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  • Emmy H wrote (see)
     I'll admit - the crunchies in my cupboard are crying for me at the moment!

    Do I need to send you my address?

  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    Johnny Lyall wrote (see)
    I'm a Quantity Surveyor, currently working on a civil engineering project in London.

    Johnny - hey that sounds relevant to me. Does your work ever coincide with any environmental assessments/planning?

    ATM - There was me thinking this was a nice place to be and you start the threats image

  • Trevor - In terms of the specifics of my job role, not at all. In terms of the projects I work on themselves, very much so. We have a couple of environment/sustainability personnel on my current job. They deal with CEEQUAL methodology, S61 planning and compliance etc
  • 'Threatening' could be my middle name, Trevor. But it is, in fact, T...

    OK. Language Tutor and, in an earlier life, lawyer * Don't thrown things! *

    Emmy, he's spending a short time at Hotel Mum & Dad and is eating everything fresh and expensive...He doesn't do long runs so hasn't had to face that problem. I think DV might be able to help you.He eats' real' food..potatoes and stuff, on long runs..

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @danirr - please!! Take the temptation away. I bought 4 multipacks at the weekend and now can't eat them image I'm trying to see if there is any chocolate I can eat.

    @eggy - Mr Emmy will be going Paleo. Yesterday he found he was intolerant to wheat, gluten, milk, beef, pork, mushrooms and a few other things I've forgotten. To be nice - I'm trying to support him as much as I can... But no bread?!
  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭

    Johnny - have messaged you!

  • Eggyh73 wrote (see)

    IT Consultant for a company specialising in software for big evil pharmaceutical companies.

    Eggy - really? And I though you were such a nice bloke...

    Eggyh73 wrote (see)

    I love sweets/cakes/biscuits/pasta way too much to ever consider it.

    That, however, I'm in full agreement with!

  • Emmy - Dark chocolate, more % cocoa the better..........and normally 1 square is enough!!  No bread - easy!! But there are gluten and wheat free varieties around but are expensive! Is it just cows milk or all dairy produce??

    ATM - I do agree eating all fresh produce is very expensive.......I think I may become Orkney's answer to 'The Good Life'!!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Hi Kaz, it's just cows milk. So I'm trying soya milk in tea at the moment.

    I'm going to try and make my own bread to see how I get on. I try to buy fresh as much as possible - I just didn't realise how many products contained refined sugar :/
  • Well done on your ultra Emmy.

    Trevor - I have forgotten what it's like NOT to be training for a marathon, and I've only done three! Took up triathlon last summer and it's a great way of maintaining or improving fitness. Job? I'm Production Planning Manager for a food manufacturing company. Which is why I avoid anything resembling a plan when it comes to running...
  • Running Rodent wrote (see)
    Training question, for anyone really, but particularly those who've used P&D. My long run this weekend is for 15 miles, with 12 at marathon pace. The question is, do I do the 12 miles all together, or split them up? I was thinking of 1 mile warm up, 6 at mp, 1 mile easy, 6 more at mp, 1 mile easy. My reasoning is that I reckon I'd get more benefit from two quality sections than try to do it all at once and fade at the end. Or would that be cheating. Thoughts?

    RR - do the MP in one go. That allows for a bit of warm up and a bit of cool down. You should be able to sustain the race pace for that distance by now but it is of course, supposed to be a challenging run. One easy mile in the middle provides psychological comfort only. It's better to test yourself and come close, rather than knowing you went a bit soft and didn't face the challenge of doing it. Consider it more a test of concentration than stamina.  Good luck, let us know how you get on with it.  I know it's daunting, but it's a mahoosive boost when you nail it image

    Trevor Olver wrote (see)

    As I mentioned when I joined this lovely forum, I was kind of planning to run Paris as my one and only marathon ever. Having enjoyed just the training and getting pretty excited about the race itself I dont think this will be my last. What sort of training does everyone do inbetween marathon training? You all obviously have say 10-15week training plans leading up to a marathon but how much do you need to do to keep a good level of fitness?

    Trevor - you may find exploring smaller, local races over shorter distances gives you al the incentive you need to find the right level of training. They require small amounts of preparation but can be great fun. A mass participation marathon is really running against the clock and competing with your Inner Wimp. Local races you actually get to run against other people. For training, I suggest 2-3 runs a week will help you tick over. If you want to be faster than the average, more is necessary.  Try to have at least one hard run a week.

    Emmy - very sorry to hear about your diet problems. I had to go GF just under 3 years ago. I feel much better for it but it's a constant challenge. Have you considered Lactose Free milk (they remove the sugar) - it tastes just the same and is easily available over here - I think we get ours (for wife and one of the daughters) from Colruyt.

