Paris Marathon 2013



  • Getting excited now, just weeks away (!).

    We land at CDG early afternoon on the Friday, we're planning on going to the apartment, dumping the bags and heading straight to the Expo. I love these things and am well chuffed we're there early (e.g. not Saturday) so I can have a proper wander round without worrying I'm spending too much time on my feet too near to raceday.

    Breakfast run sounds great too, I assume there's somewhere nearby to grab some lunch afterwards? We're staying over in Batignolles so don't want to be wandering back and forth all day. Keep the suggestions coming for activities on the Saturday!

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    We've told the kids they can do the breakfast run and we can shout advice to them for a change

    Is that any good? The kids are also coming with us and I was planning to send them there on Saturday.

  • Bedders - If the breakfast run is the same route as last year then you start near the Eiffel Tower and finish at the marathon finish line on Avenue Foch. You're a short walk away from the Arc de Truimph, so you'd have no problem finding somewhere to eat.

  • Don't know Denis, we haven't been over for this before, But thought a gentle 5km would be fun

    (nb... The youngest of our kids is 23 )

  • The breakfast run is a nice easy paced 5km run. Going on last year it's not that busy either. Plenty of folk stopping to take pictures along the way. I actually found it a good relaxing run before the big day last year.

  • Great stuff, cheers Eggyh, I'm a geek with this stuff and always like to know the info beforehand! I assume it's just a roll-up-and-run kinda deal? Did the breakfast run before Barcelona last year which was very informal and free, but they insisted you pick up a number to participate from the Expo the day before. Then again, it was a pretty smart route and ended in the old Olympic Stadium so guess they kinda needed to restrict the numbers for safety reasons....

  • Last year the breakfast run was certainly free. I don't recall having to sign up for it, pretty sure it was just a turn up and run type thing. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. I doubt numbers would be an issue unless an absurd amount of marathon runners decided to do it. It's all ran on very wide closed roads.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    James B - I'm in the Grey pen but not aiming for sub 4 ( I'd be chuffed with 4:15)

    However, if you want you can always change pen at the Expo. They'll just stick a different coloured label on your bib.
  • I'll need to get my starting pen changed at the expo. I'll certainly be nothing near my 3:45 time I was hopefull of doing.

  • Bedders, you pick up a Breakfast Run bib at the Expo .'Can't remember if they even ask your name....It's free. And you get a breakfast at the Finish....Well, in a bag...The , very gentle, pace is set by a bunch of runners at the front ..They carry loads of national flags..It's definitely not a race.* I went to chat to the guy with the Scottish flag..but he didn't know which country it was from..image *

    Loch Lomond is lovely image LSR....v. slow...along the canal path and bike track from central Glasgow to the loch. The hills are still covered in snow. Totally, ' Bonnie Scotland'/calendar stuff. On the down side, the chip shop was not open..

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)

    (nb... The youngest of our kids is 23 )

    Our youngest is 8! I am sure he will enjoy the run.

  • James B 73 wrote (see)

    For those in the grey pen - Anyone looking to do a sub 4 hour marathon in this pen?

    james - myself and old friend Dan are both in the grey pen and wanting to run a sub4. Based on current times, halves, training etc - we will probably bump up one colour to pink. Saying that we are both tired (me in particular) of the training and depending on how next 4 weeks ago i'll be glad to just make it to the start in one piece so there is a 50/50 chance that i will just stick with grey and try to run sub4 on the day if it "feels" right. I always aim for times in training but on the day be sensible and see how it goes. If we stick to grey and feel like a sub4 meet up with us and run with us to take it in turns to keep a steady pace for the first 14-15 miles - after that you just got to try to stay on yer feet! I'll let you know nearer the time if we are likely to switch to the pink pen.


  • For the Saturday I have booked a hop-on-hop off bus tour. Don't intend doing much hopping though!

    Might do the breakfast run, depends on what Mrs Mac wants to do. She will maybe run with me

    I've picked up a niggling injury on my left heel and have a half marathon race on Sunday. Can't decide what to do. 1. Not bother. 2. Run slowly. 3. Go for it.

    All advice gratefully ignored (I'm a stubborn old git)

  • Simon, rest, stretch gently. See how you feel on the day, also, you'll know early on if' it's worth attacking it. sounds like you need a week off mate. I need a week off (in Barbados)

  • Simon - I'd maybe run slowly but be ready to pull out if it's still niggling after about 20 mins. You'll be kicking yourself if you have to scrap going to Paris because you picked up an injury and made it worse.

    Done 16 miles today. Longest run since all this faff on with my ITB and achilles. Only meant to do 14 but I was doing a recce of the Hadrian's Wall run route and badly misjudged the map. Oops.

    If all continues to go smoothly, I'll be aiming for sub 4 James B. (if, if, if). Altho I'm in the blue pen. Does anyone know can you just drop back a pen or two on the day without having to sort it at the expo?

