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  • Hi all--Alexander here--Have been following the thread here for the last couple of months. Really useful stuff particularly regarding pacing over the past 10 days.

    Bit of background--Signed up for Paris on Xmas day. My first marathon. Had started training in December for Barcelona. Started out with the RW 1st marathon schedule but as my running has improved, i have become more ambitious. Had been a good cross country runner as a teenager until the fags took over.

    Quit the fags 6 years ago but picked up a cigar after 30 days and had been smoking away on these until last October. Took up running over 3 years. Did a couple of hilly 10ks until i got injured and then just plodded away 3 times a week doing 4 1/2 miles a session.

    Training had been going well until about 10 days when exhaustion and food poisoning hit. 1st moved to a sub 4 plan and then thought i could come in at a sub 3.45. Did my first half marathon a month ago and came in at 1.42.05. I was surprised i could hold my pace and run the last 6 odd miles faster than the first. Began to become ambitious! As part of training plan I found another half marathon two weeks later in Italy since i had to go there for work. Target time 1.37. Well when I got off the plane, I arrive in a snowstorm and had to drive through it on the motorway for two hours thinking there is no way they will have the race. Woke at 6 exhausted, looked out, saw snow on the ground and went back to bed. When i awoke, i headed out not sure what i would do. The road had been for the most part cleared and thought what the hell I would run my own half marathon. Well i huffed and puffed but somehow kept the pace and came in at 1.38.25. Not bad for a 50 year old.

    Had to work on my feet most of that week combined with some light speedwork. the tempo run was hard and couldn't hold the pace. Got a job in Paris and realised it was the same weekend as the semi. Thought I would run the majority of the course. Started form my hotel and then to the champs elysee, down the rue de rivoli, made a wrong turn at some point but ended up finding the start of the semi. The time was 10.15. It didn't seem to have started but when i went round near the front I was mistaken, the pens were moving and off. Joined in and for the next 8 miles was overtaken doing an average of 10 mins a mile. Then continued on by myself along the Seine with the last couple of miles on the 20 painful.

    Had to go to work after and joined those who had hired me for lunch, to arrive late to a load of shellfish. Could have used my better judgement and order something more beneficial but went with the flow since i was picking up the bill. Then on my feet for a few hours and a longer day the next day on my feet. No running until the Tuesday--my last day in Paris. Rented a bike and followed the course to the 20 mile marker. Did a gentle warm up mile along the route and then started a 1 mile at 5k pace. Managed the first mile but after that could hardly do 300 yards before having to stop before giving up any further speedwork but plodded along to finish the course. Found a bike rental spot and biked back to the hotel. Arrived back frozen and feeling terrible thinking my love affair with running might be over!

    Came back to the UK with terrible heartburn--acid stomach--which went on for days. Thought it best to take two days off. Legs a mess--exhausted and heavy--all bouce gone. The tank completely empty and the will gone. Pulled myself out on Friday for a 7 mile gentle run. Thought about taking saturday off but couldn't resist a 3 miler and fllowed this up with a hard going 21 miles. It is hard at an hour 45 to relaise you still have an hour 45 to go.

    but fro reading the thread, i think the wise move for me is to set a goal of 3.40 and if I am going well to go for lower. When I signed up I was determined to enjoy t

  • Continued

    When I signed up I was determined to enjoy the experience and I know trying for a sub 3.30 could seriously compromise this. so thank to all those who gave advice to JimBob. am now going to start in the sub 3.45 pen Well thats me. Felling better today as I did 12 x 2 mins uphill and felt stronger as the session went on. My love of running has returned!

    Revision...went with the flow re the shellfish because I wasn't picking up the bill!


  • And hopefully you will, Alexander. Welcome.

    Today I have mostly been bleeding (in a fairly controlled fashion) and revisiting my musical youth.

    The new David Bowie album has been on heavy rotation. It is ace.

    I have also bought tickets to see Mudhoney, The Meat Puppets and Andy Cairns (of Therapy?) in the next few months.

    I wish it was the '90's again!

    Running...? Uh, no.

    New club tomorrow though! Cheers all.
  • Alexander - missed your addition. Meant hope you enjoy it!

    And re: bleeding. Giving blood. And continuing to bleed tonight. I suspect this is why they say to leave the plaster on overnight...
  • Good luck everyone!  I am out... spent a month with flu and a chest infection.  I only just started running again last week and the longest I managed was 5miles and that was very tough... and slow (about 2mins a mile slower than my estimated marathon pace!)


    I really just want to say I hope you all have great runs and I shall be in fighting form for Berlin.

    I shall also pop my head in nearer the race to check how you are all getting on!

