Paris Marathon 2013



  • I've packed numerous layers........long sleeve, short sleeve, vests.....I will be prepared!!image 3/4 capris plus compression socks??

  • Cheers! That's a handy 1 km from my appartment image
  • I'm going shopping tomorrow image

  • RS - you no got your jelly beans yet??


  • Shorts and a t-shirt for me image
  • Running Rodent wrote (see)

    DLR - sounds like you're on the mend. But your timing is out - you usually save the revolting descriptions for early morning posts, just in time to ruin my breakfast. Usually when I'm eating Nutella image .

    In truth the colour and consistency were more like a mix of one part tarka dal to two parts chicken stock.


  • kaz1 wrote (see)

    RS - you no got your jelly beans yet??


    nah, I'm on the SIS gels, but I need new running tops after my internet purchase pink disaster.  My long sleeved tops are a bit big too so will get a new one for paris (same as other tops I've got so no "new top" issues to deal with).

  • kaz1 wrote (see)

    Please does Corcorans allow children in at all??? even for a hour?? image

    I hope so Kaz as I will be bringing 2 of mine (both well behaved and love all this marathon tourism).  Mine are 15 & 12; perhaps they may all like to have a drink together whilst the 'olds' talk about all things to do with running.     

  • Mine are nearly 14 and 11 Elizabeth so that will be good.....hopefully they will be equally well behaved!!

  • DLR - tarka dal? Is that like ordinary dal, but a little otter image ?
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Thanks RS and NCane2, I've been reading about ITB since you posted your replies. I'll be getting a foam roller in the morning and booking a phyiso this week. image .

  • PC the main thing to remember with ITB is that you shouldn't stop, restarting hurts so much more. Run ten minutes slower but constantly, also, ITB is a syndrome that you wouldn't really do permanent damage so just run through it. This is what ive been told so many times, so run through the pain next Sunday and you will be fine. Ill prob be in pain as well just all taped up in my purple KT tape to try and hold me in place.

  • Hi

    I'm new to this thread so sorry if this has been asked before.  Can anyone shed any light on the new staggered starting times for the 2013 marathon? The official starting time is 8:45 (for us non-elites) but the information for my Green zone has a closing time of 9:10. Does this mean that if we are ready for an 8:45 start we have to wait 25 minutes before we kick off or does it mean that we might be able to leave at 8:45 but those who turn up later will still be able to join the race up until 9:10?

    Thanks for any help, Lucy


  • Welcome Lucy - the staggered start is used to moderate the number of people on the course.  If we all tried to cross the line at one time it'd be very chaotic.  They let a side of each pen go at a time so it takes longer than before to cross the line but it's less congested as you're running.  So...yup, you can turn up later but you might not be able to get into your pen as it's moved forward towards the start.  So you'll be left passing people the whole way (if you're as speedy as your pen indicates).  Or you can turn up late and not freeze as long with the rest of us.  Long answer but hope it helps.

  • Running Rodent wrote (see)
    DLR - tarka dal? Is that like ordinary dal, but a little otter image ?

    I like what you've done there image  and building on that theme, you might say the aftermath was a Ring of Bright Water.

  • Dirty Leeds Rob wrote (see)
    The Jimbob wrote (see)
     Need some bar love before I get back to normality x

    OK, but do I get to be the man or the woman?

    If i run a great time and i get on the Bukas - you can be my Bitch!

  • Jimbob - you still need somewhere to leave your bag on the Sunday afternoon/night?

  • Hi Weedy - i'll chat to you about that at the expo/or pasta (you coming?). as my new hotel is right by the Arc they might let me leave it there even if i have to check out. I'm trying to wrangle a late checkout for no extra dollars. dan's hotel said he could have the room to 3oclock no extra charge as he was in town to run the marathon. how nice is that? They said to me that they'll see what they can do when i tun up on Saturday. It's good to have options. cheers mate image

  • I'll see you at Pasta Papas Jimbob, if not at the expo.

