Paris Marathon 2013



  • Cheers Simon, really loved it, I think I will have to sign up for another one. My legs are finally back to normal, the steps in the metro stations weren't fun on Monday.
  • up at KOC...  

    Dannitt...  sorry to hear you are so ill...  you'll bounce back once you get over it...  won't be long...

  • Emmy H wrote (see)
    DV - can you remind me of this on the weekend when I'm back in Belgium. Very interested in it but need to check the weekends image


    Emmy..   I have another ultra running friend who might also be interested too...  I'll get back to you...


  • Danniirrr-Glad your home safely and on the mend. Everyones worst nightmare getting ill on holiday.

    Last day in Paris today....

    To do list today is The Louvre and I am going up to the top of the Arc de Triophme(sp) since we were too late back last night.....and to Get Happy Birthday sung in Public, in French to Alannah........It is my misssion........any recommendations of where I could take her for this embarrassing act?????image
  • Kaz..   on the news yesterday was a story that the staff at The Louvre have all gone on strike because of the number of pick-pockets there...     it was closed...   best check whether it is open again before you go there...


  • Thanx DV.....we were supposed to be going yesterday but changed our plans so they could get longer at Eurodisney......:/
  • Dannirr, good to hear you are on the mend.  Wise decision on Sunday.

    Kaz, the Louvre was closed yesterday due to a strike but France Info Radio just announced a couple of mins ago that it will reopen today.  It's about the pickpockets, the staff say there is not enough security provided, so watch your wallets.

    How about singing Joyeux Anniversaire in front of the Pompidou Centre?  Or the steps of the Sacre Coeur?

    Happy Birthday Alannah   imageimageimage

    edited to say DV got there first!

  • Kaz - go to the musee d'orsay (or something like that) instead, the sacre coure is very cool with an awesome view over paris and the Père Lachaise Cemetery (jim morrison and heaps of other famous dead people).  The Centre Pompidou is cool too.  ATM probably has the best most random tips though.

    Emmy and I had a wide and varied play list.  Which tunnel are you referring to?

  • Dannirr - good for your friend, that was nice of her. It's grim being sick away from home.

    RDoolan - there's a French version of this that you sometimes hear in the tunnels, but I can never work out the words - although there's generally something about 'nous sommes fatigues' in there I'd love to know the words, although they're probably filthy.
  • How about singing at Piaf's grave in Père Lachaise?  

  • Danni - good to hear you're feeling somewhat better and got home, albeit I'm sure with a struggle. Looking forward to seeing you in November. Rest up.

    Suzy Martines wrote (see
    The Jimbob wrote (see)
    Suzy Martines wrote (see)

    'Massage' me on the book Jimbob? That'll be umm ....image

    I'll be a def for 2014; unfinished business!

    don't worry - I won't use vaseline

    Vaseline is so last week..

    Love it.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭
    Dannirr - sorry to hear about that, especially after thinking about deferring and making the effort to join us. Hope you feel better soon.

    You must have been desperate to tell DLR where you were staying. I don't care what the others say about DLR, he's a top bloke!
  • Another suggestion, the open air food market in the Rue Mouffetard, they are used to street singers there.  It's near the historical Scots College (you can't get inside as it is now a school but knowing you ...).  

    Or on the Opera House steps, old or new, either would do!

  • I agree PC91.  ;)


    yer_maj wrote (see)

    I'm home image

    Just plugged the garmin in and two things strike me.  One is that my heart rate was loads higher than it was for MP in training - I averaged 86%.  The other is that my pacing went haywire after 32k - something to work on for next time.  But you can clearly see at 36k where my random man got me started again image

    It was warmer than for your runs at home - that'll have upped the heart rate a wee bit.  Plus heart rate tends to creep up throughout a run so longer @ MP will up the average.


    Hi Danniir - glad your home safely.  Got the message - thanks!  It was the flight I was thinking of with the meds.  Before then good to let your body purge itself but on a long haul flight....maybe not! image


    Kaz Museé d'Orsay is more interesting than the Louvre in my opinion.  More modern and in a beautiful building.  Might need to queue a bit though.  If you haven't been on the river there's a water bus you can hop on/off.  Pere Lachaise is a lovely peaceful place if it's a good spring day.  Lots of famous celebrities - not just Piaf, Morrison and Wilde - but also pretty sobering with the memorials to the holocaust.  Or there's a zoo and funfair in Bois de Vincennes.  Hope you and your little sisters have a great dayimage

  • Did the funfair ion Monday which resullted in me and littlest sister being sick and noiw having a major fear of rollercoasters. image Done the boat thing to! We were speaking about the Pompidu(sp) last night......

