Paris Marathon 2013



  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭
    Emmy - I'm glad you got to see him, before the end. Be strong fair maiden and hug those that you hold dear.

    You get cheered up by another marathon - I've told you, you're bonkers, haven't I ?image

    Thanks Tricky, I've actually got a 10k planned in May and another in June. Maybe they will do the trick. And then it's training for Berlin.

    Rick James - thanks mate.
  • yer_maj wrote (see)
    Dear lord TD would you ever delete that shot of my arse??! image

    This made me almost spill my coffee. Class.

  • Orbutt wrote (see)
    Jimbob - I know what you mean about the come down, I've got the blues with added dark reds and greens. So much so that Mrs O is threatening to kick my arse if I don't get on here and get my head back in the game.
    I know I got a PB but I still wasn't happy with my time - which was mainly down to a poor feeding strategy - as identified by TD.
    I've got races lined up but I've still got in my head how crap I felt in the last 10k.

    Any advice on retrieving mojo?

    Orbutt - clearly you have much advice already from the assembled experts. I suffered like you, those last 10k were tough. But I'm thinking of the beautiful skies, the fun I had running slowly up til about 25k, meeting TP on the course and chatting, and of course the crowd and our super support. The tough parts I find fade quickly.

    Re: next one... Alnwick half up in Northumberland in June? Nice couple of days away for you two - and maybe Weedy and possibly OO too?!

  • Emmy - great perspective. We need to not be afraid to live. Thoughts with you and your family.

  • Ah,Orbutt... It's post-mara tristesse+ the  ' if only ' quotient...image It's clear that your best asset is Mrs O.

    QED..Mrs O + rest, +rethink, +plan + X ( where  x might be that photo of yer-maj s bum..)= ? From ' Never again!',I ve moved to ' Can you send me that P and what s -'is -name plan ?'.. I think I can take you with me..

    Don't you dare delete it,TD! I'm not home,yet, and can't save it for future blackmail scenarios....

  • Emmy - Sorry to hear your news.

    KeyserSuze - Nice to meet you yesterday. Hope you had a safe journey back to Norwich.

    RR - Yes we seem to have recovered.

    Orbutt - Great list.

    DLR- Still laughing at your chimp. And yes I will try that link.......9 weeks and 9 kilos.....could be hard image

    DV - I would love to do Paris 2014, but holidays, and finances may dictate.......but I will be leaving Orkney for the big 40.......even if I have to sleep in a tent somewhere!!!

    I cant access any of the photo links, but that could be down to my fruit based device??

    Another busy day here, full of lots of sillyness.
  • this is a rough one - if there are more and they come out well i think i'll punt for them .....



  • Emmy - virtual hugs! 

  • Well I didn't get to meet you all I'm afraid but I got around in 4:19 (target was 4) but had a great time. Have really enjoyed following this thread, funny and informative in equal measure.

    Maybe next year??


  • There's no maybe about it Kieren image

  • I don't think there's many maybes for next yearimage  If you're not running, get out there supporting! image

    Now...waht theme song shall we have for this years video?  Eye of the...anyone? Orbutt, can emmy and I go last?!?!  We didn't come quite last but I think our awesome finishing hug deserves it image

  • Ive seen a date for next year's paris marathon - 13th April 2014

  • if thats the school hollies - i'm comin wiv da whole mob

  • Where'd you see that James.  I've seen 6th but not anywhere official.  13th sounds more likely.

  • Think that will be the School holidays.........mmmmmm and new holiday year starts on 1ST just to convince nobody to book that slot.........and talk BF into a romantic trip to Paris for my BD........Or I could probably come on my own......Sounds even more fun........;)
  • It is for Wales. So mine will be coming.
  • Emmy - sorry to hear that. Big hug.

    Keyser Suze - it was great to see you at the finish, and I can only apologise if I was a bit subdued - I was trying quite hard not to be sick at that point! Videos confirm my madwoman impersonation at the finish line - I'm most visible in the 25m from the finish line shot. 

    DLR - I recommend Myfitnesspal as well. I used it to shed over a stone - now I use it to make sure I'm eating enough in high mileage weeks. Helps you check carb/protein/fat balance too. 

    TJB - I was wondering about a London reunion too. Anyone running London/living here who fancies carb loading the night before (I do sympathetic carb loading, no problem) or a celebration after? I'll be at the RW supporters site at Mudchute (17 miles) dispensing jelly babies and sweaty hugs for anyone who wants them. 

    I'll definitely be in Paris in some capacity next year. Wouldn't miss it. 

    For those who are feeling at a loose end or lacking focus I recommend entering a 10k in about 3 or 4 weeks. You'll have recovered from Paris, but your legs will have benefited from the stress, and you might be surprised what you can do. 

    I've had my medal engraved. Shiny, shiny things image.

  • Just googled it. A site I went on gave the date
  • It is for Wales. So mine will be coming.
  • Some day 6th. Some say tbc.
  • RR - lovely to see you too! Did you enjoy the sit down? You made the right choice, it was a bit of a scrum to get out, but all I could think of was a can of coke... 


    Look who made a guest appearance on this blog: (hint, she's wearing an Irn Bru vest!)

  • Right.In 48 hours, I ve gone from 'Never again' to ' Maybe, if I trained smarter...' So, before I cut down on the chat and actually train...

    Please email me anything you think first-timers really need to know ,apart from that...any semblance of a vote being cast to the wind.. the Sunday night meetup will be in Corcoran's DOWNSTAIRS...image

    I'd like to update the Notes before anyone else does this.. And was Powerade anywhere but at 22k ?

  • London is 20th next year. So if 2 weeks before then 6th
  • Does anyone know how to get a full list of results? Would be interested to see my official chip times through each point and I don't show up because I didn't finish! image

  • As I'm still busy training thought I'd bore you all (as hubbie glazes over) did a good 6 mile progression run this morning with following splits:







    Very pleased. Have 11 miler mwlr tomorrow, so will be easy pace. Last long one Sunday 18 - 20 in race clothing (hopefully good weather!!!).

    Rest easy you lot and treat yourselves I know you all deserve it.
  • I think there's definitely a love affair in the making for me and the Paris marathon. I'll just have to go back next year for that tricky third date...

    Thank you all for your company in Corcoran's... Wonderful company after a wonderful day... it was a real pleasure to see the camaraderie between you all...

    I've not checked in here often in the past but I'll try to do now but for now, before I get too serious, is that tattoo on LR's arm for real...?
  • thats easter Sunday James - i wonder if it will be earlier? one website says April 1st for VLM

  • ATM: will be in St. Andrews next week flying into edinburgh Tuesday if you're around?
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