Go Mo!

Anyone else desperate to go for a 10k run after watching Mo Farah tonight? Awesome stuff! Massively inspirational! Can't wait foe the 5k too...


  • What a race and win by Moimage

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Got a 10k this morning - don't think I will be quite as fast! He was simply awesome as has been team GB. Hopefully it will all inspire lots of people.
  • Jeremy:If you did  get near Mo 10k time you're in wrong race mateimage

  • Great run by Mo and his training partner Judd.

    I have a 10k race in 2 weeks time and have certainly been inspired to give it my best.

  • If I were there with Mo and completed just 5k he'd still have beaten me and lapped me 25 times! I wish him the best for the 5k and am sure he has got hundreds (nay) thousands of people up and running. I have just started running again and went out today taking almost 3 minutes off my 5k time!

  • Andi: Well done

    Hope Mo does double in 5k. How good would that be image

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