Paris Marathon 2013



  • 81 posts to go to 14,000 for sunday!!

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    I could make fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck last for 81 posts. No bother.
  • SO what could we chat about to get those 79 posts in?

  • I think I need a little lie down. I'm stressing a bit now. Although my mother's words of encouragement this evening made me laugh - 'don't run too fast now' image.

  • RR - that's lovely.  Gave me a chuckle too.

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    YM - for all of us or just Mr YM?
  • Watching Marathon Man.

    The dental traumas have taken on a new hue in the light of TJB's recent tribulations...
  • Had a lovely dinner and lots of laughs this evening with Dannir and Mrs D...   image

    Now..  back at my desk trying to work...   but I keep staring out of the window at the Eiffel Tower all lit up and sparkling for 5 minutes each hour...    it's a beautiful distraction...   I took a small video clip but can't upload it here...   


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Dan, I can share.

    I've just been reminded about the Pompiers. It's cheered me (and my organism) up no end image

    RR do we have the same mother??
  • right, I'm off to sleep.  See you ALLLLLLL tomorrow!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    DLR - so often you share your laughter with us, tonight we share your sadness. I hope you're alright. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
  • Just had to delete a weird repeat post - nothing to see here....
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    RR - ok, mine deleted then too
  • DLR - sorry to hear your news .. not something anyone would want to go through.. thinking of you and your family(())

    Orbutt - LOL thanks Mr .. nice to be missed..

    Fi - how are you doing??

    Heltershelter - you okay?

    Eww Iain had forgotten about that bit in Marathon Man re dentist .. omg.. hope JB's tribulations were nothing like that...

    Remember guys no climbing of the Eiffel Tower tomorrow or mass site seeing.. bit of running for you on Sunday.. looking forward to reading those race reports..



  • Shut up about dentists ! Just had a back tooth disintegrate whilst out for a meal.....
  • RR - YES! Well... To at least halfway. I've got a half iron in May and still on the mend so being cautious. I got told I was too fast to be calling myself slow (but I'm not so sure!!!).
  • Yeah Iain, got so many pills at the moment. Strugglin image
  • image The Engineer you were never slow lol!!

    Like your new name Le Jimbob - hope the painkillers kick in soon image


  • DLR..   sorry to hear the news.   Never a good time......

    I am wearing my green WWKD band...  I hope the rest of you remembered to bring it too....!



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    DLR- very sad at your news. These things are never well timed, hope you will welcome the distraction the race provide.

    Slow Engineer (sorry old habits....) didn't realise you were running this year- good luck. London for me in 2 weeks.

    Good to to all. So jealous not to be there. 

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    DLR - sorry to hear the news. We are all thin king of you and yours.

    Packing is now done. Just got to sort the food for tomorrow which I will do in the morning.

    Off to bed now before I start stressing about this whole adventure.

    Really jealous of all of you who are already there. Must make a note to go early next year.

    Bonne nuit and see some of you tomorrow at the Arc providing I find teh Expo and get back to my hotel afterwards.

    Only 61 posts to go. Should be a doodle with the pace of this thread. If we could all go this fast on Sunday it woiuld be amazing. image

  • Never imagined for one minute I'd think of this as anything more than just one more race but I am happily ensconced in my hotel with a big smile on my face... true to my name I've turned up at the at the last minute wondering if there was still a forum... I met a few of you last year and wish everyone on the boards a very happy and smile filled run Sunday... Take care all...
  • Night all, unusual to be in bed before midnight.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    DLR - man hugs image

    I've got to be up in 5 hours to start making my way but my head won't turn off.

    I've also got to do my bit towards the 14k.

    Sleep tight buddies, see you later image
  • Sorry to hear about ur families loss DLR

    Thoughts are send to the family
  • I think my hotel must have the most expensive beer in Paris. 22 eur for 1 beer!!!!!

    Wtf!! Ok, so I know we have a nice view, but 22 eur for a beer?!?!?!

    And no... I never bought one...

    Anyone got any other outrageous prices..?
  • Just wanted to wish you all good luck for Sunday. I have great memories of last year in Paris and a fantastic video momento curtesy of Orbutt. I would never have got to the start line last year without the great advice of this forum. Will be thinking of you all on Sunday. Allez les bleus...les vertes..les violets etc!!!!
  • God it's chillllllly
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Yup it's way too chilly for this Southern boy.

    Can't sleep. Still on US time.
  • DLR - sorry to hear

    Thanks for the heads up on the weather all.

    I'm internet free now till I get back home, so good luck to everyone - it's been a blast training with you lot image

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