Paris Marathon 2013



  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Weedy - should be Feb 24th (next Sunday image)

  • Woke up feeling great this morning, although a little heavy legged but all fine now after my 4 mile recovery run. image

    TD - If doing cycling instead of running on some days, do I just cycle for the duration that the run would of taken???image

    The countdown is on..........after today 3 more shifts!!! image

  • Hey Kaz wish I had a like button - 3 more? you could do that standing on your head image

  • Kaz - I've always found that cycling takes nothing like the same out of you as running. It probably depends what you want from the cycling session, but I think intensity rather than duration would be a greater factor. Although as your coming back after your operation you might be safer just to help keep the cardio fitness up and go by time on the bike.

  • Eggy - I went for intensity the other day, legs felt really hammered, but in a good way, at the end!!  With all the hills around here, its easy to g!et the intensity in!! Maybe I should go for a mix - intervals on a bike one day and duration  another?image

  • kaz..  years ago, I did more than a few mara's without any run training at all and just used bike work...  its well worth a go..   if you can get a turbo trainer, look on ebay for the Tough Love Spinervals DVD...  this was the backbone of my training at that time..  its a very tough 3 hour bike workout but is ideally suited for the cardio required for running...   as Eggy said, its the intensity that is the crucial factor, not the duration... so...  a tough 30 minute session will be worth more to you than a leisurely 2 hour dawdle...


  • Thought a mid-week event seemed odd Orbutt

    Iain - I'm at Ponteland as well - see you there.

    Kaz - training sounds like it's going well. Enjoy the last few days at work. Do you get to take a board game in on the last day?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sorry, been AWOL for a while. House selling/hunting, work gone crazy and a dozen other things. As a result I've had to rein in my forum activity so I've been focused on supporting Shady Ady on his 26.2 journey to Paris thread.

    Haven't had time yet to read back. Is everyone who was on the bench back to fitness yet?

    Kaz - from Weedy's post it sounds like you got that job, is that right? Are you back running now too?

    DV - apologies if you've already been asked this but what's the theory behind the high protein, low carb diet? I always thought you had to up your carbs for distance training.

    Weedy - forgot to say before, I'm doing Surrey Spitfire 20 on 3rd March (see you there Tiddy) and Yorkshire marathon on 20th October image.

  • Spring is here! Saw my first daffs of 2013 out yesterday. 15 miles done in 2.20 - happy enough with that.

    Love this time of year - favourite time for runs in the country
  • No sign of Spring in here. Snowing all day long and I abe my LSR today
  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Wow, some impressive weekend running seems to be had by all. Well done those that set new PB's.

    I managed a 22miler on Saturday which almost brought me to my knees. A case of water bottles still having a trace of washing up liquid in them and making me feel a bit image therefore not taking on enough fluid and avoiding gels in the second half. Definitely felt good to get through it though and leaves me with only 2 long runs left to go before tappering.

    Legs were even good enough for a leisurely 6-7mile dog walk on the Sunday! image

  • Where's here Wi?

    The Garden of England was looking gorgeous yesterday. About 5 degrees, little wind, and sunny. Perfect

    Trevor - Washing up liquid and 22 miles doesn't sound a good mix!
  • image Sounds grim Trevor...22 miles is impressive going



  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭

    Johnny - it definitely didnt mix well!

    Ta Weedy - makes me feel loads better about it image

  • Johnny - Eastern Poland
  • Haha no wonder!!
  • TD - house selling/hunting?
  • Monday morning reset button pressed.  A big week of mileage ahead for me for a change. After yesterday 21 miles LSR in the sunshine (13 with RR) i'm a bit more cheery today than i was this time last week! Got me race pack from Silverstone so "racing season" is upon me and it's been nice catching up on the telephonic communicator with some of my pals who run the halves with me.

  • Well done to you all - great results you guys....

    Sun was out and yesterday's run was fab.  22k, 2h14 mins, so I was (slow) happy, and a lot of uphills too. 

