Paris Marathon 2013



  • Danirr - If you drive as slowly as DLR, you'll be here this time next year. It's an awesome car. What's its history?

    DV - good luck for the run. You setting off at the same time as the cars or a few hours before?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    DV - I said it on Facebook - I think you're crazy but I'm so jealous! I was tempted to offer to cycle alongside you as a 'support bike' but after seeing that profile... :/

    Thank you to everyone sending good vibes - it's really appreciated.

    I'll admit - I've spent the past hour painting my nails in an attempt to stave off the main issue - my ankle is still a little tender. I'm going to walk a lot of it, strap it up and go from there. My mum admitted today that she's a little worried herself about the cold so we'll see.

    Most of all - I'll have fantastic nails for the raceimage

    @danirr - I've got a girl crush on your car... How on earth did you find that?

    Good luck to TP for the marine corps and anyone else running.
  • Emmy, TP et al - good running tomorrow.

    TP - really looking forward to hearing about the MCM.
  • Ha. It seems gsm has reached Northumberland.

    Thanks for the info on the winter tyres I think I'll take a serious look at them.

    Sal - I'll look at that link. Assuming it's the school?
  • Eggy - sorry to hear about enforced layoff. (I'm out of action to let the PF settle too.) While you're catching up with TV etc. and knowing your Whisky interest, have you seen The Angel's Share? Just watched it on DVD. Glasgow-set Ken Loach movie, heartwarming, honest and funny. Marvellous really. Look it out if you've not seen it. Judicious use of The Proclaimers' 500 Miles too!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    DLR winter tyres are used a lot on the continent-  here we put down a ton of salt instead.

    Eggy hope the problems get fixed quicker than you think. I suffer a lot with hip and glute issues but a few anti inflamatories and stretching usually do the trick after a few days.

    Planning 16 tomorrow. Derwentwater 10 miler next Sunday- can't wait. 

  • For those that Luke a running/training read, I've just started The art of running faster by Julian Goater.

    Doesn't specify specific programmed but talks about elements ti incorporate and why. Very easy to read and well worth getting.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Eggy - sorry about the layoff, but it's all for the good. I expect it will not negatively impact Paris - I think you'll use it to fire yourself up and set a newer, shinier PB.

    As DV has pointed out, the Great Race draws near. I am excited as I always am for this event, but a little more nervous - the car is new to me (bought it earlier this year and left it in the UK, so no experience with it!). And all these cars need a little encouragement, repair along the way. Cars pre-1905 are very difficult to find. If you think Bond's world is mysterious,  on thursday night I'll explain how I came to aquire the car.

    For those interested, the car was found, quite literally, in a French barn about 15 years ago. And it looked like it. It was restored just outside London (where it is now) - but the remarkable thing is that it was complete - even the wooden body was complete and intact - a rarety. There are only 3 known to exist world wide - 2 of which will be in the London to Brighton run this year.  For the techies, it is a single cylinder, 9 hp, belt driven car.

    Emmy - I definately think you should bring the bike out. Good company for DV and me! 

    I'm looking forward to meeting some of you next week (and some I have met before - actually at a running event!)

    Did a nice 15 miles today - slow but good. The flipbelt I tried out was awesome. Nothing jiggles or bounces - you really dont know it's there.

  • Dannirr - a story I'd like to hear but can't do Thursday evening as will be flying back to Belfast. I watched the arrival in Brighton 6 years ago - the cars are simply a wonderful sight - as are the drivers! Safe trip and hope you all have a blast.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Iain - I've not seen that one. I'll need to check it out. I think I may need to hunt out a good boxset to see me through this, or I'll end up stir crazy.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    IM2 - I watched "The Angels Share" on the flight back from Oz. Laugh out loud funny in parts whilst being hard going in others. I really enjoyed it.

    Going for my first proper run in weeks later, despite being in for Paris and Berlin I'm having mojo problems. Need to get my act together.

