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    Even more excitement in the Maj add to the ski boots purchased on Wednesday I now have a lovely, deep violet Salomon ski jacket.  I have been wearing an old one of Mr Maj's for 8 years "just temporarily" as I've never found one I really liked, or when I did I couldn't justify the cost at that time.

    It was in the sale too... image

    So I'm poncing around the house in my new gear plus the boots to get used to them.  I should be writing a report, but poncing is more fun.  Obv.

  • I'm VERY envious of you guys out running in the snow!  I've been breaking in my turbo trainer.  It arrived at work on Tuesday (one day after seller resent it, HUMPH!!), then had 3 evenings lugging it home in bits (others on the train were not impressed).  Still VERY annoyed at city-link but lovin' the turbo!  an hour yesterday and another today while watching the snow fall outside, it's really stable and relatively quiet too.  Is supposed to have dynamic resistance or something but doesn't feel like it gets easier as you go faster...hmm...need to read up on it.  Freaked my neighbour out (especially the bike thong bit) when he saw it.

    and now to celebrate Mr Darcy turning 200 with the BBC box set.image Perfect for a snowy afternoon!

  • poncing in ski boots.  How very continential!!

  • RS - Bike thong bit...?
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    I've finished Reporting and Poncing now.  Off to look for new entertainment...

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all, after heading out in the snow this morning (after a kick up the arse) and spent the rest of the day building two ikea cabinets.... Never has my back hurt so much or knees feel so fragile! I'm off to shovel some snow and then bake cookies to bribe my colleagues tomorrow morning!
  • yer_maj wrote (see)

    Weedy - where do you think you've been??

    To cut a long story short... here and there.

    Orbutt - sorry to hear.

  • Kaz - yes, forget about speedwork. Not only is it the sort of training most likely to inflame an injury but your emphasis should be on recovering (progressively), your stamina.  Don't start with huge runs (less than 10k) and build up when you are syure your body is responding well.  Make it to paris and have fun, don't put yourself under any pressure.

    Yer_Maj 20 miler. Fab work. Was that knee deep in snow? Must have been tough. Well done. And 17 for you ATM. Such hardy women. Brilliant image  And another 20 miler from Sporty Badger. OK, now I'm feeling weedy myself (not literally).

    Happy Birthday that was DV! image

    It dumped loads of snow here today. Took myself out for my longest run since the aborted Berlin mara attempt in Oct. 22kms in 1h55 and nothing fell off. Progress image

  • Thanx for the feedback DV and TD.

    Well done on getting the runs in peeps in such awful weather.

    Well i sneezed yesterday and did something to my side, so a very painful few hours followedimage But if nothing else, it proved  to me that I am not as recovered as I thought!!

    Another couple of brisk walks today with a total of 8 miles...If only it was running, but happy with the progress, considering!image

  • Dannirr - (LANCE 'RANT' - please turn away now if uninterested!] Fully understand about forgiveness and it's importance in harmonious relationships and society. I just think that it is predicated on genuine repentance.  My succint summary of the Oprah interview is: "Man without moral compass predictably fails to understand just punishment".

    Other people got lesser bans because they complied with authorities and named names. Lance obstructed and avoided. He is still lying now ("I never doped after 2005" when there is loads of empirical evidence that proves that he did). He can't be trusted to compete without cheating and as a serial fraud, liar, drug dealer, intimidator of witnesses etc... he fully deserves to be excluded from competing.  Not only that, but proven perjurors should go to jail.  If justice is to mean anything, it has to achieve the removal of power and privilege. It's not like the guy was caught popping a couple of extra houses on to one of his properties in Monopoly.  He has amassed $125M of his own on a fraudulent basis and hounded people who rode 'pan i agua' - on bread and water. He knew there were plenty of none-dopers out there and he got them silenced through fear of reprisals, such was his power yet he tries to get people to believe that 'everyone did it'. Well that was certainly true of anyone riding in his team but it was far from universal.

    I did watch both interviews completely and I think if you had a deeper knowledge of what went before, you could easily see the gaps in what he said.  I agree with RS, this soft interview was just part of the execution of a PR strategy to attempt to wrestle back "control of the narrative". He wants to rebuild the Lance brand so he can get a reduction in his racing ban (perhaps the only thing that means anything to him at all). I think he is a corrupt charlatan attempting manipulation (something he has systematically practised for 20 odd years in public life). I wish it were different.