    Off for a short 5k today, the sun is still out, however the temp is dropping again and there is a "promise" of snow at the weekend - might get those chains used yet...yeah.

    Signed up for a half in two weekends time, then it's Paris, then 1 May canal 18k race in Montauban and then then 3 rocs (Saint Antonin Noble Val) on 9 May.  I am a busy runner this year...hope I survive.

    Happy week everyone


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    No running for me today- I can barely walk actually image

  • image Poor Trev...but the  Fairy Liquid  bit did make me laugh. Another of Weedy's classic posters added to the Who's Who 2013   Any more photos for our Gallery? I'd like to make a slideshow of them, sometime....( jpeg and details to me, please, and I'll add you. )

    16 lovely k for me, this morning....BUT I must learn to take bearings/read a compass and stop relying on my pal's map-reading skills.'Cos when she's not there...image Today wasn't so much 'off-road' as' well off path'..I misread the map and ended up at the sort of farm last seen in Withnail and I...I never did get to my intended destination but I did get a lovely run in remote farmland.It was a beautiful sunny day , down in the valley...and absolutely Baltic up on the hills.Farm tracks still frozen over and a prevailing wind from...errr...Canada (?). I may be too stupid for trail running. (500 yards off the right path and forced to retrace my steps about 5 miles.) Now that I've looked more closely at the OS map , it's all clear. Why didn't I do that before setting off?  On the plus side,I won't have to navigate in Paris.

    Onetit, do you run on roads down there or go cross-country?

  • ATM - lol, at least you got a run in!

    Weedy - Soooooooo funny!

    Trevor -Soundsimage Indeed.

    Malc - Yes I got the job, and start next Monday. I am also back running(if I can call it that), very slow and very carefully.

    DV - Thanx for that. My brother has a turbo that isn't being used, I must just 'aquire'  it!! Which may prove difficult - He's in Manchester and the turbo is locked in his house here..........image But I will work on intensity and include lots of hills in the miximage

  • Kaz...   here..

    I had quite a few different spinervals DVD's and can highly recommend them...




  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Kaz - that's great news on both fronts, congratulations! I'm sure you'll get back up to speed in no time. 

    ATM - image I've made the same error running the streets of South East London and I had sign posts to follow! At least out in the open you have a good excuse for straying off course.

  • Medical certificate sorted, and no charge. (My doctor is a marathon runner).

    ATM - remind me never to go running with you. 'We may be gone some time'...

  • Off to play a volleyball match. This could hurt. My legs have all the spring of a granite block.

  • Dannirr. Sorry old fella, it is Malcs doing the house/ job hunting. Am staying firmly put.

    DV, anyone who is able to ride an indoor bike for 3 hours clearly has something wrong with them. Like a part of their brain has become detached or a bizarre genetic mutation in the DNA, rendering them into a trance like state of leg spinning without either breathing or conscious thought, some sort of rotating hibernation state. Not for me. I'm made of lesser stuff.
  • ATM - it's the navigation that worries me more about ultra running than the distance. I'm not great at it at the best of times, but the thought of taking a wrong turning 30 miles or so into a race - aargh! Which is why m next long race will be round a reservoir image .

    Training question, for anyone really, but particularly those who've used P&D. My long run this weekend is for 15 miles, with 12 at marathon pace. The question is, do I do the 12 miles all together, or split them up? I was thinking of 1 mile warm up, 6 at mp, 1 mile easy, 6 more at mp, 1 mile easy. My reasoning is that I reckon I'd get more benefit from two quality sections than try to do it all at once and fade at the end. Or would that be cheating. Thoughts?
  • TD..   ermm..  I actually have done Tough Love back to back (6 hours!) - twice!  image   

    The time goes quite quickly I think..  I used it in the 'music off' mode as it was otherwise very annoying, so I'd ride with my own music...    


  • I did Tough Love once. I tried a second time but she said no.

    Quartet - lovely movie
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