Paris Marathon 2013



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    Based on one of her Facebook posts I imagine KO's is petitioning the US Embassy to get some form of burrito fast food outlet in Amsterdam. I mean come on we even have a couple of those in Glasgow.


  • Iain - I know Neil's story. It has a very good conclusion but it's his news if he wants to share it.

    Brighton to London to Brighton bike riding dream on hold (for me at least). Appointment fixed up with surgeon on Monday afternoon. Got to get this lumpy thing on my back-side (as in, back-side of my knee) to be looked at. My actual backside is rather fine as it happens. The cycling shorts prove it. No arguments please.


  • neil's story...he upgraded to a delorean and will be back some time soon?

    TD - Good to hear that your bum looks good in lycra, just DON'T show us the front!  I've had all the ken doll viewing I can take with the TDF and olympic cycling.  Although ken dolls are better than the meat and veg displays from the athletics. image Don't guys get that they have their own VERY obvious version of camel toe?

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    I doubt many male athletes give much thought to how they look, more to how they perform.

    I remember getting pelters when running past a bunch of lads waiting for a football supporters bus when I was trying out my trisuit for the first time. It really wasn't the best timing to do that brick session.

  • image Great site, Dannirr. The cars are brilliant!  *DV, this, apparently, is the Hungarian delegation to the 1896 Olympics...just so you know the dress code...*



  • Hi Iain, no it wasn't practicality, in fact the replacement (if it ever arrives - ETA February 2013) will be even less practical: only three wheels, no roof, no doors, no heater. Can't wait image

    On the shorts: I think "the Rummelator" is making it worse by defending himself online


  • Hee hee hee.  men and lycra shorts are not a good combination.  You'd think they could put support or something in there.  It must hurt when it jangles and movement may lead to catching in a rowing boat. image

    Olympics wise, I'm enjoying dancing with your horse at the moment.  That britian's got talent dog is a light-weight compared to this!

  • Marathon Maus wrote (see)
     I was starting to worry about DLR too (well more than usual) but it turns out his "holiday" was, liked a proper one. 

    Oi!  Watch it you.

    Combination of holiday and not having ran since Tuesday of last week. image

    Sal - saw a couple of minutes of dressage.  How shite is that?  It's not a sport it's training an animal to do tricks.

    Another medal coming up for Yorkshire later this afternoon.

  • am on to BMX now.  It's carnage!  I'd say most sports are training "animals" to do tricks better than others.image

  • HA HA, the guardian blogger doesn't get dressage to music either.

  • Another gold for Yorkshire

  • Are Yorkshire more successful than Australia yet?!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I heard Yorkshire was 7th on the overall medal table image

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    Training question please:

    When running to a specific pace, is it better to set your Garmin to instant pace, or average pace?  I have always used Average, but I think that might cause me to run too fast initially in an attempt to get the pace where I want it.  Instant would be better, but is the sampling period too short thus causing you to speed up / slow down too often?

    This is only important to me now as I need to do some intervals (mile long each though).


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    DV and others - here is the schedule for the London to Brighton event:

    and here is a good route and spectator map:


  • Horse dancing and feisty Irish and Yorkshire women punching people - hoorah! image

    TD - it's the 2L. And if my experience of driving in Belgium as anything to go by, i seem to remember it's terrifying regardless of which side the steering wheel is on.

    Count me in for support/logistics for the Great Race. I will wave you off and/or deliver cold rice pudding, doughnuts and words of encouragement anyone as required.
  • Dan - I only use the average.  It's true that it's a bit inaccurate at first but the instant readings seem to be all over the place - 3 minute miles one second and 15 minutes the next.

  • I don't care what anyone says, my little red fiat 500 is the best car ever. Lalalala I shall now stick my fingers in my ears and refuse to listen to any statistics.

    Horses dancing to music. Seriously, I didn't think I could be surprised by the world anymore but what the.....

    Dannir I use the average too. But then in not super fast so as long as I'm there or there abouts I'm happy.

    TD I must have missed your mention of the lump behind your knee. Is it painful?

    Eggy the speed of light costumes are awesome. If someone can explain how I upload pictures I'll post a couple. It's like being in Tron!
  • Hmmmm......on the 6th July I weighed 11st 13lb, today its 12st 13lbs.  Guess I enjoyed that holiday a little bit too much!

    Off to Edinburgh again next week - whose there?  SR - you still working in Auld Reekie?

  • Dannirr: I have lap pace showing, and auto lap set to 1km. Like you said, I find if I have total average for the whole run displayed, its tempting to go fast in the warm up.

    You can also use the lap button on the front to start/stop your intervals if they are not exactly 1km or mile (or if the recovery between intervals is shorter)
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    I use pace and average pace - keeps me in check (I like to think)

    That Corvette is porn indeed....dribble....

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    Dannir - I've got a view on my Garmin that has both average and instant pace. I know that the instant can be a bit all over the place but the average can be a bit too slow at times. Happy medium us to use both of them

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Thanks all. I think I will set up a page with both average and instant pace. Then I just choose to believe the one I like! That's what we tend to do in medicine anyway - do a blood test - get a result we don't like so repeat the test - if the result is better we believe it and discard the first.
  • Danirr. What Neil says is by far the best method. Instant pace is unusable in any meaningful way. Simply have a data field showing average pace for the current lap and then set auto lap for whatever distance you prefer. I've experimented with 400m, 500m and 1km and the latter is my preference.

    So in a marathon, I will see HR, distance, average pace and pace for current lap. So I can judge my workload, overall progress to target AND I get a reliable estimate of my current speed, but more smoothed off than if I were to be looking at the current pace field. Have been doing this for years. It works.

    HS. No, the lump doesn't hurt as such, but I think the movement (flex) in my knee is severely restricted. It would hurt to bend my knee fully. So off to see the surgeon again on Monday. It's a great system here in Belgium that I can get to see someone like that so quickly, with no fancy queue jumping if you can wave cash around.

    RR. Driving in Belgium is a bit mad. I mostly notice a complete lack of empathy for any other driver on the road. So you are in the outside lane and want to pull off at the next junction which is just 400m away? And all the lanes are crowded? No problem. Indicating (or not!) seems to establish right of way. Just pull across hard and the others have to look out or brake to avoid you. Ok, it might cause a 5 car pile up, but you just shaved 1.2 seconds off your journey time. You are a winner! I've only been shunted once in 12 years, so I'm doing ok. But as an ex-motorbike rider, you are always expecting every out there to be trying to kill you!
  • Thanks for the watch info!! Helpful. One more question.....does anybody use manual lap in marathon?? Just wondered from the point of accuracy, and what you do if you forget or miss a marker??image Or am I just being ignorant again?!?!

    Intervals for me this morning, which after yesterdays 17.5 miles were mighty hard work.6 x 4 min with 1 min recoveries. image Don't think I did too bad thou.

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    I'll also be in Edinburgh Monday 13th night for the Military Tattoo- should be different...

  • I'm off to aviemore for a weekend camping or rather, to be a sacrificial meal to the great god midge.
  • Kit update - I've been very pleased with the Adidas Adioses, but I didn't like the laces - felt like there was no 'give' in them and I couldn't get the tension right. So today I tried elastic laces. Seemed to do the trick, but the downside was that I could only get them in pink. So now, instead of luminous orange and green feet, I have luminous orange, green and pink feet image .
  • HS - make sure you pay a visit here. Mmmm...cake.
  • HS - Hope you have a nice weekend and the midges  aren't too bad.


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