Paris Marathon 2013



  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    TD - Look for whatever your equivalent of Aldi is and keep an eye on them stocking cycling gear. Most of my cycling gear has come from there, good quality cycling clothes at a fraction of the price of the usual brands.

  • Tricky I'm following a runners world schedule for the Paris marathon and this week was a ten mile long slow run , I'm nowhere near 18 or 20 milers yet myself , I feel as if I'm well behind everyone else as well

    Great runs from everyone , and it all adds up
  • Scott - Your not as far behind as me!!image Well done on the 10 miles.

    Eggy - sorry to hear the run was bad, but its another in the bag. Take it easy now!!

    YM -Well done especially with the extra resistance.

    DV - I can drive, but driving from London to Paris is well out of my capability!!image Although I do have a wicked sense of humour and up for a laugh(usually at myself!!)image

    Right now my theory is I can always walk run if needed. I will be underprepared, but I have been well prepared in the past and everything has gone totally wrong so who knows..........I will get to the end..........eventually!!!

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Kaz - I'm only just about to venture out again and starting slow and short. Remember though, you've got incredible stamina to fall back on so don't worry too much. You won't beat last year but I reckon that a walk/run strategy is good to have as a fall back.

    TD - my sympathies on the cycling gear. Mrs O has the problem of needing the gear but being horrified by the cost. But she's worth it image

    Scott - if I wasn't injured then I'd be looking at the big long runs at the moment but I am so tomorrow I'm hoping to run 6k. Don't worry about the distance yet, as long as you can get some in before the event you'll be fine.

    Eggy - be careful with your groin mate but at the same time try not to focus on it. I find if I focus on an injury then it's almost a self fulfilling prophecy. That being said - you know your groin better than I doimage

    I've had to pull out of a half that I had planned for 20th but I'm pleased that I've managed to pass my number on to another runner. It's a very popular sold out event so I was glad that someone is getting to run it
  • Scott - my first 16km will be next Saturday. You're not alone! I should have done it yesterday, but I found last week so tough, I wanted to have another crack at 14km before upping the distance.
  • Scott:  mine was 13 yesterday so not up with 18 - 20 but Mont St Michel not until beginning of may!!!

    Can't believe my 10k with obstacules is next sunday - when its due to be freezing and snow!!! Just my luck - hey ho not much running and lots of laughing will be done no doubt!! 

    Happy trottingimage

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Made it about 800m today and I could feel a pain in my calf.

    I'm going to seek out a physio and see if they can help.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Good luck to Danirr who's running Disney today!

    Orbutt - sorry to hear that your calf isnt better image another trip to the physio? Were you able to transfer it 'legally'?

    Talking of being on the Bench - can the Jantastic peeps remember to upload their number of runs before Tuesday 8am GMT?

    PF - OK. I'm doing Mont Sint Michel.... i just need to look at your places to stay. Did you see my hints and tips for obstacle runs a few pages back?

    DV - You really are an inspiration. 78 miles is just absolutely fantastic. I wish that I lived closer to you -i'd love to see what you can suggest for improvements to my running

    I managed another run today. It didnt hurt on the run but when i came home to stretch it - i definitely felt it! We've had snow this morning. Not a lot but a good dusting and the -4 temperature is keeping it nice and cold.


  • Orbutt wrote (see)
    Made it about 800m today and I could feel a pain in my calf.
    I'm going to seek out a physio and see if they can help.


    Orbutt...  Just a thought but have you considered looking at your shoes and your technique..?  These could be relevant factors to the persistant injuries...



  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Emmy - I was able to transfer it legally. I think that this is another sign of good organisation that this was allowed.

    DV - I don't think that my technique I'd ideal and while I try to run mid foot I notice that the heels of my running shoes are the first to wear out which would suggest that I'm not doing as we'll as I'd hoped. I've never managed to run fore foot. This latest injury just doesn't seem to want to go away but I'm not very patient which is probably a major part of the problem.

    With regards to my shoes, I've only ever run in one make. I'm flat footed so when I bought my first pair my running store recommended Brookes Adrenaline and I've stuck with them ever since. Do the flatter shoes have different types ( Support, Neutral etc ) ?
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Orbutt - I had a calf injury playing football when training for Berlin in 2011. I had four weeks out with no running at all and lots of calf raises to try and strengthen the muscle again. For the next couple of weeks I had to take all my runs very easy and after that I started to feel better again. Although it was about six months until I was running and not worrying about the calf going again.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Hi all!

    Here's the short version - full report when I get back to Atlanta

    It was awesome!! And it was hot. Took the half very, very easy and finished that in 2:12. Really felt fantastic. Ran the full with my best running friend (BRF) as planned - and that was fantastic but made it more difficult. Running a lot slower than whatever your own pace is doesn't let you get into any rhythm at all - so it was hard..and did I mention hot? But, even with it being my slowest ever, it was total fun and running with her was just fantastic - would not have had it any other way.

    Did I mention it was hot? image

    Details and pictures in a few days.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Dannirr - Well done.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Dannir- well done on your hot run.

    Orbut, sorry to hear about your injury- not one I've had before so I can't help. I usually run through them and hope they will go away. I tend to run in Asics mostly but try others if they feel comfortable- no loyalty at all in this Dept.

    17 miles for me today- 46 for the week.

  • Congrats Dannirr!  Was it hot?

  • Well done dannirr on ur hot run ! U did say it was hot didn't you ??

    I wasn't sure .

    I think everyone has a pace they like to run at and going too slow seems to really knock u off ur stride , it's one of the reasons I prefer to run solo.

