Paris Marathon 2013



  • Sleep evaded me last night...last minute doubts creeping in all night, but managed to get over the line in about 2:58 image. About 8 months of hard work paid off image

    Despite fears of freezing nuts off, weather was actually just about perfect.

    Hope everyone else doing ok.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Well, it went pretty poorly for me today.

    Felt ok at the start, but within 2 miles I knew I was in trouble. Breathless and just fatigued. At 6 miles I was exhausted. Heart rate was high. Was having trouble running at any pace. From 8-13 I did progressively more walking, feeling wiped out. At the halfway mark was done. Although my time has been ok 2:10 I had nothing left and decided to stop.

    Training had been good, nutrition ok. Perhaps a virus? Jet lag?

    This is my first DNF, but I think it was the right decision. Hard to come all this way and not finish, but I've always promised that if at any point I felt terrible I would stop and not be one of the unwanted statistics.

    Well done all of you. I'm proud to know you.
  • Ah Dannir that's really bad news. Hope you're feeling ok now (physically at least, I guess you're pretty hacked off to as the least). Probably takes more courage to say enough is enough rather than keep on.
  • Well done Sean. Sub 3!

    Sorry you had a rough time Dannirr. No point pushing it you're not feeling well.

    A PB for me and I broke the 3:30 barrier by a huge 25 seconds. Really, really pleased. Couldn't have done any better. Bath and pub...
  • Thanks Simon and a big well done on your new pb image
  • Well done to everyone!! Huge amount of work and effort involved just to get to the start. Looking forward to hearing the war stories later
  • Sorry to hear that Dannirr - sounds like it was just one of those days.

    Seanb - fantastic!

    And I can say I'm officially Good for my Age - just. 3:49:49 image
  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    Well done all and sorry to hear you pulled out Dannirr, fingers crossed you are feeling better very soon and can move straight on to your next challenge.

    I started well and didn't think I went too fast but ended up struggling with hamstring twinges from about mile 17. Managed to finish in 3:54 so absolutely delighted with my first attempt at a marathon and although feeling shattered already wanting to sign up for something else!
  • And Jimbob is celebrating 3:23:07 image
  • Seanb:  whoopee de doodle - sub 3hours fantasticimage

    Simon:  PB and sub 3.30 fabdedoodleimage

    Dannirr: sounds like a virus - at least you made the exceptionally sensible decision to stop - amazing you did a half in 2:10 feeling like that - enjoy this evening - you've definitely earnt itimage.

    Must admit did look like perfect conditions for you all to go for a lovely sightseeing trot round Paris for 26.2 miles image

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Found if really hard going today. Really overestimated my fitness and pace.

    My Bronze was 4:15 but I missed that by a mile.


    So, what positives can I take from this?

    I finished !!!

    Believe it or not, it's a PB !!

    Oh, and the official supporters were bloody marvellous. Couldn't miss the flag and they gave me a real boost.

    That'll do pig
  • RR:  3:49:49 amazing lady - exceptional for age me thinksimage

    Jimbob: 3.23:07 another supberb time - image

    Trev: sub 4 hours - well under in fact !!!! stunning

    Can tell am going to run out of expletves!!!!

  • TrevOTrevO ✭✭✭
    Jimbob was certainly keen and deserves that, glad I decided not to try and keep up as I think the last 10miles would have been even harder.

    Loads of pb's today already, well done everyone for putting in the hard work during the cold winter months.
  • Sorry to hear about ur dnf dannirr , but u made the right call

    Well done to everyone , finished in 4:15:09 so just missed my silver but happy to get below 4:30
  • Suzie 4:11 (ish) plus a black eye, bloody nose and skinned knees after a trip on the quayside

    Dave 4:24. No sleep for 2 nights with a chest infection, realised I couldn't stay with sue at halfway so told her to go for it..

    I'm ok with my time, but I have an amazing wife !

    Looks like lots of other people had a great day
  • Well done RR it's a nice feeling being classed as good for your age isn't it.

    Good one Trevo excellent first time out

    Orbutt well done on the pb image. "That'll do pig" ?

    Nice one Jimbob

    Pf yes it was lovely day for sightseeing however I managed yet again to run past the Eiffel Tower and not see it!! Not sure I even noticed the louvre!! The chat de Vincennes is pretty impressive though.
  • Well dome RR, Jimbob, Trev.

