Portsmouth Coastal Marathon 2012



  • Im counting down the days until this one, should be a good event. I'm one of the seemingly large number of questionably sane people doing this as #12 of 12 in 2012 and so it should be a really good atmosphere!

    I might have come to the party a bit late but does anyone know of somewhere reasonably priced to stay the night before?

  • Hi rob good luck in the 12/12 .. Am interested in doing it is there a website ? We have not booked hotel yet .. Should be ok.
  • Blakester: http://www.fitprorob.biz/marathons/ is the website for the portsmouth run. Thanks for the good wishes image

  • Hey Rob, you mentioned puddles and lots of mud "in places". I don't mind puddles (firm underneath, thus the puddle), but how much of the course can I expect to be slippery mud? (Especially on the way back after hundreds of people have tramped though....)

    Cheers for organising this - really looking forward to it. (How many people roughly are entering?)

  • Charles:

    A route video is on the link below. (The video goes from the 13.1 mile point (ish) to the finish, so you sort of start at the end). http://www.fitprorob.biz/marathons/

    You can do some very crude calculations based on the video, just in minutes of cycling. Of course the cyclist will have gone much faster on the roads than the beach/mud, so it's likely that the % below is too low on road/concrete and too high for mud/beach. Anyway it looks like the route is about:

    40% road/pavement/concrete

    45% track (gravelly path: can get puddles, but not really slippery mud)

    15% track/beach (not so gravelly: these bits could be muddy)

    I've done it the last 2 years, and whilst there's some puddles, and sometimes a bit of mud, it's quite minor. Unless you're planning a 2:30 or somethingimage. Definitely trainers not trail shoes. See you on Sunday!!



  • Oops, reading back it seems you've already seen the video. Anyway. The last 2 years I did 3:30 and 3:20, and there were no issues with slipping on what mud there is.

    Possibly with Friday's apocalypse the mud will all have been burned/frozen away anyway?


  • Cheers rob.. Looking forward to the marathon sounds good.would luv to do the 12 / 12 not next year as training for the wall run.good luck to all on sunday happy running.
  • Hello Portsmouth marathon runners, Let you know that I am unable to take part in this Sunday events, unfortuantely I had an accident which I am suffering with a head and neck injury. After spending yesterday at A and E, it time to put my feet up and rest for a while. I will try again next year. Please let me know how it went and post your results on here.


  • Sunjay, pretty extreme way just to get out of doing the runimage Get well soon.

    I did an XC race earlier in the year, fell over, broke my shoulder blade and still finished 6th image

  • Charles R ,you can go and f+ck yourself for putting remarks like that. I did not want to get out of race. I had a head injury which gave me no choice but NOT run this race, this would have been my third marathon alone this year, so why the hell would I want to get out of this race. 

    Charles, I suggest you grow up you prick. 

  • Think he was only joking sunjay ...
  • Ok, on a lighter note....how many layers do I need??image Light rain and a bit of wind I can cope with but can experts of the course tell me if it is a breezy route normally? Cheers all..happy tapering and carb loading. All kit packed and ready for trip from Derbyshire to Portsmouth on Saturdayimage

  • Wow, just wow. Proves a wink doesn't always do the trickimage

    Brer Rabbit - it's a pretty exposed course if the prevailing westerly wind gets up but that's part of the fun! Hopefully we'll get away with it.

    Can't help you with layers though. I've not got a clue myself.

    Good luck.
  • I'm hoping the Santa outfit over my running gear won't be too hot AND that I get over the damn stomach bug doing the rounds by Sunday.  Be gutted to miss this, it sounds like a nice event.

  • Cheers Gilly, regularly do Snowdon marathon so can cope with most conditions. Just like to know 'what and when' . However..will give it a good thrash then start some Christmas beerathonimageimage

    Rosemary, hope you feel better v quick

  • Sunjay, you got the wrong end of the stick. It must be highly frustrating after all those weeks of training to have the chance to run taken away from you at the last minute, so I was trying to cheer you up with some light humour. I'll get my coat... Really hope you get well soon and get the next race booked in as soon as possible. I run my own internet forum and I see people misinterpret the written word all the time, so no worries.