  • What to wear? I've never run in below 10deg C condition. In malaysia, all my trainings were done between 28-35deg(80s humidity). My previous European races were fortunately 12-16deg, and i wore shorts and either just vest or short T. Paris condition will be new to me. some earlier posts suggest long sleeve and long tight. Would that be the preferred option? or would that run the risk of over-heating?

    If I'm sounding ignorant, it's because I am.
  • time to drag out that old national pride!


     Though i'll pass on the bleeding nipples this time image




  • Forgot to say hi to Lucy

    Hi Lucy image

    Larri - could maybe do two layers so you can dump a top if you get too hot. Altho the top layer should have your race number on it. Maybe wear the dumpable one underneath and try and take it off as your run along if you're too warm? Or stop for a few seconds and take it off? Or, plan C, try a pair of arm warmers that you don't mind losing, then you can just whip them off and chuck them?

  • Hi Larri. In Malaysia you are used to high temps and humidity. In Paris the temp will stay flat with no humidity. You won't sweat much so there's little danger of over heating. In your shoes I might wear a base layer and a vest, vest on top. If you warm up, pull up the sleeves. A lot depends on how fast you are running/ what effort level and how much natural insulation you have. I'm a skinny boy.

    It's going to be great, hugely looking forward to cheering you all on. Got my flag and pole out tonight, will try and get a pic up so you know what to look out for.
  • yer_maj wrote (see)
    I feel knackered and woefully ill prepared for this marathon. Too many days missed due to injury. Although I have just hit 300km for the month. I'm hoping I've just got a touch of the Tapers...sigh....

    YM: If you are ill-prepared, I'm not sure what that makes the rest of us! If it's any consolation, I feel the same way today. Did 20km today and am wondering how I'm going to do more than double that in less than 1 week.

  • Glad to hear its not just me having a fret about what to wear!

    I think I'll pack 3/4's and full length tights, with shorts over the top for either, then singlet (vest?) and t-shirt and try out my favourite option at the breakfast run and go from there. Also bought a fleece to throw away once I've warmed up, and planning on wearing a pair of socks on my hands for the same purpose.

    Larri, this will be the coldest I've ever run in too, fingers crossed the practice on the Sat will help. The most I've ever worn was 3/4s and a t-shirt in the rain!
  • Thanks Radar Sal, I now know what to expect and hi Weedy, I think I'll follow your advice and bring an extra layer along which I can dump once we get going.  Good luck everyone and see you on the day! 

  • Hi JusT

    Coming over from Australia last year, I'd packed a variety of layers to wear to try and cater for all conditions. By the forecast, I'm guessing it's going to be about the same this year. On the day, I wished I'd had tights to wear (instead of shorts) as the wind was icy cold.

    I also wish I'd held onto my 'throwaway' jumper and garbage bag longer (as a few others have mentioned).

    I ended up wearing a t-shirt with the snood they give you at the expo (a very handy bit of kit), arm warmers and gloves the whole way around. I'd suggest getting yourself some gloves, but just go into Coles or Safeway and grab yourself some of those white cotton gloves they have in the cleaning products aisle for $2. 

    My predicted outfit is going to be tights with short-sleeved t-shirt, armwarmers and gloves once I've discarded an old tracksuit jumper (that I'm yet to purchase...).

    My other tip for you is to bring a handkerchief with you. My nose gets really runny in colder weather, something I didn't have as much in Australia. Tissues tend to get wet pretty quickly, either with sweat or water or whatever, and just disintegrate. Sure, you can snot onto your sleeves/gloves/snood, but a hanky keeps things just that little bit classier....and we're all about that here!image And it was also handy to hide the fact that I was bawling my eyes out for the last 6km...

    I'm in full-scale, 'I can't do this' panic. Last year, this didn't strike until the Wednesday before. It might have something to do with the fact that Mr Maus is 25,000 km away, uncontactable and unable to hose me down.image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Maus - is 'hose you down' another one of those Aussie euphemisms ?image
  • Argo = WOW! (loved it)


    Night all

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