Paris Marathon 2013



  • Please would someone grab me a l'equippe with results supplement and I'll wire you money to cover it and postage. Weedy you said you might be able to?
  • She's a dirty girl is that Maus and i love her dearly for it!

    Yer_maj - the guy who shouted 'come on welsh'....he must have been muddled up eh? image

    I feel at a safe distance....
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Do you? Really? Bless you and your delusions....
  • Ouch my head .... day 3 of the migraine.  It was great to meet you all last night, safe journey back home to everyone.  The support was really what kept me going yesterday, and knowing I had to turn up in the pub with a medal .... 

    YM - I'm coming down to Paris to meet ATM on Tuesday at some point.  Glass of wine perhaps?

  • Yer maj and eggyh I feel ur pain ,my thighs are pretty tender just now

    Heading out to see some of the sights and pick up lequipe paper , how cool am I , buying a French newspaper in paris
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Sounds perfect. I'll get my people to talk to ATM's look after that head, mrs. I can't believe you raced with a migraine!
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    Seems to be a stomach virus. Had an on/off fever and cannot stray more than 10 minutes from a toilet. Just feel plain weak today.

    But, I'll get over it and running life will go on image. The saving grace of course is that I got to see all of you, which was the reason I had signed up to come back to Paris.

    TD and DLR - special thanks for your support yesterday, and especially for giving me your honest opinion when I know it must have been easier to simply tell me to push on.
  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
    Yer maj I saw the back of you at around 18 miles. I couldn't catch you up to say hello. I then suffered from 20 miles. First marathon done.

    Hope you got my message in corcorans.

    Well done to all.
  • Inspirational is all I can say to you all ..... all of this thread is an inspirationimage.

    All I ask of you now is to hang around for another 3 weeks to help me through to the other side of 5 May ...  but then again all I will need to do during mont st michel is replay all the inspiring stories of your day yesterday.  Oh an my WWKD bracelet. 

    Mausy have a spare WWKD bracelet if you need one just message me your addressimage.

    Huge congratulations to all runners and supports - safe journeys home.

  • PF - hang around for another three weeks? We've been here for years! You'll get the full thread support - do let us know how the taper goes and whether you're going mad in interesting ways image.

    Hotel just served me the perfect post-run breakfast big basket of assorted carbs and a pot of coffee so strong you could stand your spoon up in it.

    LJB - I can get you a copy of l'Equipe, and either I can get it to you or RS can - she also has your hat.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Dan I hope you feel better soon, you did absolutely the right thing by stopping, I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision. There's still a lot of norovirus around, it seems.
  • Well done james - cherry popped!

    No worries PriFi - were here for you!
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    Why the devil does RS have JB's hat? Actually, don't answer that...!

    PF, you get *full* thread support for the next 3 weeks. You poor thing...
  • Dannirr - bad timing, to say the least. Hope you're over it soon.

    Rob - yes, 11 sounds good. You don;t have my mobile so I'll PM it to you now

  • RR, cheers darlin' - yes if you grab me a copy and get Miss New Zealand to bring it back to the UK. I'll try to meet her around VLM day cause I'm around her manor then. I'll wire you whatever it costs. Thank you also for getting my hat salvaged from the bar.

    PF-we're going nowhere x x
  • So, I can't PM you!

    I'll head towards the Arc shortly and check the thread for instructions. 

    If I don't catch you, see you in Berlin!

  • Marathon Maus - no, I'd be so disappointed if you all changed!

  • IM2. I'll email you some nice photos, seeing as you're not on dirtybook. I've got your email address x
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    There's someone NOT on the dirty book?

    Maus - never changeimage
  • Jimbob - thanks fella, I'll get an extra copy or two of L'Equipe in case others haven;t been able to and want them posted.

  • Can I just say again how much I loved Jus T's festive pants ....


  • Mornin' everyone!  Back home after a fabulous day yesterday. 3:59 for me which I am delighted with, especially as I was brought down at mile 14.

    Some great stories and great support out on the course. TD - did shout at you as I came through 41k - flag was amazing!

  • Just thought I'd pop in to say a huge congrats to all concerned. Great to see PBs and targets achieved. I had another phenomenal weekend in Paris and it was great to see people at Pasta Papas - my desire to target a fast standalone marathon has been thoroughly rekindled.

    My race was over in under 2 hours! Sadly I'm not the new WR holder, I did the 15 miles I wanted and then called it a day. Found myself getting progressively tighter and to do more would have been to compromise future races. Pleased to be in the 7:30's though - this is solid progress. Much beyond halfway I know I would have struggled more, given my lack of distance and a proper taper. Happy, overall.

    Florence in November, anyone? Or shall I pop back when you can all walk down stairs?!image

  • Wow what a perfect day for a race! I actually got sunburnt. This was my first marathon, got home in 4.23 so pleased, it made all those cold training nights worthwhile. Crowd and especially the bands really helped. Sante!
  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Glad we are all still on top form

    I want to thank everyone, personally - but in the meantime please accept this virtual hug.

    Dannir. You'll get over it mate and you'll come back stronger, that's who you are.

    Dave the Ex Spartan - how's Suzie?

    I've got sore bits but luckily not my head. Woke up for a middle if the night pee and quaffed a couple of paracetamol, seems to have done the trick.

    PF - will we still be here for 3 weeks? You know better than that, this thread never closes.
  • How great to meet so many of you last night at Corcorans full of smiles and laughter. Big shout out to Kaz for coming back from appendicitis and doing a PB. Your kids are lovely. Well done Le Jimbob. Radar Sal made me laugh with her tales of around the course. Well done Flanette. ATM Thank you for all your support and advice--Paris needs you! Marathon Maus--loved the idea of you signing for the race from Australia with a wing and a prayer that there might be a chance you'd be there and then along comes a job. Kate--please tell mr. And mrs Febo they are great. Hope the Tartan Pimpernel doesn't hang up her running shoes. The best is yet to come!
  • Orbutt wrote (see)

    I've got sore bits but luckily not my head. Woke up for a middle if the night pee and quaffed a couple of paracetamol, seems to have done the trick.

    You drank pee and the pain went away?! image

  • Marathon Maus wrote (see)

    ATM: You are a cracker! Unfortunately, I lost both of my bracelets in a tricky maneovre at 28km to remove my arm warmers.

    I have people to vouch that I never went near km28 or removed any item of clothing from Marathon Maus. Let's be quite clear about this. SHE... threw her clothing at me without any provocation and it just happened to fit me. Very much obliged Mausey


    Dannirr wrote (see)
    TD and DLR - special thanks for your support yesterday, and especially for giving me your honest opinion when I know it must have been easier to simply tell me to push on.

    It's a kicker Dannirr and I'm really sorry that we didn't get to celebrate with you later. It's difficult to give advice to a wise man, so an honest opinion seemed a better approach. You proved your wisdom and strength by quitting. Chapeau Monsieur. Wish you a speedy return to strength and soundness.

    David Falconer - all it shows is that a few TV cameras on a bike and a helicopter are useless at capturing the atmosphere on the street. Crowds don't show up on TV unless there are hundreds of thousands in one place. You need a lot less people than that to make a buzz. Thought there was a great atmosphere yesterday, but then again, we were trying to create it. Sorry to all the people that we missed along the way. It's quite something to recognise someone you might know as 30,000+ heads go bobbing by.

    For those of you left in Paris, enjoy the sunshine image


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