Paris Marathon 2013



  • Im2-you should set up a dummy email too or an alias on an existing account. Think you can come up with an alias though? Maybe the forum should provide.;-)
  • RS - I'm there. My name. I've dropped the '2' ! Berlin marathon 2011 photo, orange t-shirt. Befriend me!

  • Back home now after a fantastic weekend in Paris. Loved everything about it. Was my second fastest of my 5 marathons - but was delighted with that, after being struck down with bad ITBS after the Dublin Marathon last year - last November and December I couldn't run a hundred yards without huge pain. So getting round the course only 7 minutes behind my PB was much more than I could ever have hoped for.

    It's given me the bug for international marathons though... Thinking of doing Frankfurt. Has anyone else done that one? Is it worth doing?
  • There are masses of iain moore's. Look me up. My last name is reasonably unusual

    You should recognise the photo.
  • Hi everyone! 

    I know my posting here has been quite lacking but even when I've not had the chance to post I've enjoyed being able to read about everyone else's training.

    My recent absence was due to an injury in my foot 3 weeks out leaving me feeling rather grumpy about the whole thing (the grumpiness may have also been due to going from peak training to 0 milage, definitely not good for the sanity!!) and not wanting to be a downer. Luckily it didn't cause me any problems (weirdly the only time I felt any twinges from it was the first mile).

    I spotted TD and DLR along the course and gave a shout, it really gave me a boost. I have to say I agree with the majority on here that the crowd was spectacular! Admittedly at Bois de Bouloigne there is a lack of support but I think that was more than made up for everywhere else. 

    I finished in 4:18 which I'm really pleased with, knocking 45 minutes off last years time. I was on track for under 4:15 for most of it but after 35k I was really feeling the effects, and I do think those last few km are a bit soul destroying: everyone's struggling, even if you're not quite wanting to walk others are and so there's some weaving around to be done which really takes it out of you. There was one woman who came over to me, patted me on the shoulder and told me to keep going when I was walking and that really helped. There was a point there where I said to myself 'never again', but it already looks like Amsterdam is on the cards! 

    Had an amazing weekend in Paris, although it has to be said now that I'm home and facing an early start tomorrow I'm feeling a little deflated- when you've had an event on the forefront of your mind for so long, and then it's over I think it's easy to feel a little lost! 

    Really enjoyed reading everyone's stories and congratulations on the PBs, GFAs etc. Sorry to hear about the DNF Dannir but probably the best call to make in the long run. 

  • Great result meg! And I agree there is a bit of a downer heading this way. Watch out for the post marathon cold too people.
  • Everyone - Vitamin C (500mg tablets, one daily) all round, plenty of fluids and stay away from sneezers/coughers on the tube/metro/public transport this week!

    That is your public service announcement for tonight.image

  • Nic ENic E ✭✭

    Hello All

    Just a note to say well done to everyone on your great results - and commiserations to Dannirr, but well done too on making such a tough call, but the right one.  Hope you feel better soon.

    Like Megs11, I was heading towards a sub 4:15 but found the weaving in and out in the last few k a bit sapping and ended up with 4:17 - but it's a pb by a full 45 seconds (!), so I'm delighted.

    Thank you too to the supporters - TrickyDicky, your flag was brilliant - it really gave me a lift each time I saw it.

    I loved the crowd support - calls of "allez, allez!", "bravo" and "superb" - and one of "Go GB" - not to mention the firemen waving from the crane and all the music along the way.  I could have done with more of the same in the park at the end - I think I'd love the course if it was run the other way around (getting those uppy-downy tunnels over with earlier too!) but I suppose they want to open up the Champs-Elysee sooner - c'est la vie.

    I felt really nervous about this one - my training had been so busted by various viruses - but the friendly, and sage, advice on here really helped, so a big thank you to everyone.

    Now to think which marathon to do next ...!

  • Well done nic, Megs and steve!  I'd forgotten how tiring (mentally as well as physically) it is when you have to weave in and out of sudden walkers from more or less 20 miles onwards.

  • Hello all - I back online.

    Was fantastic to catch up with you all - I'm lost for words at what an incredible bunch of people you all are.

    Was a lovely surprise to find out at the weekend that I'm married as well. Sadly her indoors lives in another country, but it's possibly the key to a successful marriage. We haven't had an argument yet and she doesn't seem to mind me leaving the toilet seat up, so i reckon she's a keeper image

    Danni - hope you recover quickly. See you again next year?
    DV - Glad things are under control.
    Alexander - happy birthday image
    Carl - thanks, but anyone here would have done exactly the same. It was just chance that I spotted you. You can still be proud of your time - it's a cracking achievement.
    NCane - I'm in for Edinburgh.
    Megs - Good to hear from you again. I'm doing Amsterdam this year. There's loads of folks here that did it last year if you need any info.