    Thanks for the info on Louvre. May do that and Musee dOrsay(I canna get any posh accents or an apostrophe on this fruit based device!) I want to go to the Catacombs but needless to say the are not keen! :S
  • Must apologize for all the extra spelling mistakes........fingers obviously to big for this tiny thing!!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    VLM taper goes well Iain though my back and glutes have been a bit stiff. Form this year is a bit down of 2012 so gold of sub- 3 hours looks doubtful. 3:05 is more likely but any thing less than gold is not really worth stressing about. So it's a fairly simple formula, go off at 3 hour pace ans see how long I last.

    I'll be parkrunning Saturday if you are around.

  • OO - will be looking out for you and the others on the tele.  Will your escorts (so to speak) be waiting for you just over the finish line again?

  • 'OO'50 wrote (see)

    I see Paris has corrupted you all- what went on over there?


    What happens in Paris, stays in Paris OO. Well, actually it doesn't. It gets plastered over Facebook.

    One of my favourite song lyrics is by a band called Gomez:

    "What happens in Vegas...
    Doesn't take very long"

    Glad to hear you are getting better Dannirr. Horrible timing for such a thing but long haul travel increases these kinds of risks. You were certainly missed.  I feel like there's enough party left in us to do it all again next year, so something to look forward to.


  • OO:  just enjoy the taper - will be looking out for you on tv ... stick with James cracknell and you'll be spottedimage

    Am waiting for it to stop raining (again!!) so I can go for a trott with the boys - may have a long wait thoughimage only due to do 4 miles so not worried when I get out this morning.

    The steps of sacre ceour (sp oops) is my favourite spot to rest in the sunshine ..... am oh so tempted for next year - 6th april is the date?

  • OO - sorry to hear you've had a couple of problems - still, as you say, it might all come together on the big day. Good luck for it.

    Unfortunately I'm at work this weekend and away the next. Maybe catch you at parkrun April 27th and find out how it all went!
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Dannirr - That was some awful luck coming down ill while over in Paris. I hope you're feeling much better soon.

    Kaz - Enjoy the last day of your Paris adventure with the kids.

  • Danni - good to hear you're on the mend. That's an amazing friend you've got there.

    Kaz - have fun, and a safe trip back.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Good Morning All,

    I know it seems a stupid question especially after a marathon but.... How to run ?  Anybody recommend a book or method which will improve my running technique. Unfortunately I can't join a club.

    I made loads of mistakes, like.... several LSR late at night so I neglected the stretching, I realise now it would have been better to have done shorter runs and a proper cool down.

    My plan is to wait a few weeks then concentrate on 10k runs, in the autumn do 20k runs then in the spring 12 week plan for a May marathon.  I can't do Paris as I'm having a 4 week winter break but I'll be there cheering you on.  My main goal will be a Autumn marathon 2014.

    Any advice will be welcome.  Cheers

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Dannirr - glad you're on the mend, real bummer that it hit you hard on the day

  • From ASO - 2014: 13me Avril!

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Ah bugger I was hoping it would be 6th!

  • Surely you'll need a 2 day break ahead of all that cake making?






    One of the rooms at the Astrid has been booked already...image

  • Back home...image

    Dan, that's absolutely pants..What a way to spend your time in Paris. I hope you're fully recovered, soon.

    PC91, Autumn 2014, you say...In my crystal ball I see....Venice! * I have ' Venice' Notes, too...* I'd love to do it, again, and this year looks out...Eliz. Ellis is running it, this year, I'm sure. so we'd have lots of up to date info'..And, surely, we could find ' gondola' frocks. Err, not you PC...

    I heard the French military cadence in the tunnels..trans. 'We're not even tired...'...errr, I was..but I remember the roaring better.

    Thank for all the photos. I'll upload them to the Gallery asap. ' Better unpack, first...

  • I got my bronze goal (just finish) I was hoping to go under four after having been so close on other marathons but I am still pleased with my 4:18:58. I had the most fantastic time and I am sure I smiled nearly all the way round. No crises or walls - no cramps or anything. I even have all my toenails still!

    The support was fantastic and the weather perfect. I would love to run Paris again but it's a twelve hour drive so maybe something closer to home next time. But Paris has to be one of my all time favourties. I even shed a tear or two coming over the finish line.

    I regretted the 6 hour tourist walk around Paris the day before the race between 15 and 20km but apart from that .... wonderful. The tourist visits the following days were at a much slower pace. I walked round the Louvre on legs that flatly refused to bend!

    I have also loved the forum. Thanks everyone. image

    Next time I will run faster. I WILL come under four hours... one day.

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