Paris Marathon 2013



  • Whew! Thanks PC.

    And do't worry about the photo. I think all marathon runners are slightly deformed in the head.
  • And what's wrong with socks n'sandles?

     Win a Trip to Paris! Match the socks-n-sandlas combo to the Threadwearer...

    *It's just excitement about he trip.I get me suitcase.*

  • Love it! None of them are me. The 'look' really needs milk white legs to work properly.
  • And enjoy your trip.
  • I've finally booked flight and accommodation.

    The reminiscing has made me very excited. I figure I've got 2 more LSRs in me. I did a comfortable 28km last weekend and felt I could have gone further.

    Oh marathon training oracles: Should I aim to do a 32km and a 36 km, or 2 x 32kms, or 1 x 30km and 1 x 32km?

    I popped my marathon cherry in Paris last year and it really is the forum that has made me want to get back there. I was so disappointed I didn't get to Corcorans. But this year...

    I started running just over 3 years ago. I lost 27kg (am still within 3 kg of my final weight but maintenance is VERY hard work) and it took me 12 months to train for Paris.

    And I sobbed from around 35km all the way to the end. Each time somebody yelled something positive at me, I snivelled even harder. But by the time I crossed that finish line, I mustered the biggest smile I possibly could and that's the photo in ATM's hall of fame. Just before the finish line, I spotted Mr Maus. I wasn't expecting him there, but we both let out a great bellow of victory.

    I wasn't happy with my time, but I was training to 'just get round'. This year, I'll only just get round again - the relocation has been a bigger drain than I anticipated.

    Hopefully, I'll cross the finish before they dissemble all the marquees and if just one person can give me a little congratulatory hug at the end, I'll be happy!

  • Happy Birthday to the lovely RSimageimage

    Holy Moly you lot were busy yesterday.......And there is still 5 weeks to go!!!

    Shattered doesn't begin to describe how I legs ache, all runs I have tried this week feel like I have ran a marathon first.......but I am HAPPY!!!! Love my new job and all my spare time!!!imageimage

    I am planning a LSR(which will be very slow) for Sunday if my legs how far, I am at 15 miles so do I do 18 and see how I feel??? Or if legs aren't too good a cycle/run/cycle kindo thing??image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday Radar Sal image

    Simon. On the subject of the style police in Paris. One of the things that has struck me about the locals is that they don't seem to have a discernible fashion. They just seem to put together any old combination that they can think of but they pull it off with style.

    Kaz - imagine how sore you'd be if you weren't an athlete. Sounds like great cross training.

    Maus - "in sunglasses, no one can see you cry"
  • Youch all my talk of beer and ended up having a blow out last night. Steak dinner, with starter and dessert. 4 x pint of lager, 4 x glass of red wine. Naughty boy! Suppliers took us out for din dins. Feeling a little "ropey" now
  • Ahhh, ice cold bottle of isotonic lucozade sport is helping ........
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday - RS!! image

  • Thread is moving fast - I think I may have missed half of what I've just skimmed through!


    Dannirr wrote (see)

    After last year's race, looking for food, only one person wears their medal - and reminds me several times that she beat me image



    Don't rememeber that pic Dan...could you email me the original to add to my collection?

    Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)


    It would be a bit of icing on the cake if i could maybe run kms32-40 and provide someone with 'rolling encouragement'?

    I'm still not sure how much I'll do.  Could be 10 miles could be 18 miles but if anyone wants some rolling support/gel mule/water station security I'm available.

    Emmy H wrote (see)

    I'm going to ask a favour - on the sunday - is there anyone near the finish or near the pub that I can drop my bag off with the morning of the race. My hotel wont give me a later check out to go back and showered - so i'm looking for other opportunities. There's beer on offer image

    Yep, I'm less than a kilometre from the AdT. 

    PC91 wrote (see)
    Good luck ATM.

    Simon, there's no such thing as style police otherwise I would be in prison. Did a HM last weekend. After 10k started to get hot, had no pocketd so put my gloves under my hat. At the finish there was a photographer and I thought I could add my picture to the who's who but it looks like I've got a deformed head.

    I don't often wear gloves (I usually opt for the Allan 'Sniffer' Clarke look of sleeves pulled over hands for the first mile or two) but I have been known to stuff hat and gloves down the front of running tights when I get hot....

  • Where is RS thesedays..?   Galavanting around the world creating havoc..??   Happy b/day wherever you are..!  image


  • Love the weight loss stories - well done!

    Pre-running I peaked at exactly 100kg, dropped to 73kg for 2011 and first half of 2012 but 6 months of injuries meant I'd gone back to 88kg by the beginning of February now at 84 and making sedate progress downwards once more.

