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  • Very true about the pace Dan - always a danger its a bit arbitrary or just out of date - but I think that's where tune up races have value.  Cross reference anything over 10 miles and it should give a decent idea of where you really are.

  • Dannirr wrote (see)

    Thanks TD and DLR.  What it boils down to really, is what is marathon pace anyway? For most of us, it is defined by a goal time we desire to achieve, rather than determing our goal time based on the proper marathon pace for our current level of fitness. 

    I thought it was just me that did that! image

    Audrey/TJB - Sorry to hear of your losses.

    I'm almost better, so planning to rest up tomorrow and try and clear the last of this bloody illness and then all going well try and do some sort of run on Sunday. I've only managed two runs in the least three weeks. I'll be going into this marathon in the worst shape of my running life.

  • Just did my out and back, double loop the loop of regents park outer circle with 2 minute sprints, 3 minute jogs, 8.5 miles in total.  Really enjoyed the workout and glad to see i am progressing (speed wise) -  took 30 seconds off my 10k pb bringing it down to - 45m36s - and a few other good pbs - like 3 mile and 5K. The main thing was, it felt like an intense cardiovascular workout and i was nicely puffed out at the end. Depending on how next few training sessions go and how i recover from Sunday planned long run - i will crank it up to 3 minute sprints from next week. BTW tried quoffing a gel at the end of the first loop (while i was on a jog phase) and felt like i might throw it up, but i held it down and i think after about 15 mins it helped the session.

    Dannir regards to marathon pace i am aiming for 8m30s in Paris (who knows if i can really manage that - current training suggests i am progressing toward that)  - my half pace is more like 8min mile - i am not training for a half so i am not having many sessions at that pace - although my interval sessions are in the mid 7s / today's 7m20s per mile. When i do silverstone i will try to get a pb but not running half pace - by treating that run as a training (speed) session. when i do Reading half, i will run at projected marathon pace (hopefully) so no pb up there but need to keep eyes on the prize. Paris. I don't want to risk not being able to get the best out of training sessions scheduled in the following week by getting an adrenalin rush on one of my training runs and putting in extra effort where there isn't really any benefit, and risking injury.

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    Anyone get into GNR on the ballot, RS?

    Yup, I'm in!

  • Yeah baby, there's a few of us from here doin it so that's good news RS. Sadly I didn't get into Royal Parks but my other two friends did image probably a good thing cause I got Berlin the week before I spose
  • I do wonder sometimes when exactly I became the sort of person who spends their Friday evenings pounding the streets in hail, thunder and lightning, instead of being down the pub. The other runners I saw (and there were quite a few) all had that grim-faced, I'm-out-here-because-my-plan-says-I-have-to look about them.

    As far as 'race pace' is concerned, I have a recent 10k time, but for half marathon pace, I haven't done one in ages. So I use the time that correlates (using the Macmillan calculator) with the marathon time I'm shooting for.

    Re races - list fairy - can you please take me off the Ecotrail next month (i't's just not going to fit with work stuff) but add in the Regent's Park 10k on 9th March. Jimbob - you up for that one? Or anyone else near London? It's pleasingly cheap (12 quid) for a chip-timed city centre race.
  • RR possibly up for that 10k although planning 21 miles the day after so don't want to "enjoy" it too much. I might take it pretty slow. Let me have a look into it. Would you be going for a "time"
  • In case it's of any interest or use to anyone, having returned my second faulty Garmin 610 and replaced it with a 910XT here's my thoughts from the first couple of runs with the 910:

    • The 910 is  less elegant and clunkier than the 610 but it’s comfortable enough.
    • The 910 display is far easier to view on the move, even with 4 data fields displayed, simply because the face is about 50% larger.
    • Navigating the menus is much easier via buttons than with the touchscreen on the 610.
    • Likewise, wearing gloves doesn’t prevent navigating menus on the 910.
    • At the moment I’m not finding having the start/stop button on the front of the 910 to be as intuitive as being on the side of the 610.  This may be down to me being used to several devices with the button on the outside but at the moment I have to look for it.
    • The 610 seemed to acquire satellites much more quickly than previous models but the 910 is even better.  Mine picks up the signal quite quickly even indoors – something the 610 could never do.
    • Biggest benefit is that the 610 proved highly unreliable in terms of charging – saying 100% when I knew it couldn’t be, reverse charging etc. – and consequently failed during runs, whereas the 910 seems to work correctly.
    • On the subject of charging the 910 also seems to charge more quickly than the 610 (even when it was behaving).
    • Theoretically the multi-sport angle makes the 910 more complex and contains potentially confusing functionality I don’t need BUT my overall impression is that whilst the 910 and 610 software fundamentally do the same job for me the 910 does it from within simpler, more robust hardware.
  • Good review DLR!. I just bought myself the nike sportswatch today. I'm sure garmins and the like are probably better, but I have a few friends doing paris that upload runs onto nike+ so we can compare which is especially important for me as I live in shanghai and can't compare runs with them down the local! Haven't taken it out for a spin yet but if anyone's thinking about investing in one let me know and I'll let you know what I think.

