Half marathon in 62days training

hey people how many people think its possible to complete a half marathon with 62 days of training? 


  • That all depends on your current level of run fitness

    Most 1/2 marathon schedules will run for about 8-12 weeks

  • erm dont think its that bad lol


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good luck then. Might as well leave it till the week before eh?

  • lol like it puffy im a fit person not done road running for 5 years ran 10k in 44;45 back then just played football since just wanna get back on it really start eating properly and train hard

  • Best you crack on then   image

  • It'll be fine if you're not too worried about time and don't mind hurting the next day. It's not an especially good idea but I'm sure you'll get round (don't go sprinting off from the start though, if anything run slower than you think you need to.) 

    I'd suggest you find an 8 week training plan though and try to stick with it as much as possible to avoid getting injured. 

    Just one thing though .. any particular reason why it HAS to be this half marathon? There are plenty of HM's out there, they aren't massively expensive and I'd imagine the one you are considering isn't the chance of a lifetime. I'd be tempted to find a 12 week training plan then book a HM in 13 or so weeks. (Spend the first week running regularly) 

  • I've done a HM with no training at all in 1:52 - but what's the point?? Like SOLB says if you really are serious about running a HM (and you've posted this on a running forum) why not do some proper training and try and get a time you can be proud of?


  • WIth a bit of good health, basic fitness, appropriate training and motivation I'd say it would be no problem at all.

    Not sure what you mean by "train hard" though. I think "train easy" is more appropriate if you are just coming back to road running.

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