Paris Marathon 2013



  • Congrats Kaz! You'll be grand!

    Many happy returns Yer Maj.

    Lovely photo Dannirr. You look so relaxed!
  • Some mileage going on.

    Me - last week 27m, this week 30m, next week 33 miles

    I peak the end of feb at 43m.


  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Kaz - fingers crossed image

  • Indeed Orbutt. I can only hope, it would make such a difference - Less hours,  more money, more free time, every Sunday off and every 4th Saturday off, and I'd get to be outside walking/cycling every day!!! It would make one very happy Kaz!!!image

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Fingers, toes and eyes crossed here for you!

  • Happy Birthday Yer-Maj.

    Hope you get the success you deserve Kaz.

    Tommy - I think Eggy is right. No point ramping up too quickly.
  • I'm a bit late, but happy birthday yer_maj - enjoy the knickers. And James McEvoy. Here's a pic just for you:




  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Happy New Year everyone! 

    Yes, two week's late I know but I'm writing off the first two weeks of 2013 thanks to an incredibly frustrating bout of the lurgy. Never had anything so bad for so long, hence my absence. So 2013 is now officially just 50 weeks as far as I'm concerned image

    As a result I'm pretty much starting again now. 3 miles today and we'll build from there.

    Tommy - welcome! I'd echo the advice of the others, there is nothing to gain from going out too long too quickly. I've done that before trying to play catch up after illness and injury, it always leads to disaster. 

    Happy Birthday yer_maj! Kinky knickers, LOL

    Kaz - really best of luck to you.

  • Happy birthday yer_maj! I'm very jealous of you seeing James McAvoy! (I was wondering quite recently where he'd gotten to, since I'd not seen any films out with him in for a while- I guess that's the answer!) 

    Good luck kaz! 

    Running was hard today. Was supposed to be doing 5 miles tempo but I could feel that just wasn't going to happen so switched it for 6 miles easy which was far from easy! I was so spoilt whilst I was at home with nice flat countryside, and the hills here at uni (in Sheffield) are really taking their toll. image

    How has everyone been managing with the snow? It's good to see many of you with injuries/illness are starting back again image


  • Evening all,

    Thank you for all the good wished. I found out this afternoon that there was only 3 interviewees, one of which had flown in from 'south' especially??

    Stupid Kaz determination struck this afternoon and I took the dog a walk on my own. Anyway the poor thing got a fright and bolted, pulling me. So now I am in agony. Nobody to blame but myself, just hope it doesn't set recovery back to far.image

    Malc - Remember to take it easy now!



  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Kaz - Ouch, take care of yourself.

    Megs - No snow at all here in the wilds beyond the wall. It was absolutely freezing for my 9 miles tonight though.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday Yer-maj!!

    Good luck for your interview Kaz!

    My day was so eventful! 6cm of snow fell in geneva and it wasn't certain that I'd get home tonight... I was dropped at the airport at 6.00 and thought I'd ask if there were any places on an earlier flight.... Cue an upgrade, run through the airport and getting home earlier than expected! Everything was late today so I feel a little happy that there were delays!

    We've got a lot of snow here... I need to get my ass out tomorrow morning as I need to keep up my jantastic rating!
  • HAPPY birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday deeeeeeaaarrrrr yer maj...happy birthday to you.  Expect you're having a very good kinky knickers day.  WAtch out for pearls though as Samantha found out.image

    Kaz - good luck for the interview, boo to the dog pull!  Fingers crossed both turn out okay.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Kaz - I'll be taking it VERY slowly for sure, thanks. Sorry to hear about the curious incident of the dog in the daytime - I hope that bad luck offsets itself against the interview result.

    Emmy - I've just been reading back, you did a freakin' double marathon!!! image  I'm totally in awe. Well done! Btw. I didn't realise you were in Geneva. My brother-in-law is just up the road in Nyon. 

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Thank you all...despite lack of husband (3 months down, one to go...) I've had a lovely day.

    I studied Macbeth for both O level (yes I am that old) and A level English but have never actually seen it on stage so I'm very happy to be doing that before I go senile.  My most recent Shakespeare was David Tennant & Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing so Mr McAvoy has some competition there.

    Fingers crossed Kaz...

  • Eggy, Malcs and Mac 1 - Thanks for the advice, just what I needed to hear. I'll be sure to take it easy before I increase my LSR distance and will let you know how I go on Saturday.

    Kaz - Go steady and listen to your body... and the dog.

    It's a good day for a run on the treadmill here in Shanghai, so I'll be keying in my tempo speed and trying to hang on tonight!

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday YM!

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Here is my Disney report for those interested:

    Went to the Expo on Friday at about noon. It was packed, but highly efficient - had my number and race bag within 10 minutes. Included were a long sleeve technical shirt for each event (Half, Full and Goofy). Nice. We then browsed the expo for a coupl of hours - lots of good stuff. The official merchandise was already sold out in every size except 2XL! That surprised me as there was atill 2 days of the Expo to go! We did not listen to any of the talks as it was too crowded to get close. Chatted with Jeff Galloway for a little while though. Had a super, fabulous dinner and early to bed.


    The Half:

    3 am came pretty quickly. Lovely and warm (60 ish) so no need for extra clothes. Using the Disney transport at about 3.50 am, arrived at the drop off at 4.15 - but it was so packed that I did not get into my corral until 5.30!  Right as they started the race.  Ran nice and very easily - almost the entire race in the dark. I'll describe the course in the Full as it is identical for the first 9 miles. Once i had finished, pretty much lay at the pool all day, hydrating and snacking!