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Alexander - Welcome to the thread. Hard to say what your target should be. Your half time certainly suggests sub 3:45, probably depends on how well your stamina holds up on your longer runs.

    Oops - Sorry to hear you are out for Paris. I lost a couple of weeks to flu this winter. It's the last thing you need when marathon training. It's good you still have Berlin to aim for.

    Iain - Now that's what I call some good tickets. I bloody well love Mudhoney, one of my favourite bands. I've been lucky enough to catch them live a few times. A bit of Touch Me I'm Sick really brings out the mosh pit loving, staging diving, long haired grunge kid of my youth.

    Now off to see if they're playing anywhere up here. UPDATE: Ticket purcahsed. image

  • 10 hours thats a first in a long time!! In bed before youngest last nite!!image

    Snow this morning, so I will go for a run after work when my legs are feeling really trashed. A great excuse for taking it easy and being really slow!!


  • Good work, Eggy! Seen them twice in the past and they were excellent. New album out in April and support from The Meat Puppets too!

    My music taste was irreversibly altered by grunge and music of the '90's. Great days. Great music to run too!
  • Eggy. You've got to get yourself into In The Long Run. I think between you and Iain Moore you can cook up some fantastic playlists. There's a lot of running to be done but a lot of road trip too! Four months tmrw we'll all be congregating in Bratislava!

    Welcome to the thread Alexander. As OO can testify, I really don't enjoy seafood before running, just think it is a bad idea. And afterwards. Euch.

    Iain. Hope you aren't bleeding awful now.

    Anyone out running in snow today? I have a little 2.5k race to do at work this lunchtime. It's -10 C here in Belgium and The Inner Wimp is shivering.
  • Welcome to the, er, mosh pit, Alexander image . Sorry to hear that Oops, but sounds like a sensible decision. Get well soon.

    London runners - Jimbob and I are planning a 10 miler (easy paced, taper-stylee) somewhere central on the morning of Good Friday. Probably followed by a small beer or other suitable beverage. Anyone interested, pm either of us.

    List fairy - can you add another one to the Pasta Papa list, my friend Bec. She's another Australian - must be like buses, you don't see any for ages then a whole lot turn up at once image
  • Thanks for the VERY warm welcome guys! Yes, I'm in melb, and its been crazy hot, and windy - went for a lap of the Tan this morning and got a hairdryer headwind there and back - not cool! Does anyone have any idea what temp it might be in Paris in three weeks?

    We're headed to London the week after, will be fun to be a spectator for once!

    You guys might already have discussed it, but do you know whether you can change the group you start in? Or you just rock up and slot into a different pen? I might have signed up with a little ambitious time back in October...
  • Oh! Also, I got a Garmin 610 w soft HR monitor, and it was a little pricier than others, but just brilliant. I got a good deal online in the US black Fri sales. There's often others in my running group with Garmin-envy...
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Jus T - Yes, I believe you can change pens at expo. As for the weather I've heard some years have been really warm, while last year it was nice and cool if a bit windy. I'm praying for some good cool running conditions. If it's warm I'll melt away.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Welcome to Jus T and Alexander!

    The Jimbob wrote (see)

    anyway, talkin of taper psychosis, Dan was back and forth on email today chattering about how good a shape he was in and wanted to get a last minute place in the Rome marathon cause he feels like he can run one NOW! I also encouraged himimage, by approaching one of the charities i do a lot for asking iof they had any spare places for London (got a big fat no chance back!)

    in all seriousness at the moment it does feel like it would be worth doing a "double" as per the likes of Eggy and Emmy, with all this fitness. Or is that me just being a crazy person as well?


    I think you need to work out the definition of double. Double over two days: DEFINITELY NOT unless you're not aiming for time - just numbers.

    Your double over 2 weekends isnt that bad on the body as long as you keep reminding yourself your goals. For me; i'm planning to smash it out in Paris and then plod around Antwerp two weeks later BUT if the hip doesnt play nicely: i'm going to re-evaluate my goals and see what makes the most sense.

    You'd be suprised how quickly your body can recover. For me now - after Tuesday; i'm absolutely fine and *could* do it every weekend if I wanted.

    Marathon Maus wrote (see)

    JB: It is taper madness! Resist!

    Says the woman who has just drunk half a bottle of wine...

    Ooh - but wine always makes you say the right thing!

    Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)
    Eggy. You've got to get yourself into In The Long Run. I think between you and Iain Moore you can cook up some fantastic playlists. There's a lot of running to be done but a lot of road trip too! Four months tmrw we'll all be congregating in Bratislava!

    Welcome to the thread Alexander. As OO can testify, I really don't enjoy seafood before running, just think it is a bad idea. And afterwards. Euch.

    Iain. Hope you aren't bleeding awful now.

