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    Rebecca - Sorry, I've never had a problem getting the form signed from my GP. He will need the form signed and stamped though. My GP has never examed me either time, just signed the form and stamped it and sent me on my way.

  • It's quite frustrating to be honest, the doc also said after a medical he won't sign the form?!!

    I think going private is the best option, all this stupid red tape is getting irritating.
  • Steve - actually, now's the time to get a cold - gives you time to catch it, recover, and be on the start line with your immune system at red alert. The week beforehand is when the real sniffle paranoia starts - if you catch a cold that week, it's much more of a problem.

    Rebecca - it doesn't have to be a GP who signs the form, any medical doctor with access to a stamp will do. Anyone else you could try?

    DV - I started in the Parc Leopold because it was near my hotel, then headed off for a loop round the Jubelpark. But I'd definitely be up for a trot round the forest in future - problem is that when I'm over for work I tend to be a bit squeezed for time, but I'll see what I can arrange.

    SP13 - in the context of marathons, 'romance' is much more likely before the race than after, unless your idea of romance involves walking down stairs backwards, slowly, and eating your own body weight in croissants. Which I suppose it might...
  • RR - i'm laughing at the phrase "Sniffle Paranoia" - i'm gonna get all sorts of paranoia over the next couple of weeks!

  • RR - own body weight in croissants... that does sound like heaven...
  • SP13 talkin of marathon romance - im am gonna be serenading my bowels with sweet song on my ukelele for them to give me the pre-marathon poo i need and deserve

  • Rebecca - if you can afford it, at least going private, you know it'll be done. I would however make sure Thr doctor WILL sign after a satisfactory medical.
  • TJB - WHAT??
  • SD2 - triple strength horseradish and garlic tablets are our staple during winter, and right now I'm taking double doses anytime I'm near anyone who cough's/sneezes.

    KS - we booked an apartment (a block or two north of the arc) through some American vacation website (we're not yanks...) But now you've got me freaking about all apartment legitimacy! That being said, have you tried airbnb? They have a pretty good reputation, and a great review system. Would have used them if we'd heard about it before we booked.

    Can we do more lists yet? More lists! More lists! I heart lists!

    No running since the weekend makes Jus T go something something...
  • IAIN:


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    IM2 - are you really sure you want to know?

    Rebecca - it really is amazing that some doctors will happily sign and stamp, others will charge and some flat out refuse. I blame the compensation culture for the latter.

    Could he offer the doctor an affidavit of his own promising that the doctor will not be held responsible under any circumstances?

    When it comes down to it, he will need the medical form signed and stamped to be able to run in Paris. It must also be the wording as specified on the website. Just bear in mind that the people who check these forms at the expo will only be looking for the wording, a stamp and a signature. As long as they get those, they will be happy.
  • @KeyserSuze wrote (see)

    Thanks Orbutt - thanks ATM too, found it about twenty pages back. Now waiting to be reminded of my password!

    SP13, sounds like a great way to spend a birthday! My 3-0 will be at Glastonbury this year. 

    KS: Good luck with the ASO site! i tried to get a password reminder. All I got was a link (in French, thank goodness for Google translate) that logged me in automatically. Then when I went to try and change the password, it asked me for my existing password before I could change. Which I didn't have because it just automatically logged me in. And then when I clicked the "forgot password" beside "enter your old password", it just sent me a fresh link to log in automatically. image If you figure it out, can you let me know?

  • Hi WI. If you want to get in touch, email me at alisoncjohn gmail com


  • ATM wrote (see)

    Is this the year to abandon the go-faster-old-slapper nail varnish? Or not? A Nation waits...


    Just done OPI "Flashbulb Fucshia"! No way can you abandon go-faster nail varnish...

    Hair colouring tomorrow. Won't be anything dramatic (unless they stuff it up - it is my first non-Australian hairdressing experience).

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    Hi WI. If you want to get in touch, email me at alisoncjohn gmail com


    Curses: alisoncjohn at gmail dot com


  • Now for a serious running/pacing question. The guy in TJB's video suggested even splits. Sounds great in theory.

    I get that I need to go out slow. I have no problem with that.

    But when's the point at which you start speeding up?

    Should you be aiming to get your first few kms dead on mara pace, or is it OK to be a little slower? If you go out a little slower, how or when do you decide to push it (Cue Salt'n'Pepa) and how do you "make up" pace?

    Or have I just hit upon the trickiest issue of all and I just have to figure it out myself?

  • I'm think MM that the first few miles of Paris are quick, plus you'll get caught up in the moment and go off quicker than your target pace. So, when you feel yourself flying down the champs elysees and your garmin says you ran 4mins for the first km, just calm down and settle to your comfortable target pace (and hold it), otherwise you'll burn out after 15 miles and it wont be fun!

    I think it's a good idea to go out and run 10 or 12 miles at your target pace really concentrating on keeping your miles and pacing even. Part of me wanted to do that on Sunday but with the rain - i changed my mind and ran like a mad person! i will go and do 12 this sunday at marathon pacing even splits 100% for sure tho

  • Did someone say romance?

