Paris Marathon 2013

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Snagging list, anybody?



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    Ooooh, shiny image

    I love what you've done with the place, Yer_Maj.

  • For any newbies...  entries open approx mid-September.   First come, first served.   Costs go up as the number of places reduces.....


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    DV - you forgot the medical certificate requirement. image

  • For new people considering running the Paris Marathon, you need to understand that this is a long running thread that gets updated every year but has been going on for many years. So if you feel like you are dropping in on an old conversation, you are, however, you should know that we've always thought of the Paris thread as "The Friendly Thread".

    Please join in, introduce yourself and don't be shy! For newbies, feel free to ask questions. There are people here who are multi-ear veterans of running the mara (& other events) in Paris.
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    ...and if you're really lucky, somebody will post the Bristol Stool Chart soon....

  • There are people here who are still in never again marathon mentality and dont't really have any business hanging out in a marathon threadimage Like TD says this thread is for everyone, there's no cliquiness here and we like new people!

    Anyway I am loving the new interior design, the sofas are very comfy. So much so that I may have a little snooze. After this amazon tennis that is - go Murray!
  • Eggy. Cracking improvement to your HM PB mate. You are on fire this year. Really, well done!

    Marathon Maus. I am so happy you have a diagnosis that makes sense and a viable treatment plan. I hope you can become aware of the early triggers for the migraines and are able to take actions to minimise the problems they cause. Stay strong lady. And as for P&D, soak up the knowledge they provide and then right-size it to your own domestic situation and running experience. You don't have to conform to what they say, just apply it intelligently for yourself.

    Am delighted to say I managed my longest run today since Paris. 51 days after my op and thanks to Neil Belgium's pleasant conversation, I managed to clock up 20kms. Feel like a good sleep now. Blasted Olympics keeping me awake thoughimage
  • Oh not the stool fibre intake is just fine!
  • Oh congratulations eggy, that's a huge improvement! And well done TD on your run, fastest healer ever. MM I am glad that they found out what was going wrong, wish you all the best for moving on from this point.
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    Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)
     There are people here who are multi-ear veterans of running the mara (& other events) in Paris.

    I've definitely got 2 ears image

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    Nice one Tricky - that's a big test!

    Maus - very glad t hear that you have something that you can work with image

    I have two new kittens.  They're 6 weeks old, Maine Coon/Bengal cross and they are already causing havoc after less than 24 hours.  A wee bit young to be away from Mum but she rejected them so we dicided we'd take over the extra care they'll need for the next few weeks.  The resident Madame is deeply unimpressed image

  • In on the first page (i hope!)

    MM thats great news, and Eggy great time. Been watching the sailing, felt a bit sorry for the Danish guy!
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    We'll always have Paris...

    ( '2012 is my last go at this..'...has morphed into '2013: 'could be the year of the sub-4'. It helps,having the attention-span of a ....Oh, look! Tennis!)

    Well done, Eggy. * And I've decided to marry you off to my daughter.No need to meet.It would just complicate things...*


  • ATM wrote (see)

    RS! I thought  you were all ' UK-citizen ' now?  * I love this 'nationalism-meltdown..'..image*

    Just to be clear, I was screaming for team GB when there were no NZ crews or Nz wasn't doing too well (aka the quad).

    Ohhhhh shinny new...FUN...let's take it out for a spin and get some dirt on here...yer_maj: are the two new pussies a bit much action for you and Mr Maj? (NB: newbies, it does degenerate a little but there's someone responsible who brings it back...most times)

    I can safely say that the weather forecasters got it COMPLETELY wrong for surrry today.  Was supposed to be scattered showers and mostly sunny.  It wasn't!!!  I managed 61kms on the bike with 4 hills, one with 20% to 10% and then for fun back up to 20%.  I'm stooooffed.


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    A thread wedding...and on the front page as well.  Excellent....will we wear lycra?

