Opinions on Reebok runtone trainers

I have been using Nike+ trainers but am ready to change.  Has anyone had any experience of the Reebok RunTone trainers?




  • gimmick, unstable platform to run on, no science to prove they work, so little in fact that reebok were forced to change their marketing so that it made none of the original claims, it now only suggests that some people might feel a benifit.

  • What is it about the Nikes that makes you want to change?
  • Thanks for the advice.  Sorry I was being very vague with my post.  I did wonder if the Reeboks were gimmicky.  It is just that my Nikes are getting a bit worn and are not as comfortable as they used to be, so I started looking around really to see if there were any updated Nike+.  (I like the Nike+ to track my distance when I change my route).  I am ready to increase my distance but am limited to the time I have to get out for a run and when I read up on the Reeboks I wondered if I could keep to my current time limits but I would find it a bit more challenging as I thought they would work my muscles more!  As you can probably tell I am new to running, so I apologise for my naivety and all your advice is greatly appreciated.

  • As any runner will tell you, what shoe works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

    Although I am not flat footed, when I walk or run my knees bend inwards causing my feet to flatten. A specialist recommended I either stop running or wear insoles and possibly aggravate my knee and foot injury further, I chose the latter.

    I have systematically worked my way through most brands of trainers, had  a gait analysis were I was recommended - and bought - a £120 pair of trainers and even tried numerous orthopaedic insoles.

    But as always, the shin splints would resurface, my knee would eventually give way, my heel would pop and tear and my arches would hurt (only on my bad leg).

    But then I discovered the Reebok Runtones, and for me they have worked wonders. I have been running in them for two years now and although I doubt I will be lucky enough to run the distance of a marathon, I have been running 7 miles a day. The shin splints have stopped as has the pain in my arches. Occasionally my knee protests, but with a knee injury, what do you expect!

    I can only assume that the pockets of air in the bottom of the trainers are absorbing the impact when my feet strike the ground.

    I can’t say if the trainers have toned my legs, although at the beginning I could certainly feel the burn in my legs sooner than was normal. But I would not discount these trainers even if they do not tone your legs. They are extremely comfortable and robust and they will be the only pair of trainers I will ever buy again. They may not work for you, but they have allowed me to continue to do something I enjoy; running.

    My trainers last about 6 months before the pods of air flatten, if you work out less you may find they last much longer.

  • Thanks for the advice, I think I am going to give the Runtones a try.

  • Helen if you don't want to spend a fortune on the runtones and don't care too much about colour, you can get a brand new on ebay for about £40-£50.

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