    Things Swiss Tony says marathon running is like (It's quite a short list Jus T):
    1) Making love to a beautiful woman.

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    Every sport in France requires a medical certificate, thus creating a supply for the doctors. At 23??? the visit, the doctors rubber stamp the form without looking up. I got mine last year the day after I ran 500m, it has the wording "can compete in a running competition ". Doesn't say if it's a 5k, marathon or the 180km Mont Blanc !

    Every 2 years, or new job, I have to see the work's doctor. They have standard tests including the eye chart where you have to read the bottom line, not once has a doctor laughed at my "made in china" joke. I have never heard of anyone not being fit for work.

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties in the UK. If someone is rejected by the expo then yellow page the nearest French doctor. Good luck.
  • Sorry to barge in amidst the taper madness, can I ask your advice on what sort of runs I should be doing now to April 7. I've never attempted 2 marathons so close together before and have no clue how to go about it. I guess my limping will continue for next few days.

    Also, can I be included to the goal time compilation, gold,silver bronze, and again, may I ask your comment what would be sensible? My time in barcelona was 4:14. Any comment is much appreciated.
  • He has said he's willing to write a disclaimer but they're not interested. I wonder if a trip to the NHS walk in centre would help. Not sure. Good idea re: French doctors, it's worth a try. Thanks for your help
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    Larri - I'm doing London after Paris and from what I've read all the runs I should do between those are short and easy on the pace. What I've read seems to suggest three/four runs a week depending on how I feel. With a hour long run as my longest the at the weekend between races.

    Time is hard to call. I'd say if you ran Barcelona at your maximum and didn't hold back I'd expect to run at a slower pace at Paris. I believe from what I've heard doing one at "race pace" is fine, but if doing two so close together one is at race pace the other at an easier pace.

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    Got my med cert signed today. Just gotta remember to take it with.

    Steve - sanitizer gel is a good idea,but this year's strains of some GI bugs are not affected by gels - you must wash with soap and water. Solitary confinement might work too.


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    Morning all. Am on my way to Germany again.

    Rebecca - don't use the walk in - they won't be any luck. Do you have any friends who are doctors/ nurses/ receptionists that could just put a stamp on it? A lot of people forge it. Luckily, my doctor is a runner and signed me off without any issue.

    ATM - I'm thinking of a tribute to France and wearing red,white and blue nail polish. With my Union Jack vest they'll not work out if I'm being English or Frenchimage

    YM / Kaz- what about some temp colours? Like spray colour?

    I'm going to have to wait until my LSR this weekend before deciding about pace for Paris. My IT Band is flaring up so I'm stretching everywhere I can (including whilst on the trainimage). Please send some good vibes to my legs!
  • Rebecca - what Orbutt was hinting at in his last paragraph is that the checking process is very rushed and carried out by volunteers who quite possibly can't speak English let alone have access to be able to validate in any way whether a form is genuine.  All they look for is if the wording is correct, whether someone has signed it and whether there appears to be a practice stamp.

    Now, I would never condone such trickery but many people in your BF's situation have printed out a form, signed it in the name of a made up doctor and got hold of a stamp with a made up surgery name on it.  It's a good deal cheaper than paying 100s for a private examination somewhere - that may not have vacancies anyway.  

    As I say, I'd never condone or encourage any such act.

    In an unrelated comment this company does custom stamps for less than £10...

  • Mausy - Agree with TJB.  It's a decent start in Paris so there shouldn't be anything to hold you up, and with the Champs Elysses being slightly downhill it'll probably be more of a danger that you'll go off too fast (cue DLR image ). As long as there's not congestion it's always more a matter of hitting the first 10/12 bang on the money at marathon pace  and not getting carried away.

  • Emmy - No temp or permanent colour going near my greying hair..........I am not risking the 'smurf' look again!

    Pacing - My aim is to hold back for the first 5k and hopefully settle in to some kind of pace then??? But then again I am not running with a goal time in mind??

    Rebecca - That is a nightmare. I would follow DLR's 'advise'!

    My trip to the doc this afternoon. Same doc who followed up after the op so hopefully...........

  • Jimbob, I saw your photo on fb last night. You have lost soooooooo much weight! Well done! That must have been a marathon effort of its own. You should update your forum pic now that you are skinny!! You are going to do really well in Paris.
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    I think I made myself the list fairy for the medal table. If you want to give me your. Gold Silver Bronze times. Gold is the very best time if everything is perfect, Silver is more realistic and Bronze is a time you'll be happy with. I'll try to collect the times (there were a 150 messages yesterday, my appoligises if I don't see your message) I'll publish the updated list on Monday.

    My idea about seeing a French doctor is very very last ressort, I would try to get it first in uk. I haven't looked at the English example, if it doesn't say marathon then tell them it's for a 10k (Foul??e de Courtaboeuf, 29th May. Tell them it's a work thing). Lie, cry, bribe! Good luck.
  • A super-dim question: on the downloaded medical certificate, is the 'Race Name' section my name or 'Paris Marathon'? 

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