    Now just need to find a heart rate monitor in shanghai..... It seems they aren't sold anywhere! ...and ironically are probably made just down the road.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Orbutt - at the moment it's forum based. The mentor has had some 'real life stuff' going on so has taken a back seat... I kinda like having weedy and shades as guest mentors! image I am starting to worry that 4.30 could be out of my reach especially says I've been told that work is only going to get busier rather than easier :/

    I'm in taper for my birthday marathon tomorrow..... And how am I spending it?making cakes!

    DLR - thanks for the review. Am currently thinking of upgrading my trusty 305 to the 410 but can't justify the cost at the moment as the 305 is working.
  • DLR - one thing I have noticed is that, when not in use, the 910's battery drains pretty quickly, even with the GPS switched off. I now switch it off completely when not in use. My old 110 could be left on for a couple of weeks!

    On the first page I only show 3 data fields - Average Pace for current lap (1K); Current HR %; Total Distance. On the second page I show various averages for the whole run. Works for me.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow Emmy.
  • Toomy Mac - I use the Nike sportwatch(Orbutt used to). I got a HRM for it from Amazonimage. The Nike is very basic, and doesn't provide a lot of the data a Garmin does, but I am no a data geek so doesn't really concern me!! Simple to use and easy to see during runs without my glasses!!!

     Emmy -  Happy Birthday, and good luck for tomorrow!

  • Fare fa yer honest sonsie face

    Great chieftain o the puddin' race

    Busy preparing for a (late) Burns Night that we are hosting tonight. I'm addressing the haggis, but am struggling to memorise all 8 verses! Going out for an easy 10 miles to recharge the brain cells.
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Tommy Mac - as Kaz says, I had the Nike sport watch and it died on me - so I've, ironically, moved to the Garmin 610.

    As I result, I have a Nike HRM that is doing nothing. PM me through the forum if you could use it. Free to a good home. You'll need to get a strap though but any one will do.

    Emmy. I had the impression that your mentoring was being done by others, which was why I asked.

    I have no doubt that you have a 4:30 in you but you'd probably need to change your training regime to ensure it. As it stands you are training to be the next DV with all of these marathons - you can knock out 26.2 weekly - so you'll be great at Ultras. TD drew up a plan for Yer Maj that really improved her speed. Involves speed work during the week (pyramids, fartlek etc) do you do much of that?

    What sort of pace are you running at?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I just got a Garmin 110 for £89 without chest strap. Apart from keep beeping at me, and the very silly clip on cradle it seems a steal and feels nice and light.

    18:24 at the park run today, best for a while image

  • Great running OO, and that's a bargain for the Garmin.

    I had a nice steady 16K at 5:10 pace. Nice calm and cool conditions for a change.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Orbutt - it's a different training and mentoring but it's all good advice that I appreciate it.

    I agree that at the moment my training isn't ideal and I'm honoured that you'd compare me to the legend that is DV! I'm doing one tempo session which is more around 9min/ 9.30 miles but nothing like pyramid/ interval session as I really struggle with it on my own. I've been meaning to get to the gym to try the one that ATM does but haven't had the time to get to the gym.

    For Berlin I've decided to follow a P&D schedule to see how I get on with the mileage for that one. I'm waiting to hear what FF says but I'm thinking of reworking some goals this year.

    @DV - you asked me about Medoc.

    ACCOMMODATION: I looked at some gites/ holiday homes around pauillac and ended up staying 30 mins from the race start/finish. It was easy to get to/ from but I was certainly out of the way. Paulliac is the place to be if you want some of the atmosphere. I can send you the link of the place I used if you want?

    Lots of people stay in Bordeaux and then commute up on the day. That's an option and where a lot of the more comfortable hotels are so if you're looking for comfort that could be an option for you.

    I knew a few people camping and that was dead cheap but the comfort aspect is reduced. There's a group of Dutch guys who run a camping site on the north side of the area and they do a dinner on the Friday night for people.

    TEMPERATURE: I'd honestly recommend getting there a few days earlier to adjust to the temperature, it was a furnace for me. I went from 11'c to 35'c in less than 10 hours in the car. We arrived at 3pm on the Friday and it was great.

    ORGANISATION: typically French image they shrugged their shoulders a lot at my questionsimage

    Don't expect a lot of toilets... In fact most of us used the vines themselves!

    I there anything else you'd want to know?
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    What more do we want to know? Which vines did you use? Do you think that it would add to the flavourimage

    My 610 allows me to build in training programmes for pyramids - and it tells you off if you go above or below target pace (a bit annoying on a slow day)

    I hope I didn't come across as 'preachy' - not my intention image
  • Went for my first 20 mile today, ended up at 20.7, so close enough, at 3h00m57s. First time I've been out with a drink (and a handfull of jelly beans, 3 per half hour), and that seems to have solved the problem I had at ~14m into my last run, felt like I could keep going a while longer. Nice weather for it...a bit cold, but sunny at least. Thinking of lowering my target time, as it feels like I can probably manage it. Having a few problems with my circulation in my hands which is leaving them so cold after 10+miles that I can't get my front door open, despite wearing two pairs of gloves...probably need to invest in some much better gloves.