  • had to post that before I'd finished.  Goooo murray!

    Eggy - YAY, awesome PB.

    MM - YAY, for a diagnosis!  how about a nice easyish goal while you get the medication sorted?  series of 5kms or 10 kms?

    TD - YAY, for the run!

    There's sooooo much happy going around at the moment it's brilliant!!!  3 golds for GB last night were breathtaking. image

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     Warning:This thread contains nuts .

    *Edited for accuracy*

  • Soooo easy for Murray. So proud to be British. It just gets better and better.
  • PAGE 2? PAGE 2!!! *arrives late, panting and carrying a selection of damp flags*.

    I don't know if I can bear to watch Andy Murray and Laura Robson - if they win I might burst.

    The Mongolian woman I saw this morning was Otgonbayar Luvsanlundeg, and she is their only female athlete. She looked very determined.

    MM - glad to hear you have some answers. Hope you can work on identifying the triggers and getting the migraines under control.
  • And Eggy - yay image . But you're going to have to run faster than that to get away from ATM chasing you, in a hat.
  • Good grief, I nip off to West Yorks for the night with no wifi and all this when I get back...!

    MM - good to hear, hope things settle, good advice already above.

    Eggy - you are throwing it down... Fantastic time.

    TD - brilliant news.

    RS - of course, it's really a Marathon...

    Andy Murray - now, time to [email protected]!

  • TD - I noticed a mistake in an earlier post, my marathon PB is in fact 4hr13m, not 4hr 13s... That would have REALLY hurt.

    Also, I've just worked I was (unintentionally) ignoring a whole load of regular posters - then wondered what on earth people were talking about... It seems rather easy to do by mistake, or maybe I'm just a bit useless with computers. I suspect a bit of both.

  • Ooo..   the threads second wedding..  Eggy and ATM's daughter..  (Eggy..  take up the offer, she is.. errmm..   fit..!!) (plus..  you'll have a properly insane mother-in-law who will provide fuel for jokes for the rest of your life..)  As ATM says, no need to actually meet her...  just turn up for the wedding..  ATM will make all the arrangements..  congratulations...

    So..   I started my new regime today...  I did 2 x 10 mins barefoot running on grass with a 10 minute fast bike ride during the interval..   I'm going to sort my feet out finally...      the initial feedback is positive.  The second 10 minutes was better than the first.   No knee issues.  Calf muscles working hard...   the foot strike was all forefoot and mid-foot...  I'm naturally a mid-foot runner anyway.  

    The long path to Paris has started.....

    In the meantime..  GO GB...!!!  image




  • Running Rodent wrote (see)
    And Eggy - yay image . But you're going to have to run faster than that to get away from ATM chasing you, in a hat.


    Good point...  and she wears neoprene too..


  • Hi all,

    I haven't been on the board since just after the marathon, but wanted to say hi and let all of you know that watching the Olympics has made me think of all of you.  Congrats to Farah and Murray!  Mo's win yesterday was my all-time favorite Olympics moment. So incredible.  It boggles my mind to think that running that fast is even possible.

    Hope everyone is doing well.  Cheers from the USA!


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Cheers all.

    Productive day, new half PB and now I'm getting married off. I had no idea getting paired up had anything to do with how fast you can run! TD must have a hareem.


  • Eggy - congrats on the PB and  impending wedding!!! image

    TD - excellent you'll be chasing a new PB in Berlin at this rate.

    We have finally got no fog!! But it only cleared after I had finished another dreaded tm sessionimage Just home from a visit to my mothers. I told her of all my plans for the next 18months to be met with the usual critisism, but for once it isn't going to get me down or change my mind.image Monday was the start of my future(and I am still smiling RSimage!!) and nothing or no-one will ever stand in the way again!!image

    Now since we are  talking 2013, are there any support going to Paris that would mind overseeing a 13yr old and 11yr old for hopefully less than 4hours?!??!image

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