Paris Marathon 2013



  • Mmmmmmm that looks good.

    Steady progress there Kaz. Well done.

    I'm going to try a gentle run today before deciding on tomorrow's half.

    Car hunting today. The old Peugeot is in a bad way and wouldn't stand a chance of passing an MOT. Bit like me.
  • Good luck DV

    My dreadmill is working. Yay!!! It survived our move to Poland. I finally managed to unclutter it (MIL covered it with some weird stuff, dry beans and some dry flowers involved) and use it instead of risking broken legs on those icy roads.

    Re: race etiquette. Do not pee while still in your pen. I remember three years ago, the green pen was packed and that 'lady' just squatted in the middle of everything and pee on the curb.

    I'm so jealous guys. I wish I could be there again.
  • Yummy icecream....I had chinese last night - image  not so sure...!

    Thankfully rest day for me, got 24k to do tomorrow - typical, it's the nicest day we've had in yonks - what's the betting it's peeing it down tomorrow.

    ha ha on the peeing in the pen.  In Rome, just about every bloke in my pen was piddling and didn't give a hoot.  last time I was in Paris I managed a pee before I got in the pen, behind two cars, me and about 30 others!! image  the line for the portaloos was way toooo long.

    Good luck to everyone for LSR tomorrow.


  • re drinks, I carry a wrap around wrist bottle with water/powerade in and belt with jelly babies/gels, i'm tempted with a camelback (got one for ski-ing) as I drink loads but the sloshing about makes me feel sick and it's heavy, so I have decided not to. In 2007 it was SOOO hot and us slow plods at the back didn't have anything to drink as the tables had been cleared image thankfully I met my hubby a couple of times to refill my bottle.

    I'm really hoping it's not going to be hot as I really want to beat my 2007 effort!!

  • I have to admit to pen peeing last year! image

    I managed my 18 mile very very slow long run this morning in a hellish 11 minute mile average pace, That was really tough. My legs felt ok, but my groin was giving me some grief from about mile 11 onwards. Not helped when I drank too fast causing me to cough that sent a shooting pain across my lower abdomen. Glad to have that one done and dusted. Currently putting the trusty frozen peas to good use and resting up.

  • Well done on the run eggy , it doesn't seem that long ago u weren't running at all and now ur up to 18 mile runs ,

    not too sure about pen peeing , my girlfriend is coming to watch me off , I don't thknk I would look too adorable peering in public , are the porta loos really that busy or just not many of them available ?
  • Scott - There's very few portaloos about. You can make use of one the burger places toilets on the Champs Elysée before going into the pen. Even those where queued out with runners. Maybe the French never need to pee!

  • Lots of men use a disposable water bottle in the pen - then ditch it to the side. Arguably a bit more discreet.   No matter how many times I peed before a long run I always need to go again at about 3 miles - not sure what's up with that.

    We have booked the Splendid Etiole - same hotel as last year. About a quater mile from the start and a half mile from the finish.  Now I need to sort out the air tickets.

  • I think that was one of Trickys top tips from last year Dannirr. Along with never pick up what looks like a full Lucozade Sport bottle in the starting pens! image

  • Eggy thanks for the warning , I usually have to go a couple of times before I run
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Scott - for the men, there are open air urinals in the pen. The trick is, as soon as you get in the pen find one and use it. Then consider joining the back of the queue.

    Last year I used it twice but due to the wave start I was busting again by about 8 miles. Luckily enough there were plenty of trees.

    At first I thought I would be embarrassed but the number of people nipping behind trees within the first mile on the Champs ??lys??es or even into shop doorways further on, was incredible.

    I also had a disposable bottle in the pen but didn't really think it through, as I was wearing compression tights.
  • Emmy H wrote (see)
    @Weedy - if you don't mind pacing me - that'd be great. Is there cake and a cattle prod involved?image

    Might have to use that bottle of whisky i've got instead of the cake image

    Good luck for everyone racing tomorrow - it's a packed day according to the list. Holeymoley, Tiddy, Iain M, Emmy, Simon Mac, Straycelt and Ex Spartan Dave all down for events.

    Simon - what's the verdict?

  • Yep Wrexham half for me tomorrow, Suzie sadly sitting it out with her leg problem, she had physio Thursday and can start gentle training next week
  • Weedy, I went for a short cycle - run - cycle session and there is still a 'niggle'. Nothing too serious hopefully so I will give it a go tomorrow. I'll start at MP and see how it feels.

