Paris Marathon 2013



  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys image

    Ward, it's Paris. The wine and cheese will be served by a leather clad, pompom wielding Frontrunner. AKA DLR...
  • real names......of course mine is not IT....!  Karen Sweeting if we're telling.. image

    I recall at about that distance in 2007 there was wine and pate, I wanted to puke!

    Listening to the footy..... @-)









  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Yer-Maj - i know how you feel but you have been training in the snow. If you look at all the negatives you had to suffer and all the positives you've achieved, like 300k month. You are ready! image
  • Does anybody know of any good italian places in Paris, or anywhere which does lot of pasta? Planning on reserving a table for Saturday now rather than wait 'till I get out there, as I'd imagine a few thousand others will have similar ideas

  • Yer Maj, you aren't the only one, i bet you are better trained than you think. I feel completely undertrained and whatever happens as long as i get to the start line, i will go through whatever i need to to get to the finish.

    99pc of starters finish, its the ones who don't get to start that need to be more worried. Its some stat like that. Your determination will see you to the end, its just getting through this week!! Avoid people and eat well and rest up.
  • Did a really nice 10 miler this morning, gorgeous sunshine, but perishing cold out of the sun

    yer_maj wrote (see)

    Hi Stan.  My crystal ball isn't sure about your plane but you will need a doctor's stamp on your medical certificate for sure.

    I've got a bit of a dilemma with my med cert.   I got one 6 months ago for the Normandy Half.  It was from a French doctor, in French and stamped.   However, on the website it says it needs to say "Pour course a pied, competition".   Mine just says "ourse a pied".  To me that sounds absolutely fine.   My wife worries they might get super tecnical.  Anyone have thoughts from previous experience?

    As for the Sat AM run in Paris - we're in.   Where/when is the meet?

    PC91 - are you in Paris now?  If so, any chance you are near Bord de Marne?

    Dannirr - nice ride. 

  • It actually says "Course a pied"   I would REALLY like to get the font back to the normal size.  Anyone figured out how to do this?   While I type a reply, the text is barely readable.   When it posts, it seems to be be normal, but this makes it impossible to proof read. 

  • I thought we had to print off the official Doc Cert and get that stamped and signed - it has the proper words on that one?


    I'm taking that and a med cert I got for a previous race in March.  Just to be safe


  • I think if you're from out of the country, they want the official one signed. - this way they don't get odd looking forms which may or may not be real.   If you're in-country, then a French one is accepted as they are rather standardized.    

  • Garmin strap repaired - hurrah image  I think that it may be stronger now than when it was purchased!

    Went for a short run this morning in slantwise rain.  My legs felt like concrete.  I was sluggish - it was as if I had my youngest daughter on my back.  Sincerely hope that it is a one-off.


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    10 miles done. Now its really rest time until the big day.

    Iphone app has been released.
  • EE - well done on the strap and run.  same weather here, glad it's my day off.  tomorrow looking slighty better for my 16k to do....


  • At last I got some Jelly Beans!!image I was having nightmares!!!

  • Lovely run with Eggy 'n' Audrey.Possibly the slowest 8-9 miles ever, with coffees and coke( no, not that kind..) half way and finishing in a chip shop. Class, eh? I'm sure a photo will be posted, sometime..

    Stan, there's a big group of us going to the Champs Elysees branch of Pasta Papa  Probably too late to change that booking but there might still be space in the restaurant.

    Rick, I've emailed you. I think you've been lucky, so far. the ' in competition' bit is specifically required by 'drugs' legislation...not the organisers' rules..and is a requirement unless you have an approved Athletic Licence. no doubt the Expo will be busy and they might not notice but if they do...You've got time to alter it, next week.

    Me, too, kaz. Good old M&S.

  • I've got an HUGE box of Jelly Babies and am happy to share if you let me know I will pack them.


  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Yer Maj - don't make me laugh. You are prime welsh lamb, ready to go. You'll storm it.

    DV - you're missing RickJames from the list 32736

    So far, 72 names on the list - wow.
  • 73 if we're including Douglas Bertram. He'd better do the Orbot at the finish. It's the least he can do for stealing RS's identity.

  • I wonder if he knows...say hi to him if you see him on the course.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    We'll call him Radar Sal
  • kaz1 wrote (see)

    Bedders - What time do you arrive at CDG on the Friday?? We arrive at 13.15 approx, and heading to the apartment and then expo, will also be doing the breakfast run on the Saturday, and marathon on Sunday............Stalker alert!!!!

    Disney for us on the Thursday for eldests 14th Birthday........which is a slight de ja vu - we also spent her 7th birthday at Eurodisney.image

    We get in at 11.10am, flying from Manchester. But other than that we'll probably bump into you a few times then!! image

  • Downloaded the iPhone app for the marathon , I'm sure it'll come In handy , , will let the rest of my family know about and see if they can track my progress over the course
  • ATM wrote (see)

    Stan, there's a big group of us going to the Champs Elysees branch of Pasta Papa  Probably too late to change that booking but there might still be space in the restaurant.


    Not sure if Stan was supposed to be me. Reserved a table at Pastapapa Montparnasse, because it's closer to our hotel. Awkward phone call. Began in french, and thought I was doing quite well untill he asked "anglais?", and passed the phone to somebody else who then spoke to me in English.


    Need to brush up over the next few days methinks

  • A parcel arrived from my sister in Inverness grateful as I am, its a big fail compared to the last one. Last one contained M&S goodies, this one sensible things like book tokens...........image

  • Sorry, Swindon dave.Yes, I did mean you image I haven't been to the other branches but, since they're a chain, expect big portions, reasonable price, not fancy, loads of other runners..

    Any more numbers for the Mobiles' List?  I want to send it out, Monday, and then forget about it. From Tuesday, I intend just to veg/stress...


  • That's good to hear. As long as its not nouveau cuisine, I'll be alright

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Yer Maj - it looks like Febo might have a back to front name situation too.
  • whilst unreliable so far out, i quite like this forecast so thought i would share.


  • Just finished an 8 mile walk on the beach. It's not running, but it will have to for now.... Going to do a wee run in the morning. Maybe.
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