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  • Thanks guys
  • I can definitely do Paris as hubby is not working image  Flights and accommodation booked.  Getting excited but not looking forward to the LSRs.

    Went out for a hilly 25km run this afternoon and stupidly wore 1000 mile socks that had evidently already run 1000 miles +.  Result = sore feet.  Hurry up Wiggle with my order of new socks!   


  • 'OO'50 wrote (see)

    Sounds like you are struggling there Tricky. At least you had the good sense to stop immediately.

    Well, it's just a little twinge. I can put my finger on the exact point where the tear is. Fine within a week so no big worry.

    Johnny. Crowds are mental for supporters around Bastille - hardly any chance of seeing your supporter.  I posted a map a few years ago in high resolution showing a few good places for supporters to go.  It's here - you can zoom in on to it for the details.  In combination with the Metro, the supporter can see their runner in a number of places.

    My general advice is go where the crowds are a little bit thinner and have a flag on a pole that goes in the air. It's easier to see things which are above the crowd face/ body line - that is all a bit of a blur (depends on eyesight and speed of runner of course).  much easier for the runner to spot supporters at a certain point than the other way round.

    Km.1 - end of Place de La Concorde isn't bad - get a great atmosphere at the start. A sharp move on The Metro can get you ahead of the runner for Km.8 on Rue de Reuilly (after Bastille crowds).  A quick espresson and pastry then across the road for km.20 on Avenue Daumesnil. Metro again up to Ave. du President Kennedy, with the Eiffel Tower in sight. Usually good atmosphere along here and the point where the runner starts to think about getting tired. Great spot to hand over an energy drink. A dedicated suporter could get to km.41 for a final wave but this will be too hard for most. Probably just enough to aim for the Arc for a post-race rendez-vous.

    The Metro is a bit of a squash during the race.  I've had supporters fail to keep up with me both by Metro and by bicycle in Paris. They simply couldn't get ahead of me at each stage. It's quite deflating not to see a supporter at an expected point, especially when you are depending on them for your fueling strategy.  (I never rely on anyone for that now). Only consume what I can carry.

    Hope this helps. image

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Now then....a friend of mine is signed up to run Paris and her training hasn't been going too well.  We had a frank discussion at the weekend and she is determined that she wants to give it a shot.

    Her background is sporadic training - she did the Cardiff Half with me in October - she knocked out a 2:10 on not a great deal of quality training and without it taking too much effort and she loved it.  Since then she hasn't done a lot of distance.  She could be a great runner - she just can't be arsed most of the time.  Anyway, I said I'd help her with a 10 week programme, running 4 times a week.  Just easy running, no speed, there isn't any time for that and she wants to avoid injury. 

    She's signed up in the Pink Pen, so DV can cattle prod her around.  You'll enjoy that, she's very attractive image

    I've suggested that she aims for 5 hours and does a run walk strategy if necessary.  Do you think that the following buildup on the long runs looks ok or is she asking for trouble with this:


    Week 1 - 11 miles

    Week 2 - 13 miles

    Week 3 - 15 miles

    Week 4 - 12 miles

    Week 5 - 18 miles (not sure about this one to be honest it seems a big jump)

    Week 6 - 14 miles

    Week 7 - 20 miles

    Week 8 - 12 miles

    Week 9 - 8 miles

    Week 10 - Marathon

    There will also be 3 midweek, much shorter runs.  There is no way she'll get more than one 20 miler in...

    Thoughts would be appreciated image

  • Here's some old pics to warm your blood.

    Pre-race fuelling

    Hot day in 2011, just clocked 2h56

    That's me Finding Eric

    Prepping for first Paris Mara I think. Happy memories. Great race. image


  • Yer_Maj: a lot depends on how much mileage she is already putting in on a weekly basis.  Shape of the plan looks good. Some minor alterations. Wk4, small cutback to just 14 miles and reduce other runs in the week to compensate. Wk6. do an 18-20 miler.  Just be cautious of any lower leg pain!

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Thanks TD - have fiddled with it a bit.  She's not getting much cutback...but then it's only 10 weeks I guess.

    I can't see your pics - says I need to log in?

  • Yer_maj I think concentrating on the long runs is the best thing she can do at this stage and what you've put there looks do-able. I certainly wouldn't be thinking of speed work, but if she's putting in 4 runs a week including those LSRs she would stand a fair chance of running the whole way.

    On the long run route question - my ideal is to take some form of transport to the start and run home, but that's not always possible. Out and back is OK, and I have run loops. When I did my first marathon, and didn't really know many long routes, I did one 20-miler as 13 laps of my local park. Upside was that I could park the car there, and stop for water and gels, so I didn't have to carry anything. Downside was that it was brutally, mind-numbingly tedious. Wouldn't do that again.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    13 laps?  Dear lord woman....image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    With regards spectators, Mrs O is my chief cheerleader and she hopped around the course in exactly the manner that Tricky described. Her plan was based upon the sterling work of Radar Sal.

    The tightest bit was the leap from km 1 to km 8. It's do-able but no hanging around.

    The bit from km 19 to km 41 can only be walked but is easily done - provided you're not a sub 3 hour runner.

