Fancy Dress, mankini?

hi everyone, be and my friend are running the GNR 2012 in aid of martins house childrens hospice image i was just wondering if we'd be allowed to run it in in a borat style mankini? are there any like rules saying you cant? lol. cheers x


  • I wonder if the organisers of the GNR may be better placed to answer your query ?

    Each to their own but just remember its advisable to at least try a run in your 'costume' beforehand and you need to allow time for the chaffing to heal    image

  • ah maybe yes, so i could send them an e-mail image hahahahaha yes we will have to have a few practice runs i think :P people say there actullay quite comfortable!!!! lol x

  • someone ran the great south run in one last year so i cant see why not, although granted it gets less tv exposure.

  • I was at the GNR start last year and a guy was wearing a green mankini in the same pen as me, hilarious!
  • Where are you going to pin your number? image

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