  • Emmy I'm not allergic to anything other than animals and dust and summer and trees and well you get rhe picture - everything other than food really. However I'd recommend almond milk to you. It's basically almonds and water blended and strained. I've been using it when I've been getting porridged up and t works really well. It doesn't separate either so it's pretty good in coffee too.

    I wish I could give up sugar. I do try every now and then but I really struggle. I don't have an 'off' switch when it comes to sweet food. I was even thinking about getting hypnotised but the thought gives me the creeps a little!
  • When I do the paris marathon it will be exactly two years since I first started running and I try to run three times a week , if I didn't enter races it would be nearer two a month , I need to push myself to get out but I always feel better afterwards

    So what to do after paris ???

    Another marathon ,, gulp ,,, have i been I bitten the marathon bug , I also said one would do me ( Edinburgh 2012 ) and I would never do another , so who knows !!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Helterskelter - I was told yesterday that if I change my diet - I will not have any issues with hayfever/dogs/cats. They explained it and it made sense but I can't remember it now... It's all about how reactive if your body is to certain triggers.

    @TD - where do you buy GF bread? Also at coyruyt?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    James B 73 wrote (see)

    Malcs - All was well up to about 15 miles. Averaging 9 min 30 secs a mile. Marathon Pace I'm looking at sub 4 hrs with a 9 min to 9.15 min a mile.

    I got to 15.5 miles and went downhill considerably. I wanted to make sure I did the 17 mile so I did a mixture of walking and running so did the last 2 miles in 26 minutes. Then I got home and felt really bad. I threw up the water (sorry) I took on when I got home. Couldn't face any food. I was driven to the shop by my wife and had a bottle of lucozade and then managed a sandwich. I lay on the bed for 2 hours and then felt fine.

    Think I was too tired from not finishing work until 3am on saturday. Got up too early on the sunday to have breakfast before I ran. Didn't eat enough. Didn't have enough gels and water on way round.

    Taking the only positive out of it which is I did 17 miles.

    I've felt exactly like that after most of my marathons with a good dose of cramp thrown in. Just like you I had nausea (followed by the inevitable loss of stomach contents). Couldn't face food. Only after an elecrolyte drink did I feel any better.

    I had put it down to low salts as I sweat badly but on another thread the Asics nutritionist (Ruth) said that nausea and cramps from low salts is not likely and that it's probably lack of conditioning (cheers for that Ruth). 

    So if this was your longest run so far then maybe a combination of low energy and the longer distance could be it - you're just not used to it and running close to empty just meant you ran out of juice.

    I did 18 on Sunday, my longest so far in this campaign but I've been building carefully. I had no fluids en route and just 10 jelly babies (experimenting with fueling). I did have a good breakfast beforehand though. Had no ill effects afterwards. I had got advice from several forumites who said they make sure they are fully hydrated before a long run and don't take on any fluids.

    The good thing is that you banked those 17 miles (well done!) and you get the chance to try again next weekend image.

    As ATM says, you may just find that the next one will be absolutely fine.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Emmy - great result in your ultra! I really don't know how you do it. Will have a read of your report later.  

  • A much better run for me tonight. Still slow at 9:30 m/m average pace for the 9 miles, but I really enjoyed that one tonight. First time in ages I've felt good at the end and felt like I could easily keep going.

     Scott - I seem to recall saying I'd only ever do one marathon too. Paris will be number 10 for me! image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Trevor - I'm a keyboard puncher for a uk telecoms company.

    Dannir - Chicago is pencilled in for next year, this year is Berlin. Mrs O and I will, however, be spending some of our hard earned English pounds in both your nation's capital and the home of the hippy movement over the summer.

    Emmy - no wonder you had problems with the jam butties recently. Sound like you may need to fuel with proper carbs and maybe proteins during your runs. I know that DV often stops off at McDonalds mid run. He also mentioned that he has been using Hammer Nutrition products. It might be worth having a look at them see if they are good for you.

    Scott - Paris will be roughly two years of running for me too. Started running with the intention of running VLM, I'll have to keep going until I make it past the ballot. This could take some time.

    I quite like the idea of marathon tourism, so I've got plans to run in a whole bunch of nice cities
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    BTW - have you noticed that the race has a different main sponsor this year?

    Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris

    SchEMP? Wasn't he one of the three stooges?

    And they've changed the logo
  • Marathon tourism is a great phrase and definitely one that applies to me.

