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Very new to running but not to fitness. Did not take athletics serious at school but was always a winner in sports days (Amatuer I know) did the marathon this year in my opinion a poor time of 04:27 but that was with no training and many small injuries as a result of over playing my sport of football. Started to get really into running though and want to join a club with the view to maybe finding my best possible event and also to just run I live in south east london in thamesmead an would love someones help or any advice. All would be welcomed!


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  • what 4;27 you rock!!!

    Infact i have total and utter respect for anyone who does a marathon..well done!!

    Dont be hard on yourself mate,i hope one day i will get there,you have already done more than many wont even get close to!!!!


  • I want to get up to a high standard but worrying that being 20 years old I may be to old to really hit a high standard. good luck with the marathon it was probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

  • Very well done on your marathon. Im well impressed! Hopefully one day ill be doing one.

    I dont think your age is a stumbling block at all for you to hit a high standard. The worlds your oyster is what i say! Gd Luck.

    As for clubs, i noticed earlier on cause they were  being interviewed on the olympics. There is one called the Serpentine athletics club or something. I think they train in Hyde Park. Supposed to be very gd.

  • thanks for the info rachel and the praise! You can do anything you put effort into i say, get some reasonable training in and more importantly train your mind because I found will power was the main thing when running london 2012!

  • Thanks for the advice from urself! Willpower is going to be a big thing for me i think but hopefully the people from the club im looking at joining will be nice and help me along the way

  • What club are you looking to join? Do you have specific goals? believe me once you do the marathon you will be the proudest person, crossing the line was a brilliant experience, the whole running community and more are constantly pushing you to do more!

  • Im from the Midlands so one local to me in Derby. As for goals no not really. I guess just to get fit and make new mates and to keep going. My ultimate out of this world goal would be to run the London Marathon i guess. Ive always watched it since being a kid and every year have though what if!

  • You can do it if you put your body and mind to it and depending on how hard you train and want it you may even shock yourself on what time you achieve!

  • Think id achieve a week at the min lol !

  • Be positive!
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