    And I chose a new (second hand) car. Went out looking for a big 4x4 but my eco warrior conscience kicked in and I ended up with a Renault Clio with a 1.2 engine. Feeling quite pleased with myself in a smug sort of way.... (It's the ST estate version so big enough to throw my bike in the back)

    Good luck to everyone else running tomorrow.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good luck at Wrexham tomorrow Dave and all the other racers. Remember these are B races on the way to the marathon- so keep your heads. I'm in the Buttermere Round 34k tomorrow. One of the toughest road races on the calender, taking in the Honister pass and Newlands Valley image  

  • Good luck to all the racers tomorrow - and we want to hear all the race reports image

    Dannirr - that is one amazing dessert image !
  • Good luck today everyone!

    My last Sunday at work!!!imageimageimage


  • Dannirr - wow. I'm off dessert until after the Marathin now, and chocolate for Lebt. Doh!

    Goid luck to all long running, looking forward to Brighton Half shortly...!

    OO - all my races are B races!!
  • Beautiful clear sunny day with a light SW breeze and 8 degrees. Absolutely perfect. But I must keep my head. Must, must, must .......
  • ATMATM ✭✭✭

    image It's Spring! It's Spring! It's Spring! We spotted 6 other runners and a shedload of cyclists, this say nothing of the sprouting daffodils...Go, Simon! * carefully, mind...*

    7 weeks today.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Oh wise ones, please could i benefit from your wisdom. went out last night for 20m but after 15m my legs said good night. Could just be a bad day at the office, also I wasn't keen on going running so perhaps it was a mental block. Probably a flaw in my preparation but is there anything I could have done to kick start my legs. Thank you for your enlightenment.
  • Just got back from a lovely long shlep of a run with Running Rodent around streets n parks of London Taan. Cheers Ali, good times x
  • OO '50' sorry Paris isn't even my C race, this was to support my OH !

    Well Wrexham turned up, nice sunny morning, met up with a load of lub mates, and introduced myself to Denis....

    Ran race, very windy in places, and a bara brith instead of a medal or t shirt

    Home for a swift beer before family round for Sunday lunch
  • Thanks to Jimbob for towing me round the sights of North London this morning and for making 18 miles pass (relatively) painlessly. We're thinking of maybe organising a midweek run nearer the race for anyone who's in or around London, if there's an interest.

    PC91 - sometimes everything just turns to crap and a run doesn't work, so you just put it down to experience. There are a few things you could think about though. You mention doing it last night - it's tough to do a 20 miler at the end of the day. Could you arrange to do your next long run in the morning? You'll be fresher physically and mentally, and it's better practice for race day. Even if it means getting up early. Also - did you fuel up enough during the day (food and liquid)? And could you arrange to do all or part of the run with someone else? Maybe meet someone half way?

    I'm hearing fast times from people running the Brighton half today - sounds like conditions were good. Hopefully the same for others (including Emmy and her cheese sandwich image).
  • Still high as kite after the Kinloss - Lossiemouth half marathon. Conditions were perfect. My heel 'niggle' behaved itself so I just went for it from the start. 1:34:33 - a new PB by a whopping 4 minutes 15! So 3:30 in Paris is now in my sights if all goes well.

    My running distance since Amsterdam has been very modest. So I put this improvement down to all the cycling and swimming I've been doing.

    Now for some more cake.
  • And for the geeks - 4:31 average pace and 80% HRR.
  • Great job Simon!
  • Si, closing in on the holy grail, sub1.30? Well done on the 1.34. Surely it's gotta be 3.29 in Paris?! image
  • Not sure whether I am giving myself a hard time or not.

    Ran 17 miles today. 2 hrs 51 mins (avge pace 10.10). Last two miles were a disaster. Done in 25 mins with a bit of walking. Felt ropey after I finished. Quite a hilly course. Elevation gain recorded on Garmin was over 2000 ft. Of course you have to go down as well.

    Worked late fri/sat morning so not in till 3am. Then up early sat morning for work.

    So felt tired this morning. Not sure I ate enough before I ran.

    Not sure whether to be positive (lessons learned and got round 17 miles plus keep telling myself I did two 7 mile runs and one 8 mile run this week, and really the last 2 miles today will be the last two miles in paris) or be disappointed, which I am feeling right now.

    Cups always half empty.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    James - you've said everything in your post.

    Hilly course, late nights, not properly fuelled, yet you still finished 17 miles. Well done. You should be giving yourself a pat on the back, not a hard time.

    You also said about the last 2 miles being the last 2 in the marathon - and they are guaranteed to hurt.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes things are hard. As long as you go back out then it hasn't beaten you. Your cup is only half empty, it could be worse.

    Simon congrats on what was obviously a cracking day. Imagine how well you will feel once refreshed after taper. Go for it.

    PC91 - as RR sayys, it looks like you've just had a bad day at the office. As long as you take something from it you'll be fine.

    TJB and RR. Sounds like you had a really good time.

    Did 26k today and my legs were tired at the end but I was practicing fuelling and hydrating and I managed to keep pretty much to the pace that I'd set.
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