    I got a spare L'Equippe in case anyone missed it (possibly two spare ones if Jimbob's already been sorted out by RR) Message me your address if you want one.

    I'm not on Facebook either. If anyone's got pics, can they get them to me and I'll see if I can cobble something up? Might have to sign up for Facebook...knickers.

  • Radar Sal wrote (see)

    someone has a little list of all our next races somewhere, don't they?image

    For you, anything...

    Apr 8: Alexander's birthday.
    Apr 10: Kaz's birthday.
    Apr 14: Edinburgh Rock N Roll Half - Helterskelter.
    Apr 21: Antwerp Marathon - Emmy. Great Welsh Marathon - Malcs. London Marathon - Eggy, Keyser Suze, Straycelt.
    Apr 27: Shakespeare Rotary Marathon - Richard L.
    Apr 28: Chirk Sprint Tri - Dave The Ex Spartan. Sunderland Half - Iain M.
    May 1: Montauban 18k - Onetit.
    May 3: North York Moors Marathon - Weedy.
    May 4: Bewl Marathon - Emmy.
    May 5: Mont St Michel Marathon - Princess Fi. Richmond Half - Tiddy. Richmond Marathon - Emmy.
    May 6: Milton Keynes Marathon - Emmy.
    May 9: Trois Rocs Trail Ultra - Onetit.
    May 11: Kintyre Way Ultra - ATM. Mallorca IM70.3 - Engineer.
    May 12: Chester Half - Dave The Ex Spartan. Great Ethiopian Run half - RR.
    May 25-26: Chislet 24-hour challenge - DV.
    May 26: Edinburgh Marathon - DJ Wolf, Tiddy, Weedy, NCane. Mull of Kintyre Half - Helterskelter.
    May 27: London 10k - Jimbob.
    Jun 8: Luxembourg Marathon - Emmy.
    Jun 9: Bala Half Ironman - Dave The Ex Spartan.
    Jun 15/16: South Downs Way Ultra - DV.
    Jun 22: Hadrian's Wall Ultra - Richard L, Weedy.
    Jun 23: Alnwick Half - Iain M. Shrewsbury Half - Yer Maj. Torbay Half - Jimbob.
    Jun 29: Giants Head Trail Marathon - Emmy.
    Jul 4: Peachtree 10k - Danni.
    Jul 14: Northumberland Coastal Run - Iain M.
    Jul 16: Hamsterley Forest Marathon - Weedy.
    Jul 16-18: Badwater Ultra - DV.
    Jul 16-22: In The Long Run (Bratislava to Brussels) - Emmy, Helterskelter, Iain M, Maus, RR, TD.
    Jul 27-28: Thunder Run - Malcs.
    Jul 28: Ironman Switzerland - Engineer.
    Jul 30: Maus' birthday.
    Aug 3: The Devil O The Highlands Ultra - Kaz.
    Aug 5: Dublin Half - Straycelt.
    Aug 10: North Downs Way Ultra - DV.
    Aug 17: Helsinki Marathon - Pottermoss.
    Sep 7: Aberfeldy Marthon - Clag.
    Sep 8: Run to the Beat Half - Jimbob.
    Sep 9: Bala Olympic Triathlon - Dave The Ex Spartan.
    Sep 15: Great North Run - Iain M, Jimbob, RS, Tiddy, Weedy.
    Sep 21-22: Cotswolds 102m ultra - DV.
    Sep 22: Ladybower 35 - RR.
    Sep 29: Berlin Marathon - DLR, Emmy, Iain M, Jimbob, Kaz, Neil B, Orbutt, RS, Suzy M, Tiddy.
    Oct 6: Barcelona Tri - Simon Mac. Cardiff Half - Yer Maj. Onetit's birthday.
    Oct 8: Jersey Marathon - Princess Fiona.
    Oct 13: Chicago Marathon - Danni. Marine Corps Marathon - Iain M, Rick James.
    Oct 20: Amsterdam Marathon - Megs, Weedy. Yorkshire Marathon - Malcs.
    Oct 26: Beachy Head Marathon - Yer Maj.
    Oct 27: Frankfurt Marathon - Emmy. Venice Marathon - Elizabeth.
    Oct 28: Dublin Marathon - James B.
    Nov 3: New York Marathon - Tiddy.
    Nov 2: DLR's birthday.
    Nov 24: Florence Marathon - Engineer.
    Nov 25: Jimbob's birthday.
    Dec 6: Newcastle Racecourse Marathon - Weedy.
    Dec 27: Wiol's birthday.
    Dec 31: TD's birthday.
    Jan 3: OO's birthday.
    Jan 15: Yer Maj's birthday.
    Jan 19: DV's birthday.
    Jan 29: Kaz's ginormous dog's birthday.
    Feb 10: Emmy's birthday.
    Mar 1: RS's birthday.
    Mar 8: Jus T's birthday. Peter B's birthday.

