Retro Racers

I have noticed that my PBs have started to plateau a little recently, so obviously I decided to have a look into lightweight racing flats.  In doing so, I noticed that some are very similar to a much loved pair of early 90s New Balance 420s that I bought a from trainer fetishist/fashion store Size?.  

I never really considered my 420s as running shoes, but I guess that in their day they were cutting edge technology and at 275g they are considerably lighter than my asics 1060s and at around 30 odd quid a pair they are considerably cheaper than the current racers available (and in more tasteful colours).

I know retro bikes are very fashionable amongst the young and hip, but retro trainers?  Could I be cool?  Or will I just look like I wandered up to the start line by accident?


  • Nah, you'll just be following in the footsteps of the minimalist brigade.

  • I'd love the Nike Terra TC to make a comeback. Early 80s and looked as cool as anything.image

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