Paris Marathon 2013



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    Orbutt wrote (see)
    Was just mooching on this new dangled Twitter thingy and found the following tweety thing
    "@jarrowarrow: By the end of 2013, I Steve Cram will run sub 3.30 in the New York Marathon #stepup with @findarace"

    I hadn't realised he was still as competitive in his running

    His PB at the marathon is 2.35 and that was set in 1999 so it might not be too much of a push for him?

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    IM2 - Fangled indeed image

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    kaz1 wrote (see)

    Is it still ok yer_maj for my offspring to join your entourage?

    I am so tired today.......image

    Come join me on the sofa... I have tea and a musli bar image

  • Orbutt wrote (see)
    Swindon Dave
    As long as your 'friend' used the proper form, downloaded from the website and added a stamp that would pass muster then I cant see there being any problem. My friend did it last year.

    Emmy - not all Drs are easy going. My friends Drs surgery told him it would require a private appointment and the letter would be chargeable too. They estimated ??65.
    His Dr isn't stingy but he is. image

    £65 quid!!!!!

    I was charged £18 quid and I mentioned that I was running for a charity as well, in the hope that they would be charitable. Clearly not. Perhaps if they say 'I will dontae your charges to my charitable cause' they may be somewhat lenient.

  • If there was a RW forum supporter's camp, I think with the range of runners and speeds, 3 sighting points would be the maximum that could be achieved. km1, km20 and km41. I think with that spread, the gathered supporters could pretty much be sure to see everyone.

    If supporters prefer to keep in smaller clusters dedicated to one particular runner, you can get to more points.  Faster runners can not expect to get more than 3 sightings. At the other end of the pace spectrum, public transport or bikes can go faster than the runner, so you can have multiple sightings.

    Do you think your various supporters would like to concentrate together and make a party of it?  Leeds Rob and I have toyed with the idea of making a core cheerleading team and doing something a bit funny image Need feedback.

    Pop question for Dr.Moore. Do you like Stiff Little Fingers music? Have been listening to one of their albums over the weekend and it made me think of you...

  • If the stuff below turns out as gibberish, I apologise now.  Looks like Canon have done something stupid by removing functionality from their image library website, taking away something basic that worked, for something complicated that is not useful.

    ** gibberish removed **

    ** sigh ** image

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    TD - Stiff Little Fingers are a favourite of mine. Seen them playing at the Barras many a time on St Paddys night. Suspect Device, one of the best punk songs ever written.

  • OK, I've plopped a bunch of photos from RW folk going to Paris Marathon between 2009-2012. Spot yourself or someone you might know here.

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    kaz1 wrote (see)

    Is it still ok yer_maj for my offspring to join your entourage?

    Yes of course!

    Ahhhh SLF - love them!

    TD - I'm liking the cheerleading thing...and my lot will always be up for a party.  Just don't look like you're enjoying yourselves at 30km as I stagger past....


  • Some good photos there Tricky - good memories i'm sure - i am looking forward to having my own Paris experience for the first time, although Yer-maj talking of staggering past at 30k made me wince slightly.

    I may have a couple of supporters that might want to seek haven within the collective of RW supporters and make use of RS's guide.

  • How about a look at our list? Granted, all the best-looking are already in the Who's Who 2013   but I'd be happy to upload photos of the shrinking violets...image  * jpeg, number and time goal by email, please*  Any new folk want some Notes about the course to go with the Supporters' Guide?

    And could it rain any harder?image

  • Time to dust off the Ron Hill Union Jack shorts.... gotta be done!

  • Eggy's christmas jumper still cracks me up!

  • Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny Lyall....

  • Any room on that sofa, Emmy and Kaz? I'll make fresh tea. Yawn.
  • good grief...  its windy out there...!


  • Its very windy here there anything new in that.....

    Just back from chauffering junior to athletics, and done my first food shop since Christmas, needless to say my cupboards looked like auld mother hubbards!!  BF seemed to think bringing milk and bread once a week was enough........and considering no-one in this house drinks coos milk, I am still wondering why??

    Doc's in the morning, armed with medical certificate!! I have a feeling she may not sign......yet.......


  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    A very windy 9 miles for me tonight. It was fun as a tailwind, not so much when it was a headwind.

    I'm off to cheap git cinema night. Although the robbing bar stewards have put up the price from 2:95 to 3:25! That's a whole two Chomps price rise.
  • Thanks ATM.

    Another one for windy here too (Greenwich by the O2).

    Any posters run Yasso 800s? Tried it for the first time tonight after reading about it on here. Quite enjoyed it other than the wind coming off the Thames. Made a change to my usual Tuesday night routine anyway. Just hope my permanently tight calves are ok in the morning...

    The youngest member of my gang is 4 today!!



  • Eggy - jealous I am. Last time i went to the cinema (to see the hobbit) I paid more than 3 times that - and that wasn't even for the gallery !
  • kaz1 wrote (see)


    The youngest member of my gang is 4 today!!




    geezz...   that dog is as big as the house...!   image


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Johnny, funnily enough I was thinking about those Yasso things when I was running yesterday...I should maybe give them a shot one day when I'm feeling brave enough image


  • hey all, I have a few messages from newbies for the supporters guide.  If any of the oldies want the updated version (better maps and tips) pop me a message.

    There's 4 spots (with option for 3 for faster runners), tips for the less mobile (prams + paris metro = misery) or those supporters with CBA tooimage

  • Happy birthday ginormous dog image

    Shorts Richard? You're a brave man.

  • I'll have one supporter - the long suffering Mrs Mac. At big events she won't stray more than a 5 meter radius from the start/finish as her navigational skills are even worse than mine. I'm sure she would welcome some company.

    Gale force winds here, so I swapped my run for a swim.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Mrs Mac may regret that if she joins this lot...

  • Good point YM. I'll lie and tell her that she would be in safe hands.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭


  • TD - I love Alternative Ulster. SLF are old school punks, still touring, still class. Which album do you have?

    Eggy - the Barras gigs I imagine are mad. What did you see tonight? Zero Dark Thirty?
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