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    PC - years ago I used to moderate an online forum and my friends starting calling me yer maj kind of stuck and it's an easy user name as it's not often been taken.  I think I was a wee bit strict as a moderator image

  ? image

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    Jus T - we're not all like that, honest. DLR and Celebrity Juice skew the statistics wildly.

    I object to that statement.







    Celebrity Juice is lightweight.

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    Weedy Gonzalez wrote (see)

    Rocky Orbot - brilliant image

    Jus T - we're not all like that, honest. DLR and Celebrity Juice skew the statistics wildly.

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    "Kate is also short for Bob"

    Sounds suspiciously like Blackadder there image

    My favourite Blackadder episode.image

    Just realised where I have seen Marathon Maus before - she's BOB!



  • Just looking at 10 k training schedules. It seems tougher than the marathon one.

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    please would Eggy, Keyser Suze, Sean B, Straycelt get the VLM app and divulge their "Tracker" numbers to us non runners so i can log you into my phone and MAKE A LOT OF NOISE (and save you Jelly Babies) when you run past me on Sunday morning. if you're funny about sharing it on the thread - you can facebook message it to meimage

    Jimbob - I'll do that tonight.

  • Right. I'm off for a "let's see if anything falls of post-marathon cherry popping run".

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    What we never know about the runners who die during a race is how they were feeling prior to the "sudden" death. Did they feel something was wrong yet they pushed on?

    Having had an episode of atrial fibrilation during a run, its something I think about. That time I called MrsD to come get me as I knew what it was (never had it before, but being a doc helps). If I had continued, would something bad have happened? I dont know. And I had had a full cardio workup and stress test about a year prior just to be "sure" I was ok to start running.

    I made the deal long ago with myself and my family that I would stop if I ever felt something unexplainable or weird during a run. Thats why I stopped in Paris.

    We should all listen to our bodies despite the strong urge not to. Our bodies are trying to tell us something, even if we dont understand the language at the time. No amount of preperation or expense is worth the risk.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Wise words, Dr Suskin

  • That seems a very wise approach, Dannirr.  I assume that lots of people don't get any kind of warning so it makes sense to heed any ususual things we do notice. *Mr. ATM retired , last Friday, and popped into office this morning to thank various people, collect cards etc, only to find that , younger, colleague died yesterday of a heart attack. We're a bit stunned. *  Are you going to have some tests  or do you 'wait and see' now?

    I think if I try to watch London , on Sunday, I risk getting strangled image I'll just have to think of you all from the beach...

  • All this talk of dropping dead...!  I'm just off out for a short jog as I'm suffering from post marathon depression, and my outlaws are rocking up for their yearly visit on Tuesday.  I am getting myself ready for the Sir Outlaws comments...

    "still running silly distances/at your age!?"  think of your bones/joints/heart/etc etc.

    however, this time I'm armed with my recent bone scan (very colourful/piechart/spreadsheet) which shows my bones and joints are SOOOO good, the doc had to get someone else in to praise them.  My % is so high above the norm.  Whoop Whoop.  This is very good for me as I have breast cancer and have had all the nice image meds that goes with that and so much chopped off me, back muscles moved to front, then chopped off - it's never ending.... and the pills are so bad for your bones, so it's fab. 

    So Sir Outlaw - stick that in your pipe...!

    However, I feel so good.......and fit.

    My doc told me I should drink a glass of red wine a day, sadly I don't, and he's shocked that I don't....but it's not my thing - never was, and I gave up smoking many many years ago.  So I seem to be getting better as I get older.

    I think you can drop dead at any time, might as well be doing something you enjoy.

    Will be watching London as I've a mate running in full PINK kit for Breast Cancer Care....mad man.

    It is very sad news ATM. and for all the family of the runner at Brighton.  Live your life to the full and live each day as if it's your last.......


  • Completely agree with the wise doc Dannirr - I stopped running in Rome last year, even though it was my 'A' race for the year and had done uber-hard training like never before. Turned out my heart rate had peaked at 99% and i was proper poorly. Never regretted stopping despite the huge urge to fight on.

    Karen/ 1T - also agree wholeheartedly with you (pun intended!). Live well before you die, no regrets.

    Getting excited for our thread VLMers for this weekend. What do you think are the odds that our very own OO will be able to go under sub3 again (without collapsing in an undignified heap) this year? Sure hope so.


    Hope nothing fell off, Mausey Bob image

  • All limbs present and accounted for. Though it wasn't an easy run and I could probably have rested a bit longer, if I'm honest.

    1T: you are an inspiration. That is fantastic news about your scans. We should compare notes on parents...though it sounds like you might win.

    Very sage advice as always from you all. It's all very sobering.

