Back to running after a baby?

Hi, Im currently three days overdue with my first child so her arrival is imminent (I hope!) I've not had an easy pregnancy and as a result I've not been able to run or do any high(ish) intensity exercise for pretty much 7-8 months. Prior to that I was really enjoying running; albeit it not fast or particularly far (5km pb 26.14, 10km usually about 57mins) I'd usually run 3 days a week and do alternative days of 'something else' like spinning/aerobics/gym work. I really want to get back to exercise and more specifically, running, as soon as I'm given the ok post-birth (usually 6 weeks?). I'll be out walking with my pram as soon as I feel ok to get me started. I'm not planning to run with a pram as I enjoy the 'me-time' running alone with just my iPod gives me so my other half will have baby while I go out. I just wondered if anyone could recommend the best way to approach it? I am planning on entering a 10km run event to give myself a goal but not sure what is a realistic time frame considering considering my inevitable drop in fitness level? Also, should I go right down to basics and do a couch to 5km plan or will that be too easy do you think? Would love to hear other people's experiences! Thanks, E


  • Hi there,

    Just wanted to wish you luck with the new arrival!

    I am probably not the best to advise here as I took a very long time to get back to running again after my children were born, but I do know that new mums can put a lot of pressure on themselves at a time when emotions are already running high, and even if you are blessed with a wonderful sleeper your body will be recovering from the strains of pregnancy and birth for quite a while.

    So, be kind to yourself and don't try to do too much too soon. Running isn't going anywhere and the road will still be there waiting for you in a few months time, so don't beat yourself up if you can't get back into it straight away.


  • It all depends really on how the birth goes and how tired you are after. I seem to remember from when I had my children they advised waiting for 11 weeks or something like that, I think until that time the prolactins in your body makes you more susceptible to soft-tissue injury.

    Just go more by how you feel - you can always build up by going for walks on your own with your ipod, getting some 'me' time and doing some brisk walking.

    good luck for the birth and just take your time getting back to exercise

  • Hope you don't have to wait too much longer ER. There is a really popular forum for mums over on health and injury. The best advice is to take it steady especially if you breastfeed as relaxin can make you more prone to injury. You will have to listen and adjust as your size changes too and bras are another whole thread!

    Good Luck xx
  • Thanks for your replies and your best wishes! I had read somewhere that you are allowed to up the exercise after about 6 weeks but as you rightly say that depends on how the birth goes and how I'm feeling coping with a newborn!

    I think that's going to be the hard thing, allowing myself to ease back into it rather than going all out and potentially injuring myself like many of you have said.

    I'll take a look at that forum too, thanks Camlo!
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