    Emmy - you running with anyone? If my training doesn't continue to go smoothly, but I think I'll be able to do a sub 4.30, I don't mind pacing you if you like. Or I could pace you as far as I can manage, then leave you to go on ahead.

  • ATM - Well done on the long run. You can't have any longer than that to cover in training.

    Simon - Hope the injury isn't too bad. Fingers crossed you'll be ok for Sunday.

    I've just polished of a big bowl of risotto. Hopefully that help power me around my 18 miles I have planned for tomorrow.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi all, just a quickie whilst I'm packing.

    @Weedy - if you don't mind pacing me - that'd be great. Is there cake and a cattle prod involved?image

    Just heading to London for the 50km race. If anyone's around sarf London on Sunday morning - you may see me wandering around with a cheese sandwich in my hand!
  • ATM - sounds lovely, well done!

    Simon - take it easy now!

    Ym- that's sounds good too, and we are planning to do tht anyway!!

    Eggy- I need to drop back to the last pen........

    I have a mild sense of panic setting in....... Underprepared doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling although I know it's not my fault and nothing I can do about it!

    I have done 2 x 4 mile runs today, and hoping to do more cycling tomorrow., then 7-8 miles on Sunday?
  • almost 16kms done this evening!!  YAY.  Legs are feeling it though.  There was a bit of twinging too so will take it gently tomorrow.  Although don't have much choice as will be stuck on a plane.

    Have just caught up, again!!!  you guys are posting like sprinters.

    Kaz - keep at it girl!  you're getting there.  We'll toodle around fine and if it falls apart find a good bar...corcarans is across the bridge just after 25ish kms, right?image

    I'm going to echo Yer_maj's comment.  Be good while I'm away and don't have too much fun image  it's definitely the people that made me HAVE to come back this year.

  • Emmy - good luck for Sunday. Which race is it?

    11m this evening with 6m at half mara pace. Jings that was hard work. I didn't feel it should have been - after all, theoretically I should be able to do 13 miles at that pace but it felt way quick. And what worries me is that half pace isn't THAT far off race pace, so I'm having a bit of a wobble about my target time now image . Still, we're not there yet.

    No breakfast run for me - I'll be on the train.

    Anyone who fancies watching a film to stay off their feet on Saturday but doesn't fancy exercising their language skills - check the cinema listings for film showings which have 'vo' after the title (for 'version originale'). That means it's in the original language with French subtitles, rather than dubbed. Only don't make the mistake I once made, which was to see a film made in Spanish, with French subtitles. That was a challenge, if you don't speak Spanish and your French is a bit ropy.
  • Kaz - Sounds like your enjoying your new bike. I'll be a back marker this year too. Most of my runs have been 10.xx m/m average pace, with my faster runs being 9:20-ish.  I've not managed a single 8:xx m/m average pace on any run this year, never mind the 7:xx average I was knocking out on my faster runs last year. image

    Emmy - Good luck with your run this weekend.

    RS - Sounds like you're heading in the right direction. Have a safe trip.

    RR - I always find race pace type runs to be a harder in training. Must be the adrenaline on the day, but I tend to look at my PB's and wonder how I managed to do that pace over the distance most of the time! image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Jumbob - you don't want to move to the Pink pen, that's the 4:30 pen. If you're in Grey and you want to move up one then I think you'll want to go to Green.

    Weedy. They have bouncers on the entrances to the pens checking the colour of the flag on your bib and they're quite keen. If you want to move pens then do it at the expo, it's easy to do.

    RS - have fun image
  • oh yeah - Green's where its at. Have to see how we go anyhow.

  • 16 mile run this afternoon , it was the nicest weather I've run in for ages , god I hate running in the Scottish winter , no hat, no gloves but now got a splitting headache from lack of fluids , two hours twenty without any water , so I must remember next time ,,,, fluids and jelly babies
  • ok..  it's gonna happen...  finally..  after months...  on Sunday, I shall run again...

    remember...  out on the trails, no one can hear you scream...   image


  • Cheers Orbutt. I'll see where I'm at nearer the time.

  • 8 miles tonight with 6 at MP - amazing considering the expansive lunch I had to celebrate a friends birthday left me feeling rather Pickwikian. The desert shown below was superb and I think provided the main source of fuel for my run



  • That looks awesome.

  • Perfect fuelling..  image


  • That looks sooooo good Dannirr......... Shame it would just send me in hunt of bushes!!

    Sqats, lunges, squats, lunges, all with arms ache but finished off my morning with a 45 min run @ 9.45/mm.........need my bed again now!!

    Tomorrow afternoon I am going to try 15k, I did 10 last Sunday... Alan off work so if all goes wrong he's only a phone call away.

    Hungry now!
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