  • Maraton Maus - I think that a 36km run sounds very long! I think the 2 x 32km sounds more feasible, but that is just my opinion of course. I have run 9 marathons and I have never run longer than 32/33km runs in preparation. I have a 28km on Sunday, 32km next Sunday, 28/32km the week after and a maybe 32km a fortnight before Paris. I might shorten the last 32km as I think it may be too close.

    It was another great insiprational story, Maus image. I ran my first marathon in Odense and my children, who were quite young then, ran the last 400 metres with me and they and my husband cheered loudly at the finish line. I think I cried those 400 metres. Once over the line, I was handed a beer and a rose. I was so slow, the water station had packed all the water away after the 5 hour cut off and I was in at 5 hours 11 minutes.

  • Marathon running does have this uncanny way of unpacking our true identities, to ourselves, and for our friends/ family to admire. You're all good people.

    Mausey - I wouldn't go kill yourself looking for more than 32k right now.  If you get to 32kms and feel there's still something left, then roll on for a few, but I wouldn't make it a goal.  I think 2x32kms is ample sufficient.

    I'd also say, that just the experience of having run a marathon before gives you a lot more confidence and knowledge on what to expect and how to run. I think you have every chance of pulling below 5 hours.

  • PC91 - I think, and I'm pretty sure I have the rest of the thread behind me here, that I'm going to have to insist on seeing that photograph after hearing the description. It can't be as odd as the picture I'm forming in my head image .

    Happy birthday RS - and JImbob HOW'S THE HEAD?
  • RS is off skiing.Lucky girl.

    Rolling support sounds good........or maybe a kick-up the derrrier in my case!!

    ATM - Enjoy!!image

  • Thanks SP - yes, I thought 36 sounded a bit long. Converts to 22 miles. I've just noticed a lot of you are running that far (and having been doing so for ages!) and wondered if it would help just a little with getting past the wall.

    I suspect I'll go with 2 x 32s.

    I'm still as slow as you were for your first!image

    But, as they say, slow and steady....

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday RS.

    Kaz - Great to hear to you are enjoying your new job.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday Radar Sal - she's away skiing...image

    Looooong day in London yesterday, didn't get home until 1.30 am.  Feeling pretty much permanently tired at the moment.  Really need to get into bed at 9 tonight as I have 20 miles with 14 of 'em at pace tomorrow morning image

    Off to The Running School this afternoon so they can teach my arse to work properly. 

    Really loving all the reminiscing about last year and the pics - starting to get properly excited now.  TD, do feel free to carry me for a few kms....

  • Rather than running school could you not just try syrup of figs?

    Kaz - what's the new job?  I know you've got one but just don't know what it it.

  • yer_maj wrote (see)
    ATM wear that leather mini skirt you wore last time I saw you....they'll have you on the front page of Vogue with those legs Madame...

     Hmmmm, Vogue you say? image

    Happy Birthday RS.

    Kaz - could you maybe work out what your final long run will be, then work backwards to decide what Sunday's should be. On the face of it, a 3-mile jump seems quite big. Altho I can't really talk, I went from 8 to 16 a fortnight ago image

  • Speaking of cover models...



  • Aaagh my eyes!

    Just dropped in to see what witty observations you lot made about the Mo Farah interview and I'm greeted by this!

  • Morning image Slept 2hrs last night (molars are coming out and Junior'a rule is: if I'm not sleeping neither are you"


    Happy Birthday RS

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Happy Birthday RS!
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    As I was waiting to get off the train at 1.15 am, I was having a wee boogie to this on my ipod

    Train manager turned up and looked at me as though I was deranged.  I did the only thing I could under the circumstances - smiled, turned my back and carried on....

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Weedy - another classic, mate.

    Maus - I'm not running more than 32k and I only have 2 planned.

    I'm also running a half three weeks before Paris. I'm not going for a time on the half but should I try to run it at MP or just go with the flow?

    DLR - syrup of figs LOL

    Hello Neil. Was only asking about you yesterday. How's things?
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    This thread really does move quick! image

    Thought I'd post something as I'm pleased with how my injuries (left achilles & right calf) held up last night. Got home from work and ventured out for an 18 mile LSR as I'm too busy at the weekend and don't have the time to do it then. Work colleagues think I'm some sort of mentalist. image

    Achilles hurt after 2 miles, stopped, gave it a massage and it never grumbled again.
    Must be something about evening running (daytime diet?) but I sometimes get stomach cramps. This happend for the final 10 miles last night. Slowed me down but that's a positive as the run was about time on feet and getting those injuries stronger. Averaged 8.25 pace and could have continued (apart from the dodgy guts).

    Younger son's birthday tomorrow so we're out tonight and I'll be having a Jimbob style blowout! image

    If you're on long runs this weekend, have a great time.


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