    When asked what this experience has cost him, he gave the baffling answer of $75M (future earnings). Nothing about people, not even for the deliberate and conscious hiding behind his cancer shield!!!  As renowned ESPN reporter Betty D. Ford (with 15 years experience of following Lance) has said, "He's always been a really great actor". If his repentance was genuine, he would kiss away his fortunes and fully comply with the authorities to break down the apparatus of his cheating, naming the officials, the bribes, the suppliers, the doctors who helped him with his fraud. But he's still trying to save his own neck. He has no moral compass and can't be trusted (and of course, this is all my opinion - always willing to listen to others!).


  • he's probably got a few million tucked away in the Caymen islands!

  • on a completely different subject, when (if any) will there be another (thread) get-together prior to Paris. Feel i want to have a couple of drinks/break more bread with you guys (whoevers about). I don't have aparticular day in mind but if any of the non London folk from afar are making it to the Big Smoke in the next couple of months we could try to organise something maybe? ? image just throwing it out there ......

  • TJB - You could all head north and visit me?? We dont have any snow??image


  • Kazza - just double checking Stromness on Google Maps - wasn't quite sure how far up the Orkneys were - turns out they're north of John o Groats! Wow - ive seen those places on TV and they look just Beautiful. If i ever make it up there i will be looking you up.


  • lol JTB, yes we are quite far north indeed!! And it is beautiful here if somewhat isolated at times. You are more than welcome anytime.image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Belated birthday wishes DV.

    I think we all admired Lance at some stage and it's hard for some to give up on those memories. The important thing is not that he will get his punishment (which I'm sure he will), it's what his punishment will teach us all. I watched neither interview because he is not deserving of any of my time.

    21 miles for me today, my longest so far in the VLM campaign. This was to overcome the disappointment of my race today (the York Brass Monkey) being cancelled due to snow.

  • TD - great progress indeed. I had wee peek at your run. Did you vary the pace deliberately, or were you aiming for constant effort and the terrain dictated pace? Just being nosy. I ran the same distance but tried to maintain an even pace, apart from on a couple of hills and for warm-up, cool-down.

    Well done on 21 miles OO. Great effort in these conditions.
  • RS - these people think of everything!

    Saw Django Unchained tonight. It rocks.
  • Simon, pretty much constant effort. Very difficult to keep pace on the hills as there just wasn't enough grip. And I was tired at the end so I guess pace dropped off in combination with even sloppier conditions. My hamstrings in particular are aching this morning so good sign that I've worked hard.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    some weather in the North East today. Glad I'm on a rest day

  • OO:  excellent 21 miler today, shame about your race: 

    Thought this might all make you smile, me and some friends having some fun yesterday!!!

    Enjoy!!  Am the one in the blue long top with pink arms in the group crossing the line arms aloft!!!

  • Now why didn't that work!!!  will try again
  • /members/images/98627/Gallery/IMG_2879.JPG

     It's a bit snowy in our back garden...   as it is everywhere...   


  •    Jersey Adventures posted in Jersey Tough Guy Balls of     Steel Race                    



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    20 January 15:33


    Young Brad Rose made this       short summary of the race - more piccies to follow




    Jersey         Tough Guy Balls Of Steel Race



    Back         by popular demand ... Longer, tougher and better than ever.



  • Apart from here DV!!! We are back to normal - torrential rain and galesimage

    Junior has had a major freak out this morning, and all about taking her contact solution to Parisimage No matter what I say she ain't taking it in! Hopefully just Monday morning syndrome!!


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Iain - I plan to see Django Unchained sometime over the next couple of weeks. Lincon is out soon too, which also looks interesting.

    No snow here either. It's bloody freezing outside though.

  • Here's a story to warm the 'cockles of your heart'. If you aren't British, I'm sorry, I can offer no explanation for this idiom. Just read the story. A very good man.

    Princess - sorry But I can't make miuch sense of what you posted and i can see you tried a few times!

    OO - 21 miles. So you're taking VLM seriously this year and aren't planning on collapsing over the line and getting laughed at by Steve Cram again?

  • TD - great story, interesting reactions to his most honest gesture.

    Eggy - it's too long but fun. No one makes movies like Quentin and some of it is incredibly funny. Grand cinema.
  • image It's snowing! *'Can't help it. It still excites me. 'comes from living next to a Primary school, I think. The kids have been shrieking  and laughing for ages...*

    The yaktrax hunt is on...

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