Paris Marathon 2013



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    ATM wrote (see)


    Suzy, we'll surround you shouting ' Run or Go home Without a Medal!'.

    True, it doesn't have the same ring as ' March or Die' but....


    ATM - I love it, it's very cruel but extremely funny.  I must use it as a mantra when the going gets tough (The tough get going... Billy Ocean. TJB's 80's playlist has got to me)

    Naill - I signed up with the Green 4h but I now feel I can go quicker however I'm going to stay with this pen as I hope they will slow me down at the beginning and I can overtake at the end the Purples (3h45) who went off too quickly.  That's my theory.  Also Green is an omen !

    Weedy - I'm trying to guess the countdown before you post it.  I was thinking of 10 Force Navaronne.  I bet next Tuesday will be '5 Star'.  Oh no I've got the 80's playlist bug !!


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    Weather check : next week, cloudy, 1-9°C.  No rain (or snow).  Forecast upto Saturday.

    However when I looked 2 days ago the French Met was forecasting rain.  You can't trust the French !

  • Bloody hell this thread moves fast...!

    The Jimbob wrote (see)

    The two training Montages in Rocky 4 are just awesome. So ridiculous and cheesy but i LOVE THEM. When i'm running along to Hearts on Fire i feel like a jet taking off from a runway - its a fxxking adrenalin rush MAN.  

    I thought I was the only one! It's been my 'Power Song' for years now, when it reaches its climax at the end it's proper lungs-out legging it! Got aired twice this morning on my tempo 10K. Talking of which, had a great session this morning and beat my PB for 10K in training, now buzzing for next week! Bizarre how 24 hours can change your mindset!


    The owners of the apartment we're staying in have given me a couple of numbers to contact them on, need to ring them when we arrive at CDG. Now, the 'area code' (or whatever it's called in France is);

    + 336 5204 ****

    +33 6 6301 ****

    How should I store these in my phone? So that once over there it'll just connect as per normal?


    Can I pass these M&S chocolate hot cross buns off as Carbo Loading.....?!image



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    7 miles with 8 x 100m strides done.  Bloody hell that was hard going.

    Finally got to the osteopath to undo the damage falling down the stairs did.  Not entirely sure I am totally unbent yet image

    Feeling worryingly calm good will come of it, I tell you...

  • Bedders - You've got it right; the area code for France is 00 33. 

  • Bedders - answer to your second question - yes, absolutely.

    First question - replace the plus sign with 00 and store in your phone as usual.
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    Ooh- I like Green!

  • The Jimbob wrote (see)

    a useful tool


    And a useless tool:



  • LOL.....

    Am heavily into a playlist now - never done this before.

    Thank you Lord and Keep on Moving - Bob Marley......


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    Onetit - are the bands at the expo for certain times or do you mark them up?

    5.7miles down at lunch with a couple at mara pace. Away tomorrow night in a hotel with sauna etc so planning to spend a good deal of time relaxing!
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    Bedders - I think you can store it in your phone with the + and the phone system will take care of the rest.

    Give it a go with a UK number. If the number were 020 7666 4616 then you would store it as +44 20 7666 4616.

    If you were to dial the number in the UK, the phone system would replace the + with a zero. If you were to dial it in France, it would replace it with 00.

    Damn clever these phones.

  • PC91 - Ideally for the tunnels a footpod would cure your ills as it will kick in whenever GPS is lost.  The Garmin will keep counting time (as long as AUTOPAUSE is OFF) but it will then assume a straight line back to when it lost signal when it regains a GPS fix.  Last year with a footpod vs the year before without measured: 26.34 with footpod and 26.36 without, so (if I ran an equally efficient line in the 2 years) the actual deviation isn't great.

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    ATM - didn't you predict it would be green?

  • Sorry that was meant for Trev!

  • I feel like I have been hit by a cancelled dog walking instead.

    Suzy - I am sure You have more fitness than me, and definately more miles in the legs and I am mad enough to be doing it.....image

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    DLR - but helpful anyway.  *Switch off Autopause*

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    Cheers DLR, so it doesn't mess up the timings too bad then. Don't really want to invest in the foot pod as personally wouldn't use it that much I doubt.

    TJB - won't using your phone leave you with a huge data charge or does the gps not use data that way?
  • Thanks Weedy, that would be great! I saw his autobiography on the merchandise table, looked interesting. 

    Just went to M&S for chocolate hot cross buns. No dice. Sad. Still, I was going to make some in our breadmaker this weekend so might just throw some chocolate chunks in and see what comes out!

    I think we're going to try to make it to Pasta Papas on Saturday evening - would someone mind pointing me in the right direction please? If not, will you be in green ribbons under the Arc on Sunday morning?

  • Looking up those distances had me wistfully looking through my splits for last year.  Can't post a pic from the computer while the forum is still fecked but its beautifully even.  Only 3 of the full miles deviated from a 16 second range that the rest sat in, and they were an early one where I went a bit fast and 21 and 26 where I lost focus a bit knowing I was going to hit target, plus the last third of a mile was 50s under as that was my 'sprint' finish.  Ah well, I have the memories. image


    Trev - Footpods are useful.  They'll replace GPS at any time and they measure your cadence.

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    Green is significantly better than the cat sick yellow we got last year.

    I use my footpod on every run I do - really helped me to sort out my cadence

  • Bands......all the bands I've ever collected with my bib have been specific for the time your doing - obvious I know - and are marked up.  I think I'll see if I can find my one from a previous.


    I also use them for pinging myself when I think I'm too slow......image

  • PC91 wrote (see)

    Thanks Jimbob, they seem tempting today because I can't (shouldn't) have one but I'll have my own post race goody bag/meal sorted out.  I bet you've got the first dozen "Now that's what I call music" .  I've just been looking at a few old titles, I think I'm going to add some Cameo and Mel & Kim, by the time I'm finished I'm going to have 6 hours of music.


    PC Just enough to get you round then! image

    Trev, i don't think the gps hammers ones data too much. But i'm getting a booster to be sure for social networking - uploading photos to bollockbook of us all looking well sweaty'n'mingin on the line!

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    Speak for yourself, duckie

  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    If I didn't just have to fork out over ??200 on an unexpected vet bill (dog managed to fracture a tooth!) I would be tempted to get the pod but for the time being the watch will have to do.

    Out of interest is there a certain cadence you should aim for?

    After the last budget finishing t shirt I got I'm not too bothered by the colour as long as it's half decent.
  • sweaty n mingin???  excuse that the start or finish line???  image


  • i'm sorry - not sweaty

  • Suze - dug out and added to the pack pile, along with whisky for Emmy and Crunchies for Danni image

    PC91 - why didn't I think of that? Great film. I'm busy tomorrow morning if you want to join in and post tomorrow's.

  • Cheers Iain, Weedy will see ye in Corcorans on Sunday night then! maybe even sat night just for a look

  • Trev - 180 steps per minute is oft quoted but there's abit of variance in that the taller you are the lower your cadence is likely to be.  It should be pretty much constant though, whether jogging an easy run or rattling out a 3k PB.

  • Great, thanks Weedy!

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