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  • OO - I recommend a sex change. GFA for women is 3:50. Which, coincidentally, is my silver target...bronze is 3:58, gold is anything under 3:50.

    Vioolman - I wear orthotics with Adidas Adios. Which are pretty low on support. I wear the orthotics to correct a difference in leg length, and they've really made a difference to hip issues I had. Ideally I would have recommended longer to get used to yours, but if they feel OK on a long run I'd say go for it.

    Emmy - I hope you've had your tea *pointy finger*. You are an Athlete and need to fuel image .
  • Dans just picked up some Adidas Boost, he's had an 8 mile burn in them and called up telling me I HAVE to get some NOW. Run Sundays half in them and knock 5 mins of my pb! Not sure about switching shoe before Paris. Anyone else dared to try these? Dan said he felt like he was cheating.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    RR- image pass

    Than Newcastle marathon is 8 laps around the racecourse - I can't imaging a greater mental torture. Apart from the treadmill that is....


  • Yes, forgot to say it's a lapper

  • Orbutt wrote (see)
    Hello Richard. Tell us a bit about yourself. What's that on your head?

    Hey all.  Um, it's a pair of dog ears. Oh and I had a tail as well ... my second London Marathon raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  Rejected for the fifth time in a row in this year's ballot and I didn't think it was fair to fleece all my friends and family for a third Golden Bond place, so I opted for Paris.  I'm doing a 'gentle' marathon next weekend in my home town of Telford ... called the "Groundhog Marathon" because it's 105.5 laps of the athletics track. image

    After Paris I'll be doing the Shakespeare Rotary Marathon in Stratford on the 27th April and then building up the training for "The Wall" on the 22nd June.

    Hope the knees will last out!

    My god there's a fair few of us doing Paris, isn't there!  To my family's disgust I shall be proudly wearing my lucky marathon Union Jack shorts once again...

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Jimbob - I really don't believe any shoes make you run faster. I wouldn't be switching this close to the marathon.

    105.5 laps! image

  • Tell me about it

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    DLR - pm me your email address

  • One hundred!

    And five!!

    Point five!!!

    Speaking of the Wall, I've done another ten miles of it today Richard. I'll post write-up and pics some time tomorrow

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Flaming 'eck Richard, Telford's bad enough without running 105 laps of anything there.  I'm allowed to say that because I was born there....

  • Main aim is to get to the start line uninjured, fingers and all other dangling bits crossed, fit and healthy to date.

    Training program has me down to race a half marathon tomorrow, as there are none happening locally I'm racing a mate who is training for Boston, Chris is 17 years younger and wants 8 minutes startimage

    Targets are,

    Bronze        4:10

    Silver          4:05

    Gold           3:59


  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Richard - rock those shorts, mate. You'll get great support from the Brits as a result.

    I run in a union flag vest and it always gets a shout.

    Mrs O travels around Paris supporting me and she carries a small Union flag. Last year an elderly French gentleman saw her flag and said "God save the Queen". Mrs O was well chuffed.

    Dan. There's another thread in which people are talking about these new Adidas shoes, I think they wanted feedback from anyone that had tried them. There was a discussion as to whether bounce was good or bad. A few years ago it was seen as a bad thing, apparently.

    105.5? Finn would laugh at that.
  • I get cranky if I have to do 2 laps of something.

    TJB: I wouldn't be changing shoes this close either...

    Richard: Well done you on raising cash for such a worthy cause. You're gonna love Paris.

    On the subject of 'lucky' attire - my favourite pair of runnng shorts were eaten by my washing machine before I left Australia. I am still mourning their loss and am not sure what I'll wear instead. Probably tights so my thunder thighs are on show for all to see...image

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    It's much too early....porridge eaten, back to bed for an hour now...

  • Marathon Maus thank you for the offer (many many pages back now!) I have one last option to get sports gels and that's on the Chinese amazon where anything goes. I wonder if they produce fake power bar gels? We'll see.

