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  • Hi fellow runners. I think we're all winners! I had a great time, agree with the comments about the lack of support and where busy they closed in on the route so much there was hardly any space to run which was frustrating. Also found starting a farce, took me 30mins to cross the start line. But negatives aside, i had a really good experience, the sun shone, i felt strong, saw my boyfriend supporting me at 4 different spots and got a better than expected time of 3.36.

    Thanks for all your pearls of wisdom, this forum is a great place to turn to, to settle the nerves!

    Rest those legs everyone!
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    David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Hey Im not bagging it there Emmy. If you had a good day out thats all that matters, but Im just saying from where I was sitting it looked like bugger all spectators and the commentators on the race thought the same thing. There was a section at about the 25 mile mark which was a very long straight bit and all you could see was a couple of sunday joggers and a guy taking his dog for a walk!!


    I couldn't agree more.  Other than the hoards of people along the city streets, the firemen on their trucks, the gay cheerleaders, the 30 or so bands playing music, the people at the aid stations telling you 'good job', TD with his flag, the people crammed for space over each bridge we went under, the people who made signs, the people who set up their own stands with wine and jellies - apart from all that, I found the crowd very lacking.   image

    Rick - this made me laugh like a drain. Love it. Got to echo your and Eggy's (and the rest) shout-out to TD, DLR and the support crew. I missed you guys at 21k but damn, the flag was life-giving at 41k.

    RickJames wrote (see)

    Anyone care to srtart a list of favorite signs they saw?  

    My favorite was "Run like you're naked".   It just made me smile.  Not quite sure I get where they were going with that, but it make me laugh all the same.  

    Rick - also my favourite. Made me smile and run faster - in late discussions at Corcoran's lasyt night, it seemed to have the same effect on a few of the others too!

    But I've got to say, "Wait... you paid for this??" is also pretty funny. Now.

  • just registered for helsinki image


  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    James B...nope, no message. Yet.
  • Suzy - sorry my messages seem to be bouncing back. I'll consider this facebook wheeze...!

  • Emmy i think it was you as i saw pirate too, i had to stop and walk as that was the part i thought i was going to either throw up or collapse so i had to stop and walk to calm myself and then when i started again properly i think i just was a bit off kilter to talk to anyone, i had to try to focus, and it was only by eiffel tower, then i think i just thought if i spoke to anyone i might break down as i knew i shouldve stopped. Nevermind.
  • Get in there Pottermoss! Helsinki? Awesome! I wonder if Emmy makes it out there. Hannon?!
  • Give into the book Dr Moore!
  • Ah, pizza and a glass of wine.

    Early to bed tonight I think...!
  • Indeed Iain.  Really enjoyed meeting up this morning.  Adopt a nom de plume for facebook?

    Whilst happy to accept people's support plaudits, it was TD who planned and organised everything.  I merely tagged along and piggy backed his hard work....then went a bit ferral towards the end.  If anyone isn't doing Paris next year but would consider being part of a support crew I reckon you'd have a ball.

    Kaz - your girls were an absolute credit to you yesterday.  I hope they enjoyed the day.  

    Disappointing to miss out on Emmy's offer of a joint shower, but you try finding a loofah in Paris on a Sunday.  Everywhere was shut.


  • already excited ljb, it falls nicely on the calender, plus I've never been to Finland. plus plus I feel a bit robbed by how lame my body was in Paris after all that training (I still feel ropey). training through the summer too image 


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Pottermouse: Helsinki you say. Could you pass on some info? Purely for supporting purposesimage

    Jimbob - I'll be nice.... Just because I drank your beer by accident image

    DLR - you missed the opportunity. RS and I had a lovely shower.

    Kaz - get well soon image at least it happened the day after the marathon.

    Iain - I completely concur. I've just had dinner and am already wondering if there's such a think a too early. I'm sure hubby won't mind - I'm being quiet for once!

    I've sent a link to ATM with all of the images/ videos. The majority are in Facebook for those interested. If you want the high res image - just email me and I'll send it over. Anyone not on FB - let me know and I'll send you the link to Dropbox.
  • Hey Emmy,

    Tried to mp you, but I can't get it to work for some reason... Would love to have the link to Dropbox if you don't mind ?