    But in saying that I have just signed up for a ten week block with my local jog Scotland group , it'll help me get out of my comfort zone if nothing else !
  • Orbutt - sorry to hear about the calf, definitely worth getting some professional help.

    Dannir - excellent job! Look forward to hearing the race report - I'm always interested in the psychology of multi-day events and how people approach them.

    Today's jaunt was a bit of the North Downs Way and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I thought Surrey was all golf courses, but we were running on trails through pine woods at one point, and there were some really picturesque bits (and also a pub that was entirely unfazed by 12 muddy and sweaty runners demanding shandy and Sunday roasts) image .

    DV - did you do your run today? Or are you still out there?
  • Hi Folks

    Can anyone explain the Medical Certificate to me? I've downloaded it (in French) and I understand most of it but can anyone confirm: "Nom de la course" = Paris Marathon presumably...

    And what does "Certificat etabli a" mean? Is it where the examination was carried out?.... anyone got a translated version?  I'm slowly working out all the logistics of a long weekend in Paris - Eurotunnel and hotel booked now at least!  Rich

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Richard - You should be able to download the certificate in English.


  • Well done Dannirr. How was the weather?

    Orbut - I have been running on Brooks Adrenaline for 4 years, from GTS9 to GTS12, and love them. I've had a few calf niggles over the years but don't think it is down to the shoes. But it might be!? I'm thinking of trying another brand to see how they compare. But I'll wait until after Paris... Good luck with the physio.
  • Dannirr - superb achievement, fab, congratulations.
  • Morning,

    First session of X training done, not sure if good or bad time will tell. 40 mins on epiliptical trainer. image

    A wee while ago, someone( I think maybe Iain) recommended a hotel in New York, but I can't remember the name of it. I remember looking at it at the time and thinking it was really nice. Any ideas???

  • Hi Kaz, good to hear about the X-training - good idea to maintain your fitness.

    Not me re: NYC hotel I'm afraid. I was in Brooklyn last year and stayed in a great apartment I found via Quite affordable. Let me know if you want the web reference.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    Kaz - I can recommend hotels if you let me know what sort of budget you are looking at. Just to let you know short term apartment rentals are illegal in New York City.
  • Eggy/ Iain - We are planning 4 nights in New York. BF being mega organised has already picked hotel in Chicago and Milwaukee, now he wants to roughly sort where we will stay in New York so he can plan our itinery for the whole tripimage. According to him price doesn't matter but it has to have good views??? I reckon cheaper accomodation, more to spend on other stuff but?!?! We won't be booking anything until later in the year.......he's already doing my head in!!

  • Oh Iain, can I have the web reference for NY appartment pleaseimage   May looking for an appartment/house in New York for Christmas 2014 ~(I know planning ahead but end of a very expensive year of a 21, 50th, 18th, 50th and 25 wedding anni so going away for one celebration rather than 5!!!).

    Emmy:  any tips for adventure race would be most welcome, do feel lots of laughing will be involved though and not being taken very seriously at all. 

    Dannir:  congrats and can't wait for report.

    DV:  must admit now use Inov8 runners for all my runs, have off road pair, and 2 road ones, a 3 arrow for lsr's and a 2 arrow drop for anything under 6 - has made a huge difference since the hamstring tear.  No issues with calf's (or calves not sure which) hammies or achilles - has changed my runner form though much more "chi" like. 

    Yer_maj  well done on the having breakfast prior to run, that was my one and only new years resolution to fuel before a lsr (anything over 14 miles) - haven't broken it yet - but then again not run over 14 miles yet!!!! 

    Off for a swim/gym session this afternoon - then speed/tempo tomorrow joy!!

    Hang in ther Kaz - and congrats on getting the interviewimage

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Good views in NYC hotels are difficult to come by as more often than not you tend to be looking at a brick wall. That tends to mean you pay big bugs for a good view.

    New York hotels are expensive. If you are looking at budget accommodation then you tend to be looking outside Manhattan with easy Subway access. The likes of the Country Inn & Suites in Long Island City or Super8 in Park Slope Brooklyn are very good picks. Both are nice but basic hotels.These tend to come in around $130-150 per night per room.

    The Country Inn is less then five minutes walk from Queensboro Plaza Subway and from there you are a ten minute ride to midtown Manhattan. The downside is that there is little to nothing in that particular area, so if you want to do something head into the city. The Super 8 would take you longer to get to midtown, but is in a trendy part of Brooklyn, so far more bars and restaurants within walking distance.

    If budget isn't a concern then I'd say you'd be looking at something like The Surrey or the Library Hotel, both are in Manhattan. On the Avenue on the upper west side is very nice too.

    One tip get a unlimited ride subway card. For $29 you can travel anywhere in NYC with it for a week. You will walk plenty, but it's a big city. Also I'd recommend not getting a hotel near Times Square. It's a good place to tick off the must see list, but the area around there is very much touristville, with tourist prices. There are many nicer more interesting and real parts of the city to stay in.

    Where in Chicago are you thinknig about staying?

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    PF/Iain - Just be very careful with apartment rentals in New York City. It is illegal to let an apartment for under 30 days. If you and the person letting the apartment get caught you could end up out on the street with no comeback what so ever. This has been the case since they updated the law in that State in 2010.

  • Eggy- He has chosen a hotel near Grant Park and about one mile from Millenium Mile. ? Plaza but I can't mind on what?? Thanks for the Info.

    PF - That certainly is a big year!! I am looking for 2014 also!image

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