Paris Marathon 2013



  • Glad to hear that. I thought it was just me!
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    78! image

    I've never been able to touch my toes either.

  • Bloody hell some of you are doing very long LSR's for this stage??image I will let you know when I manage one mile!!!

    The lack of exercise/stretching is playing havoc with my psoas, its even sore to sitimage I am tempted to attempt my physio exercises but scared to too just incase it upsets other things???

    What about feet around neck instead of touching toesimage

  • Hi everyone. I did 5miles this morning before sun up and 3miles tonight with MrsTD when the sun was down. I love running. But I prefer running fast. It's going to take some time but maybe I can get there. 78 miles DV, really?
  • Managed to crawl out of bed at 6.30 this morning before the heat hit. I ran the same 14km route but was 18 minutes faster today. Felt strong and didn't get tired until the last km or so.

    Will have to try and do more early mornings until I leave Australia or the heat breaks, whichever happens first...

    Lots of good long LSRs here. Very impressive folks!
  • 18 mins better is smashing Mausey. It might also point to the huge diference environmental factors have on performance. Sub zero here now. Think I might go back to bed with a bookimage
  • Morning...  yeh.. TD..  I decided to do the 'home to London' run..  I've done this three times and its about 37-39 miles depending on route.  I've never done it overnight before, only in daylight.  Last night I had intended on running it both ways, overnight.  The idea was to run to McDonalds on The Strand, near Charing Cross station.  Have a coffee and a burger and watch the nightlife go by...  and then run home again.  The route would have been 78 miles.  The 'out' route is harder than the 'home' route as I have to get up and over the North Downs. There are two long hills and the roads are fast traffic, no paths and no streetlights.   I got up the first hill and not only was it dark but it was freezing fog and get thicker...   looking ahead, visibilty was reducing further and I took the option of a train station not far away to come home again.

    Its a shame really as the weather was otherwise ideal for a run..  chilly (quickly turning to frost) and no wind.  

    I need to do overnight runs as all the ultras this year go overnight...  the 78 miles was a reasonable distance.  I haven't run at all for about 5 or 6 weeks, but I still felt confident that it was do-able.  I got to 13 miles in about two hours, so pace was fine and I felt good.

    No worries..   better safe than sorry...   I'll have another go in daylight or at least better weather conditions.  We are due some sleety rain today.


  • I think what I am most pleased about, as we start 2013, is that my experiments last summer have all come together nicely.  I love that I can now just put on my running shoes and socks and go...  no need to spend an hour preparing my feet.  No orthotics, no blisters, no injury.  My fuelling is now mostly liquid with some savory snacks and I can do these runs on my own without a support team!   Everything has completely changed in the last six months and...   its fantastic and I am really enjoying running again.


  • DV - Indeed better safe than sorry! Amazing to think about 78 miles over night. And when do you get to the stage that you've not ran in weeks and still feel that you can do this. I ask as obviously it'll be about 5/6 weeks that I will not have ran for when I am ready to start, and I am panicing that I will never be able to do 3 miles??? Or do I just lack the self belief to think that all will be 'ok'??

    Obviously I have too much time on my hands and I am over thinking at the moment, as well as over eating!!image

  • Kaz..  I can't really answer that question..   we are all different...  part of it is mental confidence and knowing the limits...  part is residual fitness from multiple long runs..  I know I can't run fast anymore, for example, so I wouldn't attempt a race/run that required speed...   I'm still learning and I don't have all the answers...  I just have an idea, and give it go and see what happens.

    Plenty of time though.. my first ultra for 2013 is on the weekend of 23/24 March and is 100 miles (actually, all the ultras this year are 100 miles - in order to comply with the Badwater application requirements)...   then a little over a week later is the Paris run, leaving London on 3rd April...   as long as I stay out of trouble and avoid injury I should be fine for both.



  • Just the thought of running 78 miles, in the dark, in the cold, on busy roads, scares the hell out of me. But as you say, we are all different.

    Hang in there Kaz - not long now. I had a hernia op a couple of years and was running again after 3 weeks. I was surprised how little fitness I had lost.
  • Simon - I don't know.......... I think the fitness lost will seem worse by the weight gain?? Trying my best to eat healthy etc but just the lact of exercise in general(not being able to walk dog as normal etc) is not helping my waist line!!

    DV - You are just a machine!!! Well impressed and inspired! I definately want to progress to ultras........

    I am thinking that its 2 weeks on Monday since the op, would I be stupid to try some X training from Monday. It would just be on the epiliptical trainer, as still signed off work and better not be seen out and about??

  • Kaz - I'm no doctor, and am the worst patient ever and rarely listen to medical advice, but I would suggest just walking next week. Slowly build the distance and speed until you feel ready for a gentle jog. But what do I know??.....

  • Kaz - have a google first but I think you'll like this answer:

    DV - If you try again tonight let me know.  Am going out and may have to go through trafalgar square on my night bus route home image

  • Kaz - I reckon you can listen to all the advice you can find, but ultimately, listen to your body. You are an athlete. You are super-self aware of everything going on in your body. You will know when you are ready. And if you are think you are ready, start something and find out you're not, then stop.

    Yep TD: an extraordinary difference. Probably 10 -15 degrees difference between this week and last week. Unfortunately, though I've suffered a rather delicate stomach as a result of a gel (that I've used before and has been fine - weird).