    Inspiring first marathon stories. Mine was a bit of a disaster, falling apart and finishing 25 mins over my 4 hour target, but still one of the best moments of my life. This year I'm hoping for:

    Bronze: under 4:25

    Silver: under 4

    Gold: under 3:50

    I'm running in nike free run trainers. Theyre very neutral and lightweight, not designed for marathons, but others I've tried (lunar glide and Pegasus) tried to correct my landing foot too much and caused me to changed my running style = ITB and other knee problems. My nike free runs have zero bounce but don't try to correct you. Agree with danirr (again many pages back) that we've all learnt to run in our own different styles since we were tots, so we've adapted ourselves physically, and corrective shoes can cause more problems than they solve. Much the same as how you hold a pen. If it works for you and you can write with a normal pen, keep on going with it. You don't need a different pen that will try to change your grip. Bit obscure?
  • Obviously that doesn't apply when there are real problems in the first place that need to be fixed. But sometimes we (or I) listen too much to what the guys in the running shop say.
  • All porridged and caffined up. Off to Tesco now for more plasters and cotton wool for my poor feet. 5 weeks to go and my body is starting to crumble.
  • Gorgeous sunny morning, shame to ruin it by running 20 miles !

    Have fun out there folks
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Morning al,

    RR - yep... Managed to eat it. I would have loved to have eaten but so busy :/

    Weedy- I'm just trying to be realistic. Hopefully I'll get gold. I'll know more tomorrow after my 10 mile race image
  • TM2 -before MM starts wondering what she offered to do, it was me with the gels. The offer still stands though.

    Paris tri has been cancelled this year image . Organisational difficulties, apparently. Boo!
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    I know you're going to call me a Muppet as first timer should not fix times, only aim to finish and enjoy the experience.

    Gold : sub 3h55

    Gold: 4h

    Gold: sub 5h

    My HM time 'predicts' 3h45, I thought about aiming for 30k mark at 3h55 pace and seeing how I feel. I hope to be motivated in the last 12k by overtaking all those stupid first timers who didn't listen to the excellent advice. I still have 3 LSR which could reinforce my stupidity.

    Is it worth having a running buddy?

    My mother is coming over to watch, I've told her it's a bit different from school sports day. I think she wants to go to the pub. I told her about the -9 windchill at my HM and she told me I should wear a scarf. I'm worried finding her at a water station handing out sandwiches. I hope she doesn't put my trainers in the wash.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    I've said it before but it's worth a repeat: I'm driving over this year, happy to bring gels or any other requirements (NOT yours DLR) for anybody who may have hand luggage issues. I'll be in Paris from Friday lunchtime
  • PC - can I place an order with you mum for a banana sandwich at 32k please?
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Oooh I've not had a banana sandwich since about 1978. That would be stonking...
  • Morning all,

    Hope everyones LSR's go well this weekend.

    I have decided on 15-16 miles  tomorrow, 18-19 next week then hopefully 20-22 the next two Sundays leaving me with a 2 week taper. Does that seem doable?? Its only 3 weeks since I got back to running and the vioce in my head keeps saying to much??image

    Kettlebell dvd and 5mile run this morning, off to work in a little bit for workout number two!!!image

  • Oh Yer_maj, I didn't realise you were driving over. I may ask for assistance in getting cartons of milk over for junior since taking it in hold lugguage may have disastorous consequenses. I arrive in Paris about 1.30 on the Friday.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    No worries, just get a list to me by the week before.

    And listen to the voices in your head....
  • Oh sorry RR! I remembered there was alliteration and convinced myself it was MM. Many thanks for the offer! image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I'm also coming down by train so happy to bring stuff as well image

    @PC91- just let your mum enjoy it image my mum always seems to end up at the tea counter at UK races and loves waiting around chatting to everyone.
  • Oh..  just thought of another Top Tip for you marathon virgins....

    Travel to Paris wearing your race day run shoes.   If you lose your luggage you can replace everything else, but you can't replace your favorite (and well worn in) race day shoes.


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