Coast to coast scotland

I have entered myself and my partner into coast to coast challenger which is over 2 days - 15-16th of September. To enter 2 people into the race would be ??500. I have also paid for a night in the Journey???s End ??? Isles of Glencoe Hotel. This provides you with B & B accommodation at the Isles of Glencoe hotel, perfectly situated directly at the finish, where you can almost touch your room from the finish line. It???s also a very short stumble to and from the Scotland Coast to Coast after-party, which will be operating for all participants in the grounds of the hotel also. This room costs ??120. There is also -Travel to Cawdor Castle Transition Friday 14th Sept at 12:00 for 2 people with their bikes which costs ??30pp Overall the package costs ??650 for 2 people. I am no longer free to participate so I am interested in any offers for all or part of the packages for any amount even if considerably lower than the full amount.


  • Is there any charge to change your details to another two people.
  • There is an admin fee of ??7.50. My email address so if you like to make an offer the package let me know so I can start changing details.
  • I have been looking at possibly doing this event but would really like someone to undertake it with - always good for morale to have someone to swear and laugh with. I have never undertaken anything of this scale so if anyone else is looking for someone to do this with I might be keen.

  • Hi UG25, I emailed you about possibly buying the tickets. Not sure if you received it or if it got stuck in your junk folder...

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