    As for what to wear, there's a facebook page with that discussion. There are some fairly exposed areas, but not the whole way along. I'm going to wear a loose long sleeve layer with an adizero climaproof jacket (lightweight and shower proof and windproof) that I can take on and off as needed - I reckon the single layer will be warm enough without the jacket unless it starts raining because Sunday is looking a little warmer 13° with "a chance of rain" (I tried running at a fair pace yesterday for 3 miles in the rain with just a vest and the jacket and my arms and thus hands got too cold). Shorts and compression socks for the legs. If it turns out to be sunny on the day, I'll stick with a vest and jacket.

  • I love the weather watch a week before a marathon. I know it's wrong to keep refreshing the bbc weather site but I can't help myself.

    Looks like we might stay dry which is a good thing. It looks reasonably warm too so I might go for a compression vest and a short sleeve shirt, shorts and compression socks. Any rain then the jacket come out.
  • I also tend to  frequently check the BBC weather forecasts  in the days leading up to a big race. I am a bit of a wimp so always tend to overdress with layers , hat gloves  even scarfs sometimes.

    I do feel a bit foolish with my umbrella though.


  • My santa hat has bells on it, which make a lovely jingling noise. Just wondering whether that might be slightly irritating at 26 miles. What do the panel think? I am sure it will improve speed though. NID

  • NicelronDad-  It's Christmas so i'm sure no one will mind. Go for it.

  • Hey Waccy, I was being entirely selfish, and had not even considered the chance others may object! Next you'll be suggesting I tone down the en route Christmas Carol renditionsimage

    (....just getting in to the spirit, and really quite looking forward to this one!)

  • Anyone have an idea what conditions are like on the ground? I noticed a news story on the bbc about a village - Wallington - on the otherside of portsmouth harbour that has been evacuated because of potential flooding! The forecast isn't looking great either.

    I bought a pair of sealskinz waterproof socks (£20!!!) yesterday as I was freaking out how wet it's going to be. I don't fancy the idea of 26 miles with wet feet - hope they work. Anyway whatever it's like I'm just going to do my best to grit my teeth, have fun, and not worry if I don't make my 3h20m pb target time on this one.

  • Sounds like I'll be running next to you ro616 (3:23, but anything under 3:30 is happy). I hear the ground is wet with large puddles but only muddy in sections. It's not going to flood because it's next to the sea! Unless you run really slowly and the tide has come in.

    Body Glide FTW.

  • Sorry NiceIronDad i just assumed you'd meant the other runners. 

     I would never try to stop a fellow runner from singing when they run. In fact i am highly in favour of it.image   

  • Just seen the forecast.

    Lashing down with high winds.

    Can't waitimage

  • Use accuweather: http://www.accuweather.com/en/gb/portsmouth/po1-1/weekend-weather/330359 That says "a couple of showers". I'm definitely going with that oneimage 8-13° too, so around 9° at the start which is warmer than last weekend down here. It even has a picture with the sun on.

  • All the best 2wheels. Make sure you stick to the route near the dual carriageway. Mental fitness needed for the run over the sand/shoreline.

  • After the mother of all weeks on the Christmas ale, I'm seriously looking forward to this for a detox!  As far as I'm concerned, the wetter the better for detox purposes!

    Good luck all - its a great day to be doing a marathon leading up to the 25th image

  • Aggghh. Works Christmas party last night and i am hanging...

    Perfect mara prep lol

  • Just went for a 2m run in similar conditions to tomorrow (same wind, rain and temp) in a Gore vest and shorts and gloves and was plenty warm enough. Will take a light windproof wrapped around me in case the wind gets strong along the coast.

    Have fun everyone!

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