  • My finish time has improved overnight by 4 seconds. Which is good as it probably bumps me up a few places in the standings. Slightly annoying as i already loaded the other time onto marathontalk and you can't edit it. Haven't entered it into runbritain yet but will soon. Talking of runbritain I did win a prize in the March running rewards competition for my h/m improvements. Got a legitimate email today from UKA.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Fanfan - sure no probs image I can't wait for the official ones to come in!

    Try this link:

    And if it doesn't work let me know and I'll adjust the privacy settings.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Well done Jimbob! Not bad! Maybe email MT and tell them to adjust it. I'm sure they want mindimage
  • That's awesome Chris, seems like the Hannon took the bait so you will probably have some thread company over there! That girl loves her marathon medals. I'm envious, but I'll be on a strict Berlin training plan in August so I'll he doing boring LSRs on my own
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've had a look Jimbob and it clashes with my August double image by the way - the double is 2 marathons in 2days not over several weeksimage

    any other weekend that month would have been perfect. Darn it. Next year?! image
  • BrandyB the NaughtyFerret wrote (see)


    Thanks again for an amazing time everyone and looking forward to the next year of chatting and the 2014 Paris marathon!!


    Excellent  image


  • IM2 - didn't get to say this in the pub last night, but thanks for the company and chat along the Seine.  After you zoomed off it started to go a bit pear shaped for me ...

    I know I said never again but ... after seeing Emmy's photos a fun one might be the way to go next time!

  • pottermouse!??! ahem... I'll let that slide.  What info do you desire Emmy? Are you going? 

  • TartanPimpernel wrote (see)

    I know I said never again but ... after seeing Emmy's photos a fun one might be the way to go next time!

    You were determination personified in that last kilometre.  No way I'd have spilled your pint last night!


    Brandy - was great seeing you again yesterday.

    DV - glad to hear everything is under control.

  • Eggy/Emmy - I think the funfairt was just tooooo much for us!! Planning an early night tonight as its just been go go gp since Thursday!! Didnt get in until 12.30 this morning, and a long lie of 7am just cut it!!!

    DLR - aww.....thank you. They had an awesome time, and I have been hearing tales all day!!!image

    Hope everyone travelling today had a safe journey!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    PotterMOSS- my apologies. I blame my post marathon dazeimage I've already looked at the site and it clashes with a double marathon im doing that weekend image let me know what you think of it so I can pencil tin for next year.

    Kaz - are your girls ok after spending all day with DLR? Not scarred at all?image take it easy missy image
  • Double marathon - blimey, good luck Emmy. I don't have much frame of reference yet but I'll let you know. Every opinion I read about Helsinki does mention a belter of a medal. image



    edit - and it finishes in the olympic stadium where Steve Cram won the world championship in 1983, that should get me sprinting

  • Thanks Emmy for the link it's working just fine !! image

    About to have dinner and go straight to bed, quiet night for us too and hopefully the legs will be all good tomorrow (or at least we'll be able to walk...)

  • TartanPimpernel wrote (see)

    IM2 - didn't get to say this in the pub last night, but thanks for the company and chat along the Seine.  After you zoomed off it started to go a bit pear shaped for me ...

    I know I said never again but ... after seeing Emmy's photos a fun one might be the way to go next time!

    TP - it was great to see you, glad you made it through. I went on to bonk in the extreme after seeing you too! 

    So - next year, we'll have more fun running... Definitely!

  • Emmy - love the dropbox photos, particularly no.17 - that was an image of Jimbob i thought I'd wiped from my mind...!

    Oh, and if I were to have a running-related facebook type account, what would I be searching for?

  • Just set up a new FB account Iain, make up a name that might have some relevance to running, maybe "Chuck Norriss-Sneakers" or something like that, then tell a few people here and the friend invites will flow....

    It's 9pm. Have to go to bed. Supporting is hard work! Still haven't got my voice back properly. Would really love to go running tmrw. Would only be the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Letting the side down. Well. Myself mainly.
  • I dont think the txt book is going to get opened tonight unless it has magical powers of its own. Tomorrow at KOC I will do it!! Cant get my online link to work either......and I must have it done by Saturday I have a feeling Friday night could be very long image I will worry about it on Friday.

    Girls shattered too, so early night in preparation for a day at Versailles tomorrow. image
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