10K in 7 weeks, please help!!


Back in February, I decided to sign up for a 10K in September. I thought I would have time to get fit and train but I didn't. I only started this month from scratch (never ran before) and can only run for 3K without stopping (kinda rubbish). I am now on holiday for a month and plan to train 100%. I have 7 weeks left and I guess my question is "is it impossible? Am I wasting my time? Shall I forget about this race and just try a 5K in October instead?". I REALLY don't want to give up and at the moment, I am running 4 times a week to try to get to 5K by the end of next week.

Please help...


  • your be fine!!

    i run monday wed fri  and i did mine with no training at all after 4 weeks


    go for it

  • I find the main thing with running is will power, obviously fitness is required but you will find that having an iron will can propel you to heights your body isnt used to, run the race with a strategy and focus your training to cater for that?

  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    It is possible to get yourself ready in seven weeks, just remember to up the mileage slowly, its recomended not to add more than 10% a week to your maximum distance.

    If you run slowly and add say 1k a week, you manage the 10k fine.

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