Paris Marathon 2013



  • Nearly forgot...


  • Morning all,

    Feeling very strange, probably since I woke up and didnt know where I was........horrible feeling!

    Ihave slept well(for me!), No sounds from the other room after 9.30pm so must be good and I will hopefully have 2 happy, non moody daughters today!
  • DV- Envious of your view!
  • wakey wakey!!!!

    Up at KOC....    

  • Oi Oi! Let's 'ave it!
  • In the interest of rigorous scientific research I have not only come equipped with my own electric kettle I have brought three different types of instant porridge.    Never had these before now, but the idea sounds good.    I have just tried the cheapest first.  49p Sainsbury's basics.   omg.. it was yummy!!    The other two - Oat So Simple and Moma - are really going to have to be amazing to justify the significantly higher price.

    Will report back over the weekend........    image


  • OCD DV!!!!!!image

    In the interest of my own sanity today, I have relented and let eldest stay in bed and not do the breakfast run which I am a bit p****d about as I was looking forward to all 3 of us doing it but........At least if she gets some extra sleep today, tomorrows early start, for her, wont seem so bad!!
  • Morning all,

    DLR, what terrible news, thinking of you and your family, hopefully this weekend provides some distraction.

    Our +2 have changed their minds and would rather have some supposedly spanking good Indian instead of pasta with us, so two spare seats at Pasta Papa! Sure they'll be filled hastily!

    I want to come down and do the breakfast run this morning, but Mr T isn't keen, I think I read a million pages ago that some of you were meeting up at the metro station, can I meet you too? I don't want to be billy no mates! Where will you be? I haven't found a green ribbon yet, but will have a pink/red hat and will be the one shivering to buggery...
  • where are you staying JusT??

    Were meeting ar Ecole Militaire
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    DLR - I'm sorry to hear it.

    Good luck to those I may not see and I'll see you all in a few hours!!

    I've not been this excited since marathon #1!!
  • HA HA, the random randomly turns up.  Very funny...only 40 posts to go...we can do it!

    Weedy - made me laugh that one.

    See  you all in 11 hrs!!  Have fun at the breakfast run.  I've just had a revelation.  Run and fun rhyme...coincidence? image (where's the mad/crazy as fudge smilie)

  • Turned into Mr Snuffles over night, feel sh!t
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Good morning. Very excited, I feel a bit emotional. Printed my name on my t shirt and last night I tried it on with the bid. I put on my shorts and checked that the gels fitted in my pockets. I was ready to rock n roll, except for the slippers!

    DV - I hope they served your beer in a bucket.
  • JustT - I'm wearing something fairly non-descript today but we're meeting at the crossroads at Ecole Militaire metro at 0830-0845, do come down. I've nothing green but we'll (I hope) be quite obvious!

    Just watched last year's finishing vid again - tears in my eyes. Orbutt, said it before, marvellous.

    Can't wait for tomorrow.

  • And we only need 36 now.

  • I'll be obvious.... Just stuck my Pirate top on for today's outing !
  • Thanks Kaz and Iain, I'm down by the arc, I'll see you at the crossroads down there. Omg now I'm excited!

    Win for the day: negotiating the Ikea microwave/oven for my porridge! Win!
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    I'm skipping the breakfast run due to foot paranoia. Might walk over and watch the finish though. Did not sleep a wink last night.

    Think we are gonna catch the Chagall exhibit this morning.

    2pm Arc meetup for movies.
  • First train of the day cancelled, got a nice dash across two stations for the eurostar now rather than a calm walk. God bless the train system...guess it'll wake me up a little though!
  • TheEngineer wrote (see)
    Sorry to hear your news DLR, very sad indeed. image

    Ere TD, any chance there is a spare seat at this soiree tomorrow night for a latecomer... I'll be on my best behaviour?! No worries if not...

    Looks like JusT has bailed so yes, please do come along Slow Engineer (can I still call you that?). I might have to prove it one day but I like a challenge. Age vs. youth... on the edge... street level. Let's talk more rubbish tonight image

    yer_maj wrote (see)
    I could make fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck last for 81 posts. No bother.

    "I love you long time". That's in a film I believe. Hope you all got your organisms out of the way yesterday and are in energy conservation mode today. Save that glycogen for tmrw, avoid worrying (it DOES burn sugar in the brain). Be calm. Remember all your hard work. You can not be more ready than you already are. Now you just have to do it. Calmly.

    See you all tonight/ tmrw. Jumping in the car in an hour or two. image image image


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    That's one of your special films isn't it TD?

    Have fun on the breakfast run folks, I'm staying in bed image
  • Foot paranoia here too so will give the breakfast run a miss. Will probably take a walk up to the finish to watch you coming in.
  • TD..  I'll be at the Pasta meal, but not + 1 as indicated on the list...


  • Morning all , still in bed in glasgow and catching the 11:40 flight , mucho excited about tomorrow ,wish I was there now image
  • Official start time , les than 23 hours

    O. M. G
  • Porridged up at St Pancras - far too early image . Still worried that odd tight feeling in calf will explode into grade 4 tear somewhere along the line but am telling myself it's just my chimp messing with my head.

    Hope the breakfast run was fun and you've all thawed out.
  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    Checked in at Exeter, will be glad to get to the expo and get my bib

    Think thats full metal jacket TD
  • Morning,all. Isn't this exciting...Well done the Breakfast Runners.I'm saving myself for tomorrow. image 4Might be wandering round the Gardens, Dannirr,waiting for your summary of the Exhibition before I go.

    Dave, it s just your head playing with your nose. It'll be gone by the morning...the cold, not the head. You need that.* Insert Glaswegian chorus of ' Keep the heid!', here.Good, general, advice..*

    Ah, Yorkshire Random. No, not just anotherrace. It's the same pub, though...just with lots more of us. We'll be downstairs. Don't make Radar Sal trawl the bar for  guys-we-met-on-the-Internet, again....

    Safe journey to everyone travelling, today.

  • Rr and radar sal are en route. image

    image  image  image

    Behave yourselves!

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