Paris Marathon 2013



  • TD...   I've not seen that before..  its excellent..  image


  • I'm not injured but couldn't resist a peek at TD's video. Brilliant!
  • thanks ATM, have gone through it all - ASO challenge web and got "me" up, but it's not showing that I'm registered for Paris, even though I've got my BIB number on runners list.  So can't get any further.  If I look at runners list, it shows you a ASO sort of certificate with your number, is that what needs to be printed?

    I'm confused with all this internet stuff....!

    My legs are sore now, so am sitting with them up, nursing a beetroot smoothy and listening to the footy on Five Live...






  • Onetit....  here is a link direct to the medical certificate..


    Print it off, write your name and bib number on it, and take it to your doctor to get signed and stamped.




  • That's not what's worrying her, DV. It's the ' convocation' thingy.

    I'm sure we'll all get an email with a direct link...but for those who like to panic early/panic often.. You have to log in here  and then follow ze previous instruktions.. image


    this is what I get, I'm logged on as me, but it does not show I've registered, so therefore I can't download my details, I think.



    Got the doc thing ok - thanks.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    DV - I think it's the Convocation that Onetit is after.

    Onetit - I've had a look at the runners list for my name and I can't see any associated documents. What does it look like?

    Mine has the Schneider Electric Marathon De Paris banner at the top and below that has my name, bib number, DOB, pen and target also has a box warning you about the medical certificate. Is that what yours looks like?
  • Onetit - thats like what I got on my daughters laptop but totally differnet to what I got on mine???

  • No, Orbutt...It's not the Runners' List. You have to log into ASO Challenges. Go to ' My Account'.Click on ' Marathon de Paris' . To the right of the screen, you will see 'convocation/Subcription Track'. Click that.  On the next screen, there's a clickable link to ' Download my convocation'.

  • Onetit, on that screen,( the one in your url) click top left on the ASO Challenges logo...It will take you to the login page. Put in your details, top right...

  • I got a reminder, by email, about the convocation, 10 days before the Half. So, we'll probably all get one for the mara'.But the link will still be to the ASO homepage. We still have to log in. It's not the simplest procedure...

    But, hey,if anyone doesn't yet know their Max HR, you're going to find out doing stuff like this..image



    this is all I get, and it is not showing I'm registed

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Hi ATM - the reason I mentioned the Runners List was that Onetit said she'd found a sort of certificate there.

    I've got mine - thanks to you image
  • no panic then, we wait....image


  • so on the ASO page is it showing that you are in the Paris Marathon then?  perhaps it's going by "when you registed" or surnames? 


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Well, things turned out well after all.  I needed 20 today and my plan was 7 miles, then the Atlanta Half. My foot was really bothering me last night, stairs were very painull and my wife thought I was nuts to try.  I figured the first 7 would tell the story - it was pain free.  So, did the Atlanta Half at a very slow easy pace and it was great.  No pain at all. Not sure why, but am quite happy!

  • See...  if we could post photos on the RW site we would do screen shots of how to do this...

    I just downloaded my Convocation...


  • DV, post your screen shots on picassa or flickr or something..and paste the links. Or just explore the ASO Homepage. Onetit, I logged in using my ASO nickname.

  • I'm logged on fine, but it is not showing my races - ie not registered on there at all.,  so can't get any further - getting bugged by it now and want to chuck laptop out of the window.....

    have emailed Paris Marathon bods

  • Onetit wrote (see)


    this is all I get, and it is not showing I'm registed




    Click on the link you provided...

    Then click on the central box  Marathon De Paris

    Top Right side of the enxt window it says   Convocation/Subscription Track

    Click on that

    On the next window, top left it says   Download Convocation

    Click on that...  download and print it off..

    The sheet has your name, dat of birth and bib number



  • Onetit, I've sent you screen shots.

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    ATM wrote (see)

    yer_maj..the Eiffel Tower dress. Fishnet tights avec? Too classy?image

    De Rigeur, I'd say...

    I am never, ever going to Tesco on a Sunday afternoon again.  The cupboards were bare so I had no choice but what a waste of half of my day....grrr...

    I still haven't even had a confirmation email for my Paris entry yet...

  • Afternoon, I emailed the ASO to say I hadn't had a confirmation email, they replied if I had a bib number on the profile page I was accepted
  • I agree, an ironic nod both to trashy dressing and to the whole Eiffel concept of structural engineering.Or I might just wear the creepy compression knee-highs.



    nope, doesn't work for me, this is what I get only from the Paris Website.  I can't get anything on ASO as you say above thanks though


  • ok.. onetit..   so.. it shows your name and bib number..  that's good.


    go here...


    Top right of the screen and you need to log in...

    Do you remember your log in details when you first registered...?

    Once you are logged in, follow the instructions that I gave you




  • Thanks ATM, your page is showing you as registered, that's the difference, mine is not, so I can't go any further.

    have emailed the Paris Mara so see what they say.



  • I'm home, tired achy, race report coming up. Today went well despite the horrendous relentless weather. Just fixin me self some food then I'll be on
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    TJB -the suspense....
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