    Happy future Birthday, oh Dirty one, and good luck to all who are racing.
  • Many happy returns, DLR and happy holidays.

    Bloody magnificent day to do - perfect running conditions, except that my running buddy (aka Jasper the Spaniel) drank all the water from my bottle and then refused to run any further for the last third of the distance. Sooky la la!

    Question for the scientifically knowledgeable about the discussion earlier re electrolytes. My hands swell a little and I get really clumsy. I lose dexterity and can't grasp things, press buttons etc. Could this be electrolyte related?
  • Morning everyone,

    KOC gets even earlier with the clocks changing, been up for hour but not doing anything constructive but writing a training plan which I will probably never stick too!! Since it is well and truly winter, trying to make it so I don't have to go out in the cold at KOC very often as I think it is leading to all the kidney infections - I could be well wrong there thou.

    So X training, yoga etc early mornings plus mid - long runs on days off, intervals at the track when junior is at atheletics, running group(I will seeimage).........Not wanting to overdo things for the next few weeks!

  • Maus... yes, quite possibly. It's one of the common indicators.

    Kaz, follow your doctors advice. Don't make it worse...

    Emmy... sure, bring your bike out. That'll be fun

    Happy birthday dlr!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday DLR!!
  • Happy bidet dlr! Have a great time in bamburgh....

    @danirr - i am intrigued by this car - I imagine the restoration cost is eye watering and are you taking the car back to the states after the race?

    My boys are obsessed with cars so will definitely show them the picture...

    kids don't observe clock changes so no extra hour today... Out with dogs now then rugby coaching and then running. Interestingly more km done in a recovery week than my average amsterdam training weekly.

    Happy running all image

    oh and smileys do work on iPhones - if you know the keyboard shortcutsimage
  • ATM wrote (see)

    French car, American driver, Engish runner, Scottish stalker, New -Zealander biker....We're gonna win!

    who's the NZ biker?!?!?  I haven't committed to anything yet.  There will be discussion on Thursday.

    umm...yeah...should get out there...but it's cold! '+_+ (may come out as a cold smilie..but probably won't).

  • I'll swap places RS, its bound be warmer and drier than here!!!

    Today involves watching lots of motorbikes going round and round a circuit.......image And hopefully being very immature and phucking the girls father off!!! We have no intention of speaking to him, but the girls do want to see their siblings(well half siblings).........its going to be interesting!!!image  And before any men think I am being rather awful.......its his own fault, taking me to court for custody(although eventually it never got that far) and stopping maintenance after one payment.......!image


  • Kaz - your ex sucks but don't stoop to his level.  Treat him with cool indifference.  He's such an evil so and so any reaction from you would be like candy to a baby.  This kinda baby though: (don't watch it while eating your breakfast)

  • RS - It is the cool indifference that I am planning on doing as I know how much that will truly ***** him off..........I actually feel in control and not the normal wreck that I usually am at his yearly visit!! image I will watch the clip later!!image Now a whole day with BF and his son testing out his new all-terrain wheelchair at the same time!!! Actually quite interested in seeing how the thing works in mud, steep hills, sand, wet, etc and the difference it will make to the youngsters quality of life. And a picnic in the rain......imageimage

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Hi folks,

    Just back from 5 nights in Paris. Very much enjoyed some aspects but have decided it's not my favourite city.

    Pros - great sights!

    Cons - price of drink! You know it's bad when you get excited at a pint for 5 euros in happy hour & the number of pickpockets & thieves! Didn't get robbed but found that you could never let your guard down.

    The amount of gold rings that were found just in front of my feet was unreal. On day 1 I thought that the lady in question was suggesting I'd dropped the ring and was discussing the misfortune of the poor person who had lost it. Turned out (thanks to another couple who appeared) that this is a total scam and her friend(s) would have pick pocketed me as I stood there if they'd had the time. After this incident we then encountered the scam at least twice a day, usually at the tourist sites.