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Onetit - image, I agree with image (who's discovered the name edit function).  You're an inspiration. I'm sure that there will be many on this thread to drink a glass of red to your health.

  • My lovely Parisian connection Isabelle, some of you met her at the pub, texted me to say she has been checking the local news regularly regarding the runner i saw getting attended to as i approached the finish. Seeing this person have people pressing on their chest and blowing air into their mouth freaked me out, it's an image i won't forget. The fact that there has been no report of a fatality in the Paris race so far makes me believe that they turned out to be ok. Which is a relief. Still, horrible news about yesterday at Brighton. Eveything everyone is saying makes sense. So lets all be cautious and keep our wits about us.

  • Onetit - wishing you strength with the pending visit from the outlaws. Call me if you want a moan.  My father-in-outlaw is fading fast, and although I have never liked him, it is hard for Mr E.  No more visits to France though....hurrrrah.  Aren't I horrible?

    What have I missed about EuroSport saying that Paris is NOT a marathon?  It sure seemed like a mara' in 2010 and last week!

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    please would Eggy, Keyser Suze, Sean B, Straycelt get the VLM app and divulge their "Tracker" numbers to us non runners so i can log you into my phone and MAKE A LOT OF NOISE (and save you Jelly Babies) when you run past me on Sunday morning. if you're funny about sharing it on the thread - you can facebook message it to meimage

    I don't run with my phone so would it still be useful for me to get the app? More than happy to give you my bib number - 27438. Looking forward to looking out for you! I trust the Flag will be in attendance again? (TD, I'm looking at you)

    The health thing. I am an asthmatic, smoking runner. I smoke about 10 rollups a day, and manage my only ever exercise induced asthma with inhalers. I can run for over four hours without stopping, and can certainly outrun many of my friends. I'm comfortable with that, but many people question me about the fact that I smoke and run. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive, and while I'm interested in seeing how much faster I could go if I didn't smoke, I enjoy it too much right now to give up. 

    An ex colleague of mine was found dead in his home on Friday 5th April, suspected suicide. Death has a way of putting things in focus, doesn't it? I am thankful for the support I have and the life I lead, and plan to enjoy it where I can. A drink every now and then - absolutely. A cigarette or two - why not? Nutella from a jar - definitely. 

    IM2 - my post parkrun breakfast every week is a 'Susie special' - two slices of toast, one buttered and the other marbled with nutella and peanut butter (crunchy). it's amazing. Although at the moment we only have 'popping candy' choc spread which is not Nutella. Will remedy that!

  • OK KS - ive took a note of your runner number love - hopefully there is a way i can know when you go through the 5k markers! is TD coming to play this weekend?



  • TJB thanks m'dear! Last year Mr KS followed me on the VLM route thingymijig and that told him I'd misjudged the pace totally as by 15k I was on track for a 3:30... woops.

  • Noted your number also KS, good luck. 

    Been out, done my nice little 4.5, nothing fell off and now I'm back into my beetroot smoothies. MMMMM I've missed you.

    everything in moderation - although I'm not SURE on Nutella......really? image  LOL, crunchy p.nut butter though - now your talking....

    EE - ta for the offer, might take you up on that after an hour of them arriving....haha

    The work list is endless and Mr IT is cleaning up like you would not believe (but like having a cleaner and cleaning before he/she comes), he's like that before his pa gets here - the garden, workshop, barn.....spikNspan..... image

    I might put the hoover round, depending on my mood, or I might just go out for a run to to hell with them....


  • Thanks OnetitGor for a run, the cleaning'll keep...

    We have this for peanut butter at the moment...



  • KeyserSue - you are not alone, I too indulge in a cigarette or two...well, four a day to be exact and I love them.  An after run treat is a double Nespresso and a cigarette.

  • ooh that Peanut butter looks yummy.....never seen it around these parts! 

    After run treats.....mmmmm not sure what I usually have, apart from a cold shower, then open the fridge door and grab anything that's remotely scoffable.  Perhaps we should start a list!?

    I'm looking for the .pnut butter next time I hit a big shop in Montauban.

  • Onetit - E.Leclerc sell it.  Both crunchy and smooth.  

  • Right, ta EE, I'm there on Thursday when I have to go to Mont to get plants for Lady Outlaw to plant whilst she's here - keeps her busy!


  • @KeyserSuze wrote (see)

    I don't run with my phone so would it still be useful for me to get the app? More than happy to give you my bib number - 27438. Looking forward to looking out for you! I trust the Flag will be in attendance again? (TD, I'm looking at you)

    The health thing. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive, and while I'm interested in seeing how much faster I could go if I didn't smoke, I enjoy it too much right now to give up. A drink every now and then - absolutely. A cigarette or two - why not? Nutella from a jar - definitely. 

