fatty-16 miles...can you ?yes i did! dont give up

To all new runners out there,stick at it,work hard and your get to places your never think of.I cant belive what you can do if you stick at it.


managed my 1st 16 miler last night,ok iam not fast(getting faster) .

Who cares who wins,i look at it like a one man race...against yourself.


Iave lost over a stone and loving it!


good luck all.... 


  • Well done Jeremy!!
  • Massive well done mate!  You're right, it's a race against yourself. image  16 miles, eh?  Sheesh!

  • Well done, that's fantastic image

  • Well done on your 16 miler! Are you training for a marathon?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well done for keeping at it and reaching the 16 miles point! You're right - its just a race against yourself

  • Thanks guys,last year i played with the idea of a marathon,then i went to watch the london marathon..

    Now i not only have hudge respect for anyone that does one but gone from playing with the idea to Talking it more seriously..

    Yes so far i would like to do one but nothing booked,want to test myself a bit 1st then if i still want to i will book it..

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    If your dead set on london - your best route is through charities for next year as the ballot is already closed, but if you want to try yourself out there are plenty of other marathons for you

  • yer iam not fussed on london tbh...I fancy an off road one..

    But we will see..geting there

  • That's brilliant - thanks for the motivating post and a huge well done image
  • We are all different,one thing that will never change is the distance! 10 k is 10 k for anyone....

    Enjoy the fact your doing more that the couch posse! Be proud your looking after yourself and do it!
  • Well done there Jeremy. 16 miles sounds great, can't wait to reach that goal myself.
  • Thanks for the motivation! Toying with entering my first HM in September, have got a training plan in place and it's ticking along well.... Just got to get up the courage!
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