    On another occasion we saw a very desperate looking man openly tailing a woman who was searching for something in her handbag. Not seeing what he was after he immediately turned and followed me so we dodged into the first shop we came upon.

    In essence, be alert when you're there & you'll have fun!

    Anyone booked accommodation yet? We stayed at Les Degres de Notre Dame on this visit. Great location, but lots of stairs and I think the girls I'm coming with would appreciate a more bog standard hotel or apartment.
  • @ RS image I thought you were the bike support-crew..You know you'd love a bit of an outing.

    'Have fun, kaz. It can't be wetter up there than down here. Surely...image

    Clag, I've been in the city loads of times and thought I was up to most scams...the  'ring' is a favourite... but was still tagetted and robbed, this March.I felt such a fool.  Finding yourself penniless and without bank cards, at night, before you've even got to your hotel is ghastly..'Big cheer for the paris-based ' threaders' who offered help.


  • ATM - I'm thinking...

  • Morning - how's everyone in injury corner? And everyone in the bad running mojo corner?

    First run since Amsterdam this morning. Went to supermarket straight after. Felt v smug going round with my muddy legs on show.

    Emmy - hope your mum beat you and hope you recorded a PW. And enjoyed it as well of course.

  • RS...  it'll be great fun if you and Emmy rode along...  image

    Well..  rather rarely I have the day and the house to myself...   the children have gone on an outing with the cubs and will be away all day and Mrs DV is performing at Covent Garden in an opera by Purcell called Dido and Aenas.  Mrs DV is singing in the role of Dido.  Its quite remarkable that she is going at all...  she has a severe eye infection and we've been to the hospital twice in the last few days and she is on hourly medication, including through the night... neither of us has slept properly for four nights...  I live in a parallel universe most of the time anyway and can cope but she is struggling...  so, I'm very proud of her to not to let her audience, orchestra or the performance down.  What a trooper.  Fortunately, her costume requires her to wear a disguise (she is a witch) so her swollen left eye won't be seen.  Hopefully it will have settled down by the time some of you meet her on Thursday.

    So..  what to do with myself...?    Loud music...  Top Gear....  great fun  image


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Even though I had little choice but to switch from the Marine Corp Marathon to the Toronto one, and loved the race and had a very good run, I must say that today I am feeling a little regretful and wishing I was in Washington!

    I already have a confirmed entry for next year - anyone else want to come?
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Hope you have a good day today. Try not to get too stressed.

    Clag - I think I must be lucky. I read a lot about those scams but never have seen it in Paris. I guess I look like to much of a tramp to be worth robbing from!

  • Dannirr - Tartin pimpersomething is doing it right now so waiting for the report.  At least the hurricane has held off for a few days.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Dannir - I think it's definitely one for the future but I'm in Berlin next year so I'll have to pass. How about posting the link so that SR's sons can see your other cars? I think that you would make them very happy

    Got out and running today - aside from the 5k I did on holiday, it was my first run in a month and boy did I feel it. Only did 10k but felt slow, heavy and tired - but it's done now, so things can only get better.

    DV - the more I hear about you and yours the more astounded I get. Hats off to Mrs DV for the 'show must go on' attitude.

    Clag - there are loads of scams on the go in Paris and just when you think you know them all another one comes along. I too have had the Gold ring trick tried on me - but it's not just a pick pocket ploy, they will give you the 'gold' ring and then con some money out of you. Last time it was tried on me I laughed at the girl and she just smiled and walked off. 

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Orbutt wrote (see)

    Dannir - I think it's definitely one for the future but I'm in Berlin next year so I'll have to pass. How about posting the link so that SR's sons can see your other cars? I think that you would make them very happy

    Orbutt: I'd love to do Berlin. Not intersted in a bib swap are you?image

    Here are the other cars. Some have detailed pictures, some don't as I'm not a very good webmeister. But there are some links to some video of the cars (like the White Steam Car), as well as our car travels in South Africa and our first London to Brighton run. Hope it's not too boring!

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