    First marathon done. Felt good as I crossed the halfway point in 1.45. Was overtaken by the 3.30 at the 25km point and spent the next 10 kms reeling him back, but at 35 had to let him go. Pace definitely slacked off but was so pleased to see the finish and was really pleased to discover my time 3.34.11. A happy boy! 51 tomorrow but will celebrate today. See you all later
  • GoldeagleGoldeagle ✭✭✭
    Well done to everyone and commiserations to Dannirr. Brave and correct decision to stop.

    Did 3:53:20 which is a pb so I think I've laid to rest the ghosts of 2011.

    Hope to see you guys later.
  • Dave, it seems we both have an amazing wife. She gave me plenty of support. Not quite enough for my sub 2:45 target but I tried. Still I am managed to finish in 2:50 and I am happy with that. I am not sure about my next marathon but I don't think it will be next year. My body needs to recover and I would like to do a thriatlon before the end of year. See you soon everybody and thanks for the support.
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭
    RR - Well done. All the cool people have a 3:49 Paris PB.

    Simon - Amazing, well done.

    Sean - Sub 3, wow.

    Jimbob - What a run big chap.

    Trev - sub 4 at the first attempt. You're a natural.

    I'm delighted with my 4:02. Way better than I thought I could do on such poor training and injury issues. Makes me feel that fully fit my PB is there for the taking.

    Dannirr - A brave move to call it quits. You sounded like you where in trouble when I saw you. I hope you are feeling ok.
  • Sorry to hear that Dannirr.

    Congrat Simon, Orbutt, RR, SEan, TJB.(cant get smiliies in fruit based devise!!!)

    I got a 35 sec pb going by my watch!!!! image
  • X POST EGGY, Congrats too!!
  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Congratulations to you all.

    4H44 for me, nearly an hour off my target but it's an 'easy' on to beat next time. Ran 25k, walked 16k (legs froze up), ran 1k. Feel a bit of a fraud running the last bit.

    Good to see Scott. Not coming to the bar, going home and dying. image
  • Well done everyone. Including you Dan - I know it probably hurts a lot right now. You're a brave and admirable person for knowing your limits and listening to your body.

    I *think* I've come in under 4:40. This is a 30 minute improvement on last year's time and I think I had a bit more in the tank, too. Thrilled to bits and can't believe it. I felt like I was flying out there.

    And TD and Rob: it warmed the cockles of my heart to see you on the course. I went mental with excitement when I saw them at 42km!

    Safe travels home to those leaving today. What time's the pub? Anybody know somewhere that sells hamburgers near the Arc?

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Delighted for everyone, especially those with PBs.

    Danirr, hope you recover soon!

    Dave, hope Suzie recovers soon too. What a lady! If that was me I'd still be sitting there greetin' now!

    Not my day. Finished in 4:02:22, could have been faster if I hadn't felt the urge for the odd walk break and really slowed down from mile 20. As my dad said, at least I know my limits! Lol.
  • Well done everyone!

    Got round in 3h 26m exactly. Delighted! 7 mins slower than my PB but there was no way I could have run even a second quicker. Amazing conditions, beautiful course and terrific support. Loved it! Came the closest I've ever come to hitting the dreaded wall at 17 miles - but at the next food station I had a load of raisins and that got me back on track.

    I've actually got some sunburn on my face - could never have predicted that a few days ago!
  • The kids had just arrived back, and accused me of thumping her ! Left eye completely closed up
  • Goldeagle wrote (see)
    Well done to everyone and commiserations to Dannirr. Brave and correct decision to stop.

    Dannirr - got to agree 100% with Goldie. I hope you're feeling better and we see you at Corcoran's.

  • Hey! Well done everyone! Sorry to hear you had a bad day Dannirr. Having come all this way to do the race it might have been tempting to carry on and end up in a heap of trouble, but you bravely made the right call!

    I managed a 3:53:32. I haven't really done any long runs in the build up and it was my first marathon so didn't have a clue how to pace myself...... So I went with pacing myself 'badly'!!!

    I started off well and reached the HM point in 1:45 which is my normal training speed so i was feeling comfortable. Slowed down a bit after the 16 mile mark as that was the point at which I was running further than I ever have before!

    At the 21 mile mark i my calfs started to show signs of cramping up so I had to nurse it home from there by walking for a short section every mile!

    Very happy though image
  • Some superb times being posted. Well done everyone. And what great weather! But were there sights to be seen? I remember seeing a big river at one point, but that's about it! And thanks to Tricky and DLR for organising the spectators any getting Mrs Mac back in one piece.
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