built like the beast I tryed on or are they flimmsyer(?) as I weight in at about 15.5 st at present so that dose'nt help
  • I'm 12.5 but was getting on for 14 when I bought the saucony's and have found them fine. If anything, they are a but 'clompy'
  • I'm running in a pair of NB713 at present and there comfy but far to slight and flimsy for my weight. Oh and befroe I forget does anybody Know were to get cheap Beasts then or stabil they cost the earth unlike most other trainers
  • also can you buy off the shelf othotics
  • i used to run in brooks beast and they were wonderful things and i really miss them....since i've gone on the scrawny side again from too many miles, i'm not pronating as much, and the beasts would be overkill.... i've gone for saucony grid hurricanes and these are nice too, but still have fond memories of my beasts (ahhh doesn't that sound sweet!!)
    i didn't need to wear them in at all, never got a blister or an injury, and they were really comfy and lasted a fair bit...
  • would you saY that they would stop me pronating excessivly and stop my bloody shin splints. Just an easy 2 miles and my shins are killing
  • Lee,

    If you are an excessive overpronator, then you could require motion control shoes. And the Brooks Beast is an excellent example of these. However, there are plenty of excellent MC shoes on the market so, try plenty on. For more information have a look at our shoe guides.
  • Thanks I've had a look at the shoe guide but are the other types as good as the beast(Jog Shop Brighton) told me that they are the best about or is thai his own subjective view? Also would you say that the sacony stabil are equally as good as there much cheaper to buy( especially as there is a sale at present)
  • Lee as the review says we thought that the Stabil is a shoe best suited for light to midweight over pronators. For runners who weigh more than 14 stones we recommend what we call 'big guy' shoes. And the Brooks Beast is a great big guy shoe. So, my inclination would be choose the Beast. (But by all means try the Stabil on and see how it feels.)
  • would the beast correct over pronation as a othotic insert does or do they work differantly. How good are the motion control shoes at correcting this over pronation?

    Sorry for all the question and many thanks to all the poeple taht have responded.

    Oh Flufa any concetion to the term used in .... oh well were does it come from
  • I used to run in Beasts. They're brilliant motion control shoes for the right runner, but that runner would be heavier than my 10 and a half stones. They were too clumpy for me.

    You could try the Brooks Addiction, which is the "baby brother" of the Beast. Also, I find that the Nike Air Durham is a very good and well-cushioned motion controller.
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