The Fly Mo

All ready to watch the 10,000m tonight. I've got everything crossed. C'MON MO!!!


  • Me too. I think this is how other people must feel about the FA cup.

  • I think the 10,000 is his better hope for gold, more so than the 5000, but i hope he can nail both, he's certainly put the work in.

  • I hope so too, not so sure about the result though. He has an amazing kick in the last 400.. I feel the Kenyans may play to this and keep the pace up to tire him before that... we will see though... he may surprise me.image

  • What's he said about the 5,000, is he doing it regardless of how tonight goes or is it a back-up?

  • I though it was well lets see how this goes... i'm sure he'll do it but his attitude is going to depend a lot on this.  I'm hoping for a double. But, I don't know one Bronze would be bloody good and nothing to be ashamed off.


  • I'm nervous. I certainly wouldn't call this.

  • he's running sensible, but is that enough at this pace?

  • Gold for Mo!

  • Amazing! I'm so glad he came through with it. What an amazing night for UK athletics.

  • What a day.
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