    Hey KeyserSuze. Not sure if you were after an actual response to your question above, but I'll have a quick stab as long as you know I'm not being preachy/ judgemental about it. Cigarettes are chok-a-blok with chemical nasties that do lots of long term damage to almost all of your bodily systems, but it takes time for the damage to accumulate. You are too young to see and feel what that damage is, so your sense of danger is not yet alerted and you only perceive the benefits at this moment in time.

    The Jimbob wrote (see)

    OK KS - ive took a note of your runner number love - hopefully there is a way i can know when you go through the 5k markers! is TD coming to play this weekend? 


    I am going to a in-laws family reunion this weekend in Essex, so coming over on the tunnel Sat morning and coming back home Sunday lunchtime. Sorry to disappoint but I will not be bringing my huge flagpole out for display this time.


    Mind you, they are dead easy and cheap to get hold of. 11GBP on Ebay etc - Brooklite 6m telescopic flagpole. Flags are about 7-8 GBP and lots of varity to be had. My flag was 150 x 90cms


  • Oh no...TD...I've told everyone in London to look out for your BIG FLAG POLE...!! image

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    I think it's wide to keep your huge flagpole for special occasions, TD.  We'd be spoilt, otherwise.

    I'm allergic to peanuts, in an anaphylactic kinda way image

  • Just catching up with pages worth ... terrible about that young bloke in Brighton.  Reminded me of my first mara in 2007 when I saw the first aiders doing CPR on some bloke.  Ghastly.

    1T if there is anything you want brought down later this year, start compiling a list.  We have M&S up here now.


    Running Rodent wrote (see)
    For the nutellaphiles, I recommend Philadelphia Cadbury (I think it's Milka in foreign parts). It's not the same, but it's good for a chocolatey hit on your toast with a lot fewer calories.

    I can definitely recommend the Milka one, it was my carb loading treat, 2 heaped teaspoons a day.  Maybe that's what slowed me down this year ...

    Ex smoker here, had my last one over a year ago.  Was up to a packet a day at one point.  Didn't really mix with the asthma ... 

    Roast chicken in the oven, with Noilly Prat poured over.  The aroma is so tantalising.  

    ATM, so sorry to hear about R's colleague's death.  Puts things in perspective.  The running tour I did yesterday was with Lolë - Live Out Loud Every Day - rather apt for this thread  image




  • yer_maj wrote (see)

    Yes but Paris isn't a proper marathon.  Eurosport said so.

    Blimey. Really?

    Malcs wrote (see)

    Sad though it is these things do happen. If it was me, I'm not sure I could think of a better way to go than out on a run. I hope my family would take some comfort from the fact that I was doing something I loved. Give me that over a slow drawn out affair in some hospital bed any day.

    Malcs - me too, although I'm hoping it doesn't happen too soon. What TD said - live well before you die.

    Mausey Bob wrote (see)


    Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)
    Dannirr wrote (see)
    Iain Moore 2 wrote (see)

    Oh, and whoever it was who introduced me to Nutella - my waistline wants a word...

    Eggy, MM, DLR, JusT - you know who I'm talking about... The stuff's addictive!

    Incriminating evidence some might think...Iain?

    Danni - it wasn't me... I was in Paris last weekendimage

    Ah, but we have proof that you can be in 2 places at once.

    According to the List Fairy's latest missive you* are running a half marathon on 14 July when I know for a fact you have a flight booked to Vienna on 13 July...image

    *Not stalking you - was looking for Weedy's movie quiz but am yet to identify the clue, let alone the movie.

    Mausey Bob (?) - yes, my bad. Mr Weedmeister, please remove me from the Northumberland Coastal Run - my first time missing this one in years. My favourite half... Still, ITLR is a worthy alternative!

  • GNR - I ran the year 4 died, people were collapsing all over, there really wasn't a brilliantly coordinated paramedic response, and this has improved massively in the intervening years (I think it was 2006?) I have posted on this before so apologies for repeating myself. 

    It is always desperately hard seeing (predominantly young) people collapsed at events but as Danni said, we have to listen to our bodies. Some - very few - of us have undiagnosed cardiac problems, and these contribute to the large proportion of unfortunate people who lose their lives on mass participation events.

    I had assumed that the minimum a GP would do as part of the work-up for the Doc's Certificate for Paris would have been an ECG. I was very interested seeing mine. This is an appropriate screening tool for cardiac disease, unless you are interested in elite training. Then, I agree completely with TD, asking/paying for specialist assessment is a good option.

    If you have unusual palpitations while running - or otherwise - stop and see your doctor. It may be completely innocuous but is worth getting advice about. 


  • I'm off the ' Kintyre Ultra' . Too far/too soon/too hard. I've decided to save Cyprus from economic meltdown, instead...image

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