Can anyone recommend video swim analysis + DVD services in central London?

HiI'm doing a triathlon in a bit, and swimming is definitely my weakest.Can anyone recommend swim analysis sessions with video/DVD in central London? Basically I just want one session to record how I swim and tell me what I'm doing wrong - hopefully cheap as well!Thanks



    I had a session with these guys, they videoed me and gave me drills etc to practise

  • Cool - thanks - how much was that?

  • No idea, it was 3 yrs ago.  I think it was about the same as 1 to 1 lessons.  They also have an endless pool that they have set up for filming.  


  • I used swimCanaryWharf - not central london but not too far away either.

    And Ray is a nice guy too....
  • Hey

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    Apparently SwimForTri doesn't give you a DVD to take away any more (did they ever), and SwimCanaryWharf is booked up for weeks (they do the DVD though).

    Any other recommendations?

  • They did, as i Have mine still.  I think SwimCanaryWharf broke away from SwimforTri but im not sure

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