    The Full:

    Repeat 3 am call. Lots of good vibes in the corral and then 5.30 start. The first 5 miles wind to the Magic Kingdom, which you enter and run down Main Street to the castle - which looks spectacular.


     Through the castle, through the park and then back onto the main road and off to the Animal Kingdom, then around the Race Track at the Speedway (which was lined with collector cars), a long strech to ESPN Sport Center where you run around the baseball stadium (on the field with the stands full of spectators and you on the big Jumbotron screen), then to Disney Hollywood Studios and finally to Epcot where you finish.  In all the parks there were huge crowds of cheering spectators which was great. Litte crowd support between the parks.  

    The race is very,very crowded. And they make it worse by narrowing the road to one lane!  Unless you are in the first corral, there is no way to run fast. Impossible, and we were in the 3rd corral. 

    It was hot. Way hotter than any marathon I've done before. But the biggest challenge I had was running slowly. I ran a few long runs with BRF in training, but usually n race day you run faster - we did not. I ran at her pace, with walk breaks and could never get in a rythm. I thought that slow would be easier - it was not. I am very pleased we ran together - but I would not do that again.

    It was a fantastic experience - highly recommended.

    At the 20 mile marker:


    In Disney Hollywood Studios: 


     BRF 100 yards from the finish:


    The hardware:


  • Morning all..   well done Dannirr..  I agree about running with someone..  unless you are perfectly matched, one person will always feel the pace is too slow or too fast..  its good that you did it the once though with your running friend...


  • a slippy 7 miles last night - might choose the dreaded treadmill for my fast 3 today... I aways forget the chance of bad weather when i sign up for April races image  

    YM favourite quote from 'the Scottish play' ' a drum a drum McBeth doth come' - its not very meaninful but it tickles me that I had to memorise something so.. silly.

    Kaz.. get your lucky pants on girl!!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Malcs wrote (see)

    Kaz - I'll be taking it VERY slowly for sure, thanks. Sorry to hear about the curious incident of the dog in the daytime - I hope that bad luck offsets itself against the interview result.

    Emmy - I've just been reading back, you did a freakin' double marathon!!! image  I'm totally in awe. Well done! Btw. I didn't realise you were in Geneva. My brother-in-law is just up the road in Nyon. 

    Malcs - Yes... and i'll not tell you what a friend has just sent me over an email... 66 miles over 2 days - the Pilgrims challenge in Surrey in February... image I was Geneva for work - normally I live in Belgium with the likes of TD and Neil Belgium

    Danirr - Well done on a great race report.... that is some serious bling!! image I love it!

    After a long lay in - and hoping the council will clear the roads today so that i can run. I wanted to run this rmoning but it was an ice rink around here.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Dannirr that sounds like 2 fun races....

    Audrey - mine is "Now screw your courage to the sticking place"...I've used that on myself a few times in my life!

    Emmy - you live with TD AND Neil?  A thread Harem...

    Day off running for me.  I have to go over to Leamington Spa to see some clients and, oh deary me that happens to be where the mosthightly regarded ski boot fitting shop, Lockwoods, live too....shame.  New ski boots for Kate image Long overdue I have to say but there's never been a good reason to go to Leamington really.  It feels like a birthday extension...remind me of this when I'm bored after a 2 hour fitting....

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    'ere why have we all gone Bold?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think it's because we're so special?

    ... oh dear... i explicitly tried to phrase it as I live in Belgium.... they live there too... 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great report Dannirr. Not sure I would have coped with the heat so to do that and run at a pace you'e not used to is quite an achievement. Bit of a Mickey Mouse medal though image (oh dear, sorry that was awful).

    Emmy - 66 miles?! That's almost a DV training run. Serious nutcase territory!

    Wonder if I'll get the bold treatment too...

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I did! I'm now bald and bold image.

  • Happy day after Kinky Knickers Day Yer_Maj. I presume, Big Cotton Boilers Day?

    James B - some of us peaked years ago. Glad yours is still in front of you, although Feb is awfully close. Here's wishing youa plateau experienceimage

    Sorry if I missed the details Kaz - what sort of position did you interview for that will get you outside walking every day?  My irony meter hit '11' when I saw you telling Malc to "remember to take it easy", one para after your big dog mishap.

    That first pic of you Dannirr looks like you are wearing a very elaborate fancy dress hat in the style of a fantasy castle. Great report. That's a whole stack of metal you were wearing at the end and a very interesting observation that running slower than usual does not necessarily make things easier. I think that's one of my concerns about pacing people in a mara, that I might not actually make it around!

    And just to clarify what Emmy H wrote earlier when she said she lived in Belgium with me and Neil.  It wasn't a literal statement indicating some deviant form of communal living.  Neil only pops in now and then image  No backing out Emmy. It's time we told the truth.

    Took myself out for a 13km run last night, all alone in the woods, just me and the dog and some snow. Well, quite a few fox tracks, but it was idyllic.  Even managed a few tempo kms which wasn't that easy with the level of grip available but great fun.  Last night was the coldest night of the winter (-8C) and i chose to cycle into work this morning. Have a new ski face mask which I put on, but when I arrived at the first hill, thought I was going to suffocate.  And it made my cycling glasses steam up. Anyway, feel very ALIVE right now.

  • To BOLDly go.... image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Oh dear... I blame the four languages I've been attempting in the last 24hours image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Oh no... the bold has stopped!

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