    Then spent the rest of the day sorting stuff to take and sell at a flea market and running is possible I've got too much on my plate at the moment!
  • RS - Thank you. Just the answer I was looking for! image Enjoy your night out!!


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    DV - you're truly a machine. What do you think the biggest changes have been to your running? Was it the removal of orthotics? Or do you think something else?

    Kaz- take it easy... And listen to your body whatever you choose to doimage

    I've abandoned my 10 miler - 4 miles in. The cold was ok - but a hamstring niggle really started to hurt so I've come home, stretched and will try again tomorrow after blasting little Jamie with the tiger tail!
  • Kaz - even though I found the answer you wanted stick I 2nd what emmy says.  LISTEN to your body as the #1 priority. image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Emmy - by wise move with the hamstring injury.

    Mrs O got me one of those Fruit based tablets for my birthday and whilst I can do some of the smileys image does anyone know of somewhere that lists all of the options available (I think RR knows this sort of thing)
  • RS/Emmy - I will take it easy and listen to my body not my brain!! I have officially had enough of illness and injury, and will not be taking any chances on my recovery!image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Orbutt - I believe that you can literally do nothing except post on the fruit based tablet..... I'm currently using it and there's no other options.

    I'm hoping that the hamstring is just the cold and nothing more serious. I was wearing two complete layers and didn't feel cold but when I stopped to stretch I felt it on my leg a little.

    @Kaz - I'm keeping everything crossed for you. We need our superwoman in Paris image
  • Emmy..  there have been many changes, but probably the move to a minimalist shoe (the Hoka's are a 4mm drop) and throwing the orthotics out after seven years has probably been the most significant of the changes.   Doing that Grand Union Canal run (45 miles) in brand new shoes and no orthotics for the first time was a huge boost to my confidence.

    I don't see myself ever going the whole way such as Dannirr has done with his Vibrams but I certainly feel that the future of good posture and injury prevention is in the direction of minimalist running footware and the types of shoes that we've all been using for the last 30+ years are soon going to be history.  More and more shoe manufacturers are providing minimalist shoes now.  

    I have lost all confidence in podiatrists........   three different podiatrists said my orthotics were the correct prescription for me.  None of them said to look at my running technique and to change footware.   Looking back on it, that was very disappointing and poor advice...

    Since I changed, I've had no injury and no blisters.   Coincidence?   I don't think so....


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    20 miler done at a far more sensible 7.57 pace. Felt good to hit the 20 mile marker again. Just got a couple of injury niggles to nurse but I finally feel like I'm in marathon mode after two runs of significant distance. Long way still to go though.

    Did the run at 7.00am and then had to run a 2 hour football training session. I feel some sofa time coming up and a plan to replensih lost energy with BEER! image


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    It's so bloody cold here I'm afraid I'm going to go deaf...

    18 miles done in pissing rain and headwind/sidewind/crosswind/surprisewind...feeling a bit tired but not knocked out which bodes will for my first 20 miler next weekend image

    Now I have to chain myself to the kitchenaid as I have a party to prepare for...made the chocolate roulade at 6 am as I was up having my breakfast before my run (ARE YOU LISTENING DV?  I had breakfast before a long run...) so it seemed like a good idea to get ahead of myself rather than go back to bed.  I suspect that I may regret this by 10pm...

  • Fear not. This thread shows you how to do smileys and this one explains links, bold etc . It's a bit of a faff, but it's useful.

    Good call last night I think DV - there will always be other running opportunities, but not if you get squashed on the road.

    Kaz - can you put the dog on the treadmill?
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    I managed 18 miles today. It was a real struggle though. I was getting some discomfort from the groin on this one, not a good sign. That's two weeks in a row I've really struggled badly on my LSR. Unlike yer_maj I'm not looking forward to next week's 20.

    Kaz - Take it easy with your return to training. You trained for and ran two marathons last year. Six weeks off isn't going to destroy your fitness.
  • Just finished 17 miles at 5'27 min/k. The run included 3 very long steep hills and 5k through some very muddy woods, so I'm very happy with that.

    Great running SB. I am a great believer that beer is the perfect recovery drink and will be rewarding myself with a few tonight.

    Well done on 18 miles YM. Take it easy Eggy - maybe you should do a shorter run next weekend?
  • Well done Simon...   that's a good run...  image

    Eggy...   stick with it...  nice and gently does it...  no heroics...

    yer_maj...   finally...  she sees the light...!   image

    kaz...   if you feel that running in Paris might not be achieveable, you might like to consider coming with me on my run to Paris and drive the support car..?   Can you drive..?   Do you have a sense of humour that can withstand anything and is game for a laugh...?

    Rodent..   great to hear that P&D is working for you..

    TD..  you have a cycling future ahead..  I suspect you are going to be really good at it..  image

    Badger..  that's a good morning's effort...!

    Emmy...   be careful out there...



  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Simon - I might need to take a look at my LSR schedule. I felt good on my midweek runs this week, but from about mile 12 today I was hurting. My lungs are fine, even my legs felt ok it was just some pain from the injured area and I think when that happens it's causing me to run outside my normal running style and that's making the run even worse.

  • Great long runs people. It's a surprise to me that people are already 18-20 milers but I guess that's mostly because I'm not following any programme this year so have no points of comparison. Managed a couple of hours out on the bike in sub zero. The extra wind chill factor compared to running really makes a difference. Not surprisingly, spent late afternoon at the sales in the bike shop getting some more clothing. Woah, and you thought running stuff could be pricey image

    Anyone going long tmrw?
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