  • Hi, back home now and hoping to sleep till Friday.

    had a great time, loved meeting you all, will post photos soon, let me know FB address so I can see the ones talked about. Pls.

    great support from everyone, well done TD, saw my hubby and mates three x also. Loved the Run naked sign too.

    anyone know why there are two times showing in the paper?

    night night
  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
    Now the crowds closing in and the shouts of allez I thought I was in the tour de France without the bike.
  • btw James - well done yesterday mate, considering all the knee ag you had the last couple of months - forcing you to stop / start / rest / take training "breaks" etc you pulled it out the bag yesterday. Now you can have a proper rest. heal up - and then make a statement on your next marathon. I ran my first injured (5:16:14) so it always haunted me and i needed to have a clear run at training and come and do well - which i managed to do yesterday.

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Weedy - just seen the Wikipedia page that you put in with ATMs pictures. You crazy genius! image

    A bit achey but not too bad, as I had my magic knickers on in the pub last night and they seem to have helped.

    Emmy - loved the Dropbox pictures.

    Now to come back down to earth. Recover. Evaluate the lessons learned in Paris (with Tricky's help - ta mate) and get ready for Berlin.

    Group Hug - missing you already image
  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
    Cheers jimbob. Given 5 weeks ago I was about to cancel I was happy to be there and finish. Just thing what I could have done. However, knee did play up so exercises and rest worked a treat. Gonna give Dublin a bash and no overdo my training which probably did my knee in.

    Shamed I missed you all in corcorans. I went in straight after about 4ish I think. Had 3 pints and a bowl of chips.

    There were two lads in there who were well on their way. You may have seen them. They had monte cristo cigars and chatting up anything that moved.
  • I walked in just after 5 with a few richards (thats ATM, Ingrid and my parisian friend Isabelle!) - we went downstairs - i think that was the idea! Didn't notice the two smashed lads.

  • Pottermoss - I lived in Helsinki city centre for about 8 months for work.  Anything you want to know, just drop me a line.  It's a cute little city.  

  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
    A downstairs?
  • the last 5 miles / 8km was TOUGH  - i'm so inexperienced at the distance really and that 40 mins i just wanted to teleport to the end. You've got most of the miles behind you and you somehow carry on, because everyone around you is going through exactly the same thing, but ffs ! youch! my knees, calfs, quads have taken a battering, both achilles tendons are about the same width as my manorexic biceps at the moment!

  • James B 73 wrote (see)
    A downstairs?

    Aye! image (you went to a different one didn't you?)

  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
    Corcorans on rue st Andre. We were up far end by tv screen.saw steps downstairs but said toilets. So didnt think there would've been another room.
  • you were at the right one - the stairs to the toliets also lead to the cheeky downstairs bar that they opened when everyone piled in! SHIT!

  • thanks bbtnf I will do, going to book flights tomorrow


    and thanks weedy for adding me to the list, I'm doing the Brussels 20k in May too 



  • James B73James B73 ✭✭✭
  • TartanPimpernel wrote (see)

    Can I just say again how much I loved Jus T's festive pants ....


    They might be my festive pants. They have magic restorative powers...but since JusT's a bean pole, I'm more than happy to be mistaken! 

    Emmy H wrote (see)
    There's someone NOT on the dirty book?

    Maus - never changeimage

    The doctors assure me it's terminal...

    Le Jimbob wrote (see)
    IM2. I'll email you some nice photos, seeing as you're not on dirtybook. I've got your email address x

    JB - lovely to meet you in person! Don't suppose you can email me photos - I don't really do facebook either...

  • Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)

    TP - it was great to see you, glad you made it through. I went on to bonk in the extreme after seeing you too! 


    Did you really mean what I think this means, or is this yet another example of my Antipodean depravity?image

  • MM: Yeah text me your email ad and I'll send over what I got. Really nice chatting to you lovely, see you at the next bash!
  • Tricky Dicky¹ wrote (see)
    Marathon Maus wrote (see)

    ATM: You are a cracker! Unfortunately, I lost both of my bracelets in a tricky maneovre at 28km to remove my arm warmers.

    I have people to vouch that I never went near km28 or removed any item of clothing from Marathon Maus. Let's be quite clear about this. SHE... threw her clothing at me without any provocation and it just happened to fit me. Very much obliged Mausey



    I was going to attempt to defend my honour. But I've got nothin''s true. I did throw clothing at TD at km 8 and then myself at 41. But only because I was so thrilled to see the flag and I was, ahem, a little bit happy.

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