    Decide how many times that you want to meet up (max 5, I would say) and the confidence you have in your supporters ability to get around and then you can get a great spectators plan.
  • Think our kids (support crew) were planning on using their mountain bikes
  • When it comes to LSRs I am definately loopy. Usually anti-clockwise (don't know why). Hate doing laps but will occasionally do out and back for shorter runs. SiS gels for me - usually orange, but I have just bought a box of 6 'tropical' from Tesco. I took 4 for my 20 miler at the weekend and will take 6 on race day, carried in a gel belt. I used to use Powerbar - they gave me a more noticable 'boost' than the SiS ones, but are very sickly and need lots of water.
  • I'm going to Paris with my parents (who are both running) and my sister who is to be chief supporter. The three of us are all different paces so I haven't a clue what she's going to do! 

    currently got some inner turmoil- to run or not to run. Over the weekend I've come down with a bit of a chesty cough, and I know I therefore probably shouldn't run, but I always like starting my week off well and ticking off a run by the end of monday! 

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    Megs - If its a chest cold rest up.

    Yer_maj - That plan looks ok to me. I did my first marathon on LSRs like that coming from zero running.
  • Put your feet up and rest Megs.
  • Hi everyone, hope everybodys training is going well. 


    I'm sure this question has been asked a gazillion times before, but what would happen if a 'friend' made his own doctors stamp, and filled out the medical form for himself? What are the chances of this 'friend' being found out at the expo, and being carted off in shame?

  • The Bastille is almost full
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Just coming back on the train so have time to respond.

    @Kaz - I'm trying jam sandwiches and powerbar gels. I LOVE SiS gels but I normally get what's on offer on sports pursuit and at the moment it's powerbar.

    @Yer-maj - how did your friend react to your telling off? I have a friend who is doing a very large ultra soon... But I think they're woefully unprepared and they've bitten my head off already when I mentioned anything.

    @TD - I cannot view the pics yet on my iPad... Will have the save it to tomorrow!

    On the subject of laps - I thought that I'd hate it... But surprisingly they were ok. I've done 3 marathons on laps (my double was 14 and a bit laps of a lake). It was nice to have somewhere to aim for each lap. I still prefer the 'normal' marathons though! image

    @swindon dave - why would your 'friend' do it? Is your dr that stingy?

    So good news? I'm almost home for the day. Bad news? I might have to do it all again on Wednesday image
  • Emmy - I am seriously thinking of the 'real' food option, but want a back up plan!!

    Wednesday againimage

    I am not doing the half marathon in March anymore, gonna save anything I've got for Paris, and depending on new job, I may not be doing ultra anymore either. I have got to weigh up time off, and opted to ask for the 3 trips which are all booked and paid for. So for me its Paris, course in June and Berlin.image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Swindon Dave

    As long as your 'friend' used the proper form, downloaded from the website and added a stamp that would pass muster then I cant see there being any problem. My friend did it last year.

    Emmy - not all Drs are easy going. My friends Drs surgery told him it would require a private appointment and the letter would be chargeable too. They estimated ??65.

    His Dr isn't stingy but he is. image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Kaz - I'll bring some spare jam sandwiches and throw them over to youimage

    Yep... Wednesday again. It's confirmed tomorrow afternoon once I speak to the client. So tired... And still have the 1 hr drive home.

    @Orbutt - I guess I've been lucky. My UK GP signed it off free and didnt even want a medical.... but ive been with this GP since i was born. The guy in Belgium gave me a spare one in French "to be on the safe side". How does one even make a stamp?
  • Emmy - Thanx but don't think it would be a very good ideaimage!

    I must remember to take my medical certificate to doc on Wednesday.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Emmy - you've seen Weedy's workimage
  • hey all, saw there was a bit about supporter strategies.  If anyone wants the guide pop me a message with your email and I'll hopefully have time to update it with feedback from last year and send it this weekend (work allowing).

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    On the spectator front:  Mrs D used RS's guide last year and it was perfect.  I wonder if any of the supporters (Mrs O, Mrs D etc) want to get together and move from spot to spot - at least there'll be someone to have a coffee with while they wait....


  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Was just mooching on this new dangled Twitter thingy and found the following tweety thing

    "@jarrowarrow: By the end of 2013, I Steve Cram will run sub 3.30 in the New York Marathon #stepup with @findarace"

    I hadn't realised he was still as competitive in his running
  • Orbutt - New fangled, maybe?! Steve Cram attends some races up here; he still looks pretty darn competitive.

    Re: med cert. We've done this before. Clearly I would say this but I think you should get one from your GP. Not sure how it works but I assume it's got to do with the Paris Marathon organisers gaining appropriate insurance? It's a hassle but hardly that difficult, and as previously discussed, could pick up issues that otherwise would remain undetected, prior to them causing trouble. Orbutt, your friend's GP sounds like a money-grubbing prat. He could see someone else?

    Anyway, just saying.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Dannirr, my entourage would be very happy to have extra people join them...
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    YM - cool - we can all set this up at the meetup before the race - pasta dinner the night before?

  • Is it still ok yer_maj for my offspring to join your entourage?

    I am so tired today.......image

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