    Anyone out running in snow today? I have a little 2.5k race to do at work this lunchtime. It's -10 C here in Belgium and The Inner Wimp is shivering.

    Agreed TD.... but hang on... I thought you wanted me to sing *queue Madame Edith from 'Allo 'Allo*

    I agree to the seafood... I can't eat it at the best of times.

    This morning was 6 miles in the freezing cold. It was cold but I definitely enjoyed watching the sunrise over the fields.

  • I am going to look a right idiot this afternoon running in cold weather gear and sunglasses. image

    Off now to walk the dog, and child to school before work. image

    As for seafoodimageimageimage

  • Bad luck, Ooops..A wise decision, though. We'll see you in 2014image

    And welcome to the thread Jus T and Alexander. * J, head for the desk marked '

    Litiges ', near where you pick up your bib at the Expo, and explain your change.They'll mark your bib with your new colour.It'll be checked before you go into the pen on the Sunday. you can't change pens on the day. *

    I am praying for 11 degrees, max..

  • Morning Lovelies,

    Welcome Jus T and Alexander.

    MM how you feelin after the wine? (training today?)

    to echo what Running Rodent said. Anyone in the London Area want to join us? It'll be 10 miles of joggin and nattering, followed by a light snack and quick couple of drinkies. Any excuse for a social me! I'll come up with a route that gives us the Thames, some parks, various sites, the palace etc, with plenty of nice straight bits to be kind to our knees. Get in touch with me or RR on here via p/m, or facebook, or emails/mobiles if you have that level of access! It'll be a nice pre-paris get together!


  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭

    Hi Jus T and Alexander.

    I have a nice easy 5miles at lunch today, glad the wind has died down.



     Is the picture link thingy still broken?

  • Ah....yes...image Still, any new photos for the who's Who? jpeg, bib number and time goal to me, please, and I'll add you to the Gallery. It's easier than turning up at the Arc wearing a red rose and carrying a copy of the Times.

    OK, DV. any chance of an up-to-date- Runners' List? I ask only so I have fodder for....yes....another list!  Having nothing better to do, I'll make a Mobiles' List be circulated among those actually on we can all avoid wandering round like the old daffodil with no pals. It is, actually, quite handy for coffee meetups/gel exchanges and Parisian meltdowns...

  • welcome to the newbies.

    Well, woke up to some white stuff again this morning, got rather excited about getting those chains on again, but the roads are ok.

    headed out in falling icicles and lost all feeling in lower face by 2k.  Home by 9k and think my arse dropped off somewhere, even after a shower I still couldn't feel it. 

    North of France has been hit bad by the weather, so I'm hoping in three weeks time it will be a nice temp of about 10 degs and not a heatwave as was 2007.

    I will try and get you a photo ATM......if I know how to do it...image

  • Re: the weather for the marathon.....there is a much used expression here in France that goes something like this: 'balcony temperatures at Christmas result in open fires at Easter'.  It was very mild here at Christmas and could potentially mean that it is cold for us in 3 weeks.

    Glad I got my 30kms done yesterday as there is snow everywhere now.

    Rest day for me with the accompanying guilt; not looking forward to the taper as it sends me more mad than normal.


  • Hi Jus

    We have quite possibly run past each other at the Tan, I have trained with 2 groups there

    -Tribal Tri Club and In2Running.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I knew we hadn't see that chart for a while!

  • That was just a pic posting test. However, it's ALWAYS a useful reference point.

    Emmy - Madame Edith was a class act. Your singing will be very welcome. image

    Welcome aboard Jus T and Alexander and hi to any other lurkers out there. Come join in the fun and tell us a bit about yourselves.

    I have 27 people on my list for Saturday night food at Pasta Papas. Just saying'. In 10 more days I'll make the reservation and won't take any late requests after that as it is too much mucking about and the resto mgt get upset.

    Did a little 2.5km race this lunchtime in the forest with the work running club. 9m34s got me first place in very icy conditions. A real lung burner. Quite happy with that. I am taking part in an Ekiden Marathon race this weekend. We are looking to beat the 2:39:51 we racked up in October in torrential rain.

  • ''...However, it's ALWAYS a useful reference point....''

    It's good to have something to aim for...image

     * Where are you , Howey? I thought this was the year of your return to Paris? *

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @TD - I'll start practicising nowimage

    Do you want to post the list so we can make sure that we're all on there?
    RE: Ekiden - I'm VERY jealous. Let's hope that it defreezes enough for this weekend.

    My car got stuck in the snow this morning at work. I had to beg help from the handyman and the receptionist to get the car moving image I knew I should have stayed at homeimage

  • Onetit, the forum is eating most of my messages.... I got your mobile number, thanks.image

  • Did 15k in heavy snow
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