    Doctors booked to get the medical certificate, feels like Paris is coming around quick!

  • Hmm...vines watered with marathon runners' pee...maybe a marketing opportunity...but more likely - ewww image .

    TJB - I'll be making a bit of an effort for the 10k, but it will be the end of my highest mileage week, and I have a 17 miler the next day, so I'm unlikely to break any records.

    OO - where did you get your 110? I've had one for a few years now and it does me fine, but one of the buttons has now cracked, and I think it's letting water in. I'd be happy enough with another one.

    Daddsy - I'm mainlining jelly beans as well at he moment. Tesco's mini bags - 3 for a pound.

    Weather forecast for tomorrow's run looks pretty crap - still, it's the horrible runs that make the good ones feel even better. Right?
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Daddsy - problem at 14m? Stomach issues? If so, I've had similar and have been looking for a good solution so may give them a go.

    Especially as RR is recommending them.
  • Orbutt - That was on my last long run (15m) where I didn't take anything out with me (and, now I think about it, no breakfast and a sandwich for dinner the night before) , I just felt like my energy had gone instantly. I was actually quite suprised how easily my stomach dealt with the jelly beans given that the only time I've ever eaten within 2hrs of running I only ate a slice of toast and was in agony a few miles in. Figured it's best I get used to it now and yeah, jelly beans did the trick at a tiny cost compared to gels (they taste pretty good too, in my opinion)

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I'm sure that runners urine is the least of their worries. I must admit that the sight of a dozen asses at every wine stop (so every km) was a sight to get used to! It was quite funny because you'd suddenly see a gladiator squat down and they jump back up and start running again! Is definitely a great experience. I've decided not to do it this year as a friend of mine has said that the 30th anniversary (next year) will be a lot better for the celebration and party atmosphere.... I'm considering the cognac marathon insteadimage

    @Orbutt - I personally only peed on the finest vines at the best chateau en routeimage it was about 3 hrs in and I was bursting from the amount of wine I had drunk! How did you program your pyramid session? Which area did you go into? I've got the alerts working on LSR for my pace but couldn't find a pyramid session workout.... Yes I am a complete numpty when it comes to my garmin!
  • just ran 4 miles to a football pitch then referee'd a game and did another 3 and a half miles according ot the gps - the map is quite amusing! (mind you a good warm down from the run and yesterday's hard session)



  • hehe JB..It's the thread mind-map...

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Emmy - do you have a 610? Are you happy uploading to Garmin Connect?

    If so, I can knock up a step by step guide to creating a pyramid workout.
  • Collected my medical certificate from the Docs today. Was told that there was no need for an examination - they were happy to sign the thing blind in return for £15. crazy. Still, that's one less thing to organise!

    Had a miserable 19 miles in the rain and cold today ... garmin went a bit nuts for a couple of miles (told me I was running between 3 and 5 minute miles!  Gentle 4 miles tomorrow with my daughter as part of her first half-marathon training plan and that's a total of 50 miles for the week   image

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Well done RL3

    The medical certificate is to keep the French doctors busy. I got mine last year, overweight, out of shape, couldn't run 10mins, he didnt even take my blood pressure. Needed for a 10k but still valid for marathon.

    Tonight, LSR 30km - 3h15 image .
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Contact Garmin RR- they usually offer replacements for faulty ones at a reduced price. I got my 110 from Amazon, not sure if they are still available but they regularly have deals.

    Congrats on the long runs folks. Even if it feels bad, they will get easier with time.


  • ran paris in 2011, asked the doc for the medical form. oh no, i cant sign that she says , not without an examination. Then she discovers with i have a heart murmour. You have a heart murmour, er yeah its in my notes had it all my life. Doc says why , pass your the doctor. So she gives me an ecg. still not happy, blood pressure , no thats up to, yes i tell her, it always does when im sat here in your surgery. Then it goes down when i leave, trust me its fine. Nope, still cant sign, i want you to see a cardiologist. I say you are joking right. nope she aint. Sorry she say's it wont happen before Paris. Oh right thanks. So i conclude that i will have a few days in paris seeing the sights. contacts, are very important, i go off and see a friendly doctor who knows my history and running history, form signed off i trot to paris.

    Moving on to June, i finally go and see the cardiologist, cant hurt i thought, so full echo cardiagram, weird seeing your heart in colour. 20 minutes later im sat with the consultant, who turns round and says your totally fine, carry on running. And then explained why i have murmour. cool. ps i also had a 24hr blood pressure monitor. 116/ ...... what ever it was. anyway my doctor didnt even ask to take my blood pressure and has never asked since image Enjoy Paris everyone, take lots of money

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