    Done Berlin and Amsterdam, will be doing Paris obviously. Suggestions for my next one please? European destinations would be good - the US would be great but not on my wallet
  • Venice, Johnny. They build a pontoon over the mouth of the Grand Canal , the night before the race, just for the runners...You'll never see another view like the one you get from that.. Paris has the spectacular Start. Venice has a spectacular Finish. * + 1 for marathon tourism and speed-sightseeing..* I'll send you more Notes, if you like...image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Orbutt - thanks for that. I'm waiting to hear from DV to see what he recommends.

    Johnny - I'm an advocate for German and Irish marathons. Great support and the German organisation is superb. I can recommend cologne, Frankfurt, cork, Dublin. If you head to Ireland there are some great smaller races which are fantastic

    I've heard great things about Prague and Zagreb marathons. They're lovely cities but not sure about the marathon course.
  • That sounds just the ticket - reckon I won't have any problems selling that one to Lady Lyall either!
  • Been to Cologne and funnily enough going to Frankfurt the weekend after next. Strangely never been to Ireland - might have the excuse I need now...Mmm Guinness...
  • TD - thanks for that - I suspected that would be the answer - I'll give it a go. 5 x 1km reps @ 5k pace on the treadmill tonight - tough but just about doable.

    Dannirr and Emmy - absolutely. After Paris I'm going to start going longer (hence the 35m race in September). Registration opens sometime in early September, I think?

    And Emmy - I'm feeling a bit guilty as it may have been me that recommended the jam sandwiches which were effectively poisoning you - sorry about that image .

    +1 for Venice, even although most of it's not actually in Venice but on the mainland. It's still quite an attractive route though, and the last bit in Venice itself is fabulous.

    Eggy - sounds like things are getting better image .

    Kaz - how many shifts to go image ?
  • Eggy -  Good news on the run........and that ain't slow!! image

    Emmy - Eggs are good fuel for me?? We use rice milk here, very watery but the only one so far junior doesn't have any reaction too. Personally I just do without dairy - its easier!!

    I too like the phrase 'Marathon Tourism' - I think that applies to all my recent holidays - Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and now Paris and Berlin this year followed by hopefully Chicago next year! I have to keep running just so I can plan holidays!!!

    I ended up doing two runs yesterday totalling 10.5 miles, so with over 21 miles in two days I thought I'd better rest up today, but ended up doing a Body Pump class  while Junior was at atheletics. It was too much.image

  • X post RR - Just tomorrow and Friday!! imageimageimageimage I am being rather bad this week and doing next to nothing while I am there!! But what can they say.............image

  • Nutrition and hydration is critically important to your run...  not just on the day, but during your preparation before, and especially in the 72 hours leading up to, a long run...  but, it goes much further than that and this is a longer term body conditioning subject that I am sure requires some experimentation on a personal level...

    You need to see what works for you, and particularly what doesn't...  just because something works for one person, it doesn't necessarily mean the same thing will work for you.  I'm surprised that so few people actually give consideration to their diet during their training.   People will often refer to having a good run or a bad run, and just assume that it is their running that was good or bad.  However, I believe that there is more to it than that. I believe that your run can be totally influenced by your diet.

    Considering your diet in all aspects of your life, having a plan for the run itself and also recovery food/drink after will be critical to making things easier or harder for you.

    Having a bad run may not just be because you didn't run so well..  it could also be because you got the nutrition wrong.   Think about it......



  • Some good suggestions for the next marathon . I do like the idea of seeing different places and incorporating a good long run in it
  • hi all! 

    I'm jealous of those of you doing Berlin this year, I tried to get in but computer issues on the day entry opened meant I missd out unfortunately. 

    I have to say I'm suffering a bit of a lack of motivation this week, and I'm hoping that will resolve itself soon enough- the weather's been perfect for running, I just haven't wanted to do any! Forced myself out the door for 8 miles today, and glad to have it ticked off but that's it really. 

    I can't believe how quickly it's coming round- only 4 long runs until taper starts! I have a question about long runs, in theory how much faster should our marathon pace be than our long run pace? I've been doing my long runs at about 10min/mile and I haven't had much trouble with recovery so I'm assuming thats a good pace for my long runs but I'm not really sure what sort of pace I should therefore be aiming for in the marathon/half marathon. 

    I think the only time I ever thought that Paris 2012 would be my only marathon was when I was running through Bois de Bouloigne and even then I was annoyed with myself for not having trained better and thought I'd need to give it another shot! My parents have both done a number of marathons and so I suspected that once I'd done one I too would get 'the bug'! 

    Emmy- I've heard of people using dates as fuel whilst running, so I don't know whether that's worth considering? I know dried fruit is high in sugar but I'd assume it's not added sugar? I think it's quite scary to see how much food has refined sugar added to it, and